That Game Though

My Higher Self has some things to say…

This is a message describing a resonance in the larger field. How to explain this one. It’s the feeling of being left behind, left out, not up to par, not good enough, missing out, not cool enough, strong enough, noticed enough, not having a place to express, feel safe, free, validated, respected, loved, acknowledged. Heavy shit in other words. Largely, that stuff we try to pretend doesn’t exist or that we can think our way out of. These feelings are a result of actions, this is the karmic transference that has built up over millennia. This is human weakness, separation and something too many are trying to sweep under the rug using free will and “thoughts create reality” or “you signed up for this” as an excuse to do so.

I was pondering the different levels of conscious awakening, the translations still missing from the communication equation. It is still the case that there are people, wayshowers, front guards, whatever you want to call them who are having to run intermediary because the concepts are not being freely and accessibly distributed. This is one of many issues that needs to addressed. I have lofty goals and move very quickly. I don’t take much time for celebration when I know for fucking sure there are still kids sleeping in the woods and eating out of dumpsters. As long as that is still happening, status quo has not been upgraded and individual upgrades are not enough to offset this as of yet. So, I will keep pushing until that river, that currency/sea/see, is no longer dammed up. It is that damming, that redirecting and extracting that is causing the planetary upheaval. Strange but true. Money -the energy attached to it- most certainly can cause imbalance that fucks up every other fucking thing. We have a few options and there are some literally stronger than you can imagine Beings holding the gaps and filling in so these fibers, vibrating strings, holding our reality together do not collapse but a little more effort on our part would go a long, long way.

Separation and competition go hand in hand. IN fact, I don’t see how one could have a competition without an idea of separation, without the concept being thoroughly believed. And likewise, it is pretty difficult to feel unity when competition is still the mode used in our relations. Competition requires judgment, requires winners and losers, creates friction and limits. In other words, some assholes have claimed ownership of resources and instituted a game to decide who gets access. It’s not that I don’t understand how thoroughly it sucks to be tricked, but the fact remains, the only way to win that game is not to play. It doesn’t end you see. The only way to win the game is not to play. That is the test. That is your cheat code that has been glaring at you right in the face. So fucking obvious you’d rather pluck out your eyes than quit playing because you still think you’re going to win something. The only way to win the game is not to play.

In order to make sense of what I’m saying, you need to understand evolution. You need to understand that the general rules applied to evolution have been purposely fucked with. You want evidence? Evolution includes change, it is the primary ingredient. If a thing cannot be changed it is out of balance with the Laws of the Universe governing evolution. I am having a hard time looking at our current system paradigm and the degree of difficulty in upgrading it to meet our changing needs. The system is designed contrary to evolution. It is a placeholder, a maze, a game meant to favor some at the expense of others. It is a genetic engineering design with many, many flaws. If it was more in line with natural evolution it wouldn’t be so fucking hard to take science, proof, records and utilize these to influence appropriate upgrades. We fucking know stress is harmful. We damn well know our DNA is programmed through word, sound, light, belief. We know this but yet our system is full of death, disease, war mongering, shame, disgrace, fear, separation, harm, identity management, scorn, ridicule and false promises incited to solve these issues for a small price, a clipped wing 50-70 years when you could have five hundred and actually integrate enough information to evolve successfully. This, my friends and colleagues is the soul trap matrix game we are here to end.

But there is a larger game at play as well. As above so below. I want you to do a thought experiment. I want you to imagine that those secret beings you think are running shit aren’t actually beings at all but programs. Let’s call them AI programs so you can comprehend what we are dealing with and what is coming into view here in our karmic wheel of time and memories to be healed and released. Let’s say these programs were set in place in order to make sure that we evolved to a place where we could successfully unlock the gates attached to certain codes after certain conditions were met. A way to ensure a semblance of peace and maturity is maintained in the larger cosmos of which we are just one small portion. The gates are designed with tests. Pass a test, a gate gets unlocked, a gate gets unlocked, more information comes through, more information comes through, evolutionary pathways are expanded. Do I need to explain what they can be expanded to?

This is one aspect of our Universe. There are, of course, others. The caveat to these tests they don’t like me talking about, is that it only takes one. One person, one human, passing these tests, passes it for all. What I would like to make clear is that it would appear that this system was designed around the idea that the passer of these tests could bring some sort of booty back to their tribe, family or clan. They believe this because they were told this but this is a lie, another aspect of the game, the testing. So the tracking, limiting, harassment of those who are currently passing these tests for the benefit of our home and humanity at large… is fucking stupid and I wish you would stop. The phrase “we are all in this together”, should be taken literally. You don’t want to know what happens when you take credit for passing tests you didn’t actually pass but I’ll leave a signpost in the etheric for you to garner that knowledge from.

Let’s call this part one, it’s a lot to digest. I’ll come back and finish part two soon.


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