Cities of Light

A case for establishing “Cities of Light”

I have long held a vision of the perfect healing center. The vision has shifted and grown, as my knowledge base has grown but it has been there since I was young. As I have examined what needs the most pressing attention and how real transformation of our collective world should be garnered, it has often appeared to be a seemingly hopeless and insurmountable task. It doesn’t look so insurmountable anymore. I should say, it doesn’t feel so overwhelming when I do my energy checks of the collective.

This is good news. So, let me throw my two cents in to clarify how “cities of light” can help with this process, not as the whole solution but as a foundational support system that raises our collective experience and reduces the unwarranted suffering of so many.

We are all aware of the numerous locations across the globe of pyramid structures and evidence of communities that were located in their proximity. I am not of the opinion that pyramids are the sole structure or even the best structure for achieving and distributing harmonious frequencies. At this stage of the game, our consciousness can do much more than any tangible structure could hope to.

Utilizing the obvious gifts of energy conduits on our home, of Gaia, as a sentient Being who is capable of and desiring this transition to a 5th dimensional baseline frequency, we can achieve much. This is not to say that all suffering will be instantly eradicated, but the worse errors in judgment will be harder to make. As someone who has always been aware of the spiritual realms, this knowledge, this constant reminder of “others” has been a great ally in correcting behavior or a moment’s pause to consider my actions. It has never been foolproof and there have been many instances where I found out the hard way how far I can push a “boundary” but these lessons and the guidance offered have served me well. Essentially, I had a hard time forgetting that I had the option of choosing love and peace and alignment with Divinity, with Grace. Through many a trial and error, I have learned the subtle energetic differences and resultant experiences when I am in line with that flow or out of alignment with flow.

As we move into the age of Galactic relations, Cities of Light will be important reservoirs of spiritual and emotional integrity. They will work in concert for the benefit of humanity and the maintenance of a higher, more evolved and consciously harmonious (integrated) ecosystem. Much like coral works as markers, filters and gatekeepers of the ocean’s health, true Cities of Light will aid in rehabilitating the emotional body of Gaia. The work to transmute and heal cellular trauma for all beings is a necessary component in our evolution as a species and will ensure, in perhaps the only way truly possible, the purity of free will as a concept and platform for human development.

There are many who do not have the conscious awareness of the full impact of the trauma we have actually endured. What a gift we can give them to raise the ceiling on healing, allowing some of that detritus to be sloughed off so the Being is not weighed down with cellular memory impacting their emotional body for acts they themselves did not commit but yet feel/felt as we are all connected biologically through resonance. So many have had to cut off, shut down, limit access to collective space and the larger unified (spiritual) field out of preservation, a natural response to a very real threat. In order to open up these larger channels of communication again and provide ample opportunity for collaboration, joy, community, celebration, NEW NEW NEW, implementing spaces designed for removing the restrictions, restoring and amplifying Gaia’s unique assistance and Divinely ordained ability will transmute and lift the weight of the dis-ease that has been impacting free will and abundance. The degree to which this will help our Universe cannot and should not be understated.

What does a City of Light look like? Think of them as centers for integrated holiness. If you can understand, gather the strength to believe that within our Being resides the capacity to evolve, transcend and ascend beyond the physical and emotional bodies utilizing love as the primary vehicle that glues consciousness to form. Being able to witness Enlightened Beings, Ascended Masters, Compassionate Emissaries in the material realm, amplifying these frequencies and grounding information directly into our earth to be transmitted throughout all kingdoms … This is what a City of Light heralds, a home for the ascendants. Not to replace churches, places of worship and gathering, temples, but as a physical conduit to improve all LIFE and communication on planet earth and offset an over reliance on technology which carries with it great potential for misuse without appropriate spiritual maturity and ethical balancing towards right use leaving the Creator, the co-creators (that is humanity) and Gaia in a transparent seat of visibility so that the Sovereignty which is our inherited Truth, remains secure.

Being able to maintain higher levels of frequency throughout this realm will provide each individual being with the ability to access their own inner healer, restore more peaceful relationships, sound judgment and decision making, creativity, and motivation which is the natural state of the developing human when the body is not stuck in fight or flight, cortisol and adrenal looping modes. Empaths, lighworkers, energy healers, psychologists, teachers, and anyone assisting humans in negotiating healthy relations, finding purpose, learning and healing will have the opportunity to refresh, achieve peace and centeredness and know they have ongoing support as they do the face to face work of inspiring others through their dedication and compassionate approach to be firmly rooted as role models in their daily lives. Right now, after 70 years of visual programming to the contrary, we need many visible, physical reminders of what goodness looks like and we need it everywhere. There are already so many people ready and willing but perhaps fearful. Having Ascendants in the physical should ease some of that fear and allow loving-kindness to flow a little more freely.

The establishment of these homebases for Ascendants will provide a transparent way to ensure the Akashic Records are kept in common trust, accessible to humanity at large, clear of traumatic resonance for the benefit of all, not through secret, hidden, confusing or blasphemous “contracts” which have been utilized and accessed by ritual and abuse through agreements by very sick beings seeking power through manipulation by, with and at the behest of evolved but intentionally unintegrated shadow lords. Those days are over.   The Ark of the Covenant is being “made new” and re-established as it was in the Beginning.

This is the call that many of those Beings seeking to amplify and anchor even more Divine Wisdom have been waiting for, so that “God” is once again present through us on earth and the energy of that Love and Grace can be swiftly and continuously transmitted in a truly physical way. No longer separate as mind, body and spirit but one integrated, sovereign, unified being, restoring Gaia’s children and thereby Gaia’s role as Bride to the Bridegroom. Re-admitting this arm of the Universe into the Light of the Wheel broadcast from the Great Central Sun as an anchor and holder of Ancient Spiritual Truth and foundation for Christ Consciousness as an ever present and eternal out-pouring of Love and Light. Breaking all curses, spells or false prophecy for now and forever more going forward, may we never ever fall for the bullshit again.

May it be well with you and peace be abundant again.


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