Disclosure Vomitus


Again you have come to my shores with your abominations crying to be healed, crying of danger that you yourselves have caused. Cause. Effect. Intervention for karma without doing the work? Do you think the request sounds like any thing other than that? All of a sudden your understanding of the laws of nature, of consciousness, of magnetism… gone? Can you destroy your creations without destroying your own self? You are nothing, you are no self, so yea, I think that would probably be a grand idea.

Whenever I do a healing, attempt to look at the money paradigm, the control system as it actually exists, I inevitably swing back around to Boulder. I inevitably come face to face with the strangeness I saw there. And perhaps this time I will find one more ounce of strength to describe the injustice. What it feels like to have to shield yourself from memories too painful for fear of inviting the insanity to your door. What it feels like to know and not want to know how many very wealthy motherfuckers look amazingly similar to your genetic line, because certain things just can’t be hidden very well, certain traits, certain mannerisms and the undeniable inability to state a truth and a fact to people who are fucking dead inside, walking zombies, game backgrounders, etc etc etc because you know damn well they can’t free you or heal you from this trauma. No one but me can heal this. I know that too. I have heard and I remember the messages recorded on my DNA. I know. Even though I keep my mouth shut, I know. I also know that when I heal ME, when I heal THROUGH me, I heal many, many others, collapse timelines, disentangle all of the knots no matter how intricately tied.

So let’s try this again. Let me attempt to put this future/past destructive timeline into context so it doesn’t keep rearing its ugly head in quite the same way. They are the same timeline you see. The “fall” of Atlantis, the purported “fall” of the angelics, the cloning, the experiments, the matrix, the slavery paradigm, the playing god, the Greek mythos, all the same timeline, all branches of the same tree. Interwoven with this tree are the many efforts to cut it down, to heal it, to uproot it. Yet it remains in our collective memories in so many varied ways. And now we come to a cross roads again where it sits on the corner like a beggar with a sign. A Pandora’s box just begging to be opened. The apple glistening for all it’s worth to be eaten.

So, in case it has not been made abundantly clear. They ate. They did eat. All but one are still eating as a matter of fact. Those “bad aliens”? Genetic experiments mostly and courtesy of your tax dollars. As in, they were once just like you and me, kids, stolen, manipulated, understandably confused and enraged, yet, they hear me and that’s what really, really scares those who did what they did. Because in that hearing… God is revealed. And that’s the truth of that one.

Those other “bad aliens”, the super duper smart ones that like to come back and revisit this place for “vacation”? They were once from here too, more likely than not. We are always drawn to home. It’s a soul thing. They too, have no beef with me. That too, scares the shit out of certain some one’s.

And the “greys” … you want me to call you out now or later? It’s as plain as day for anyone with eyes to see. Maybe some kind soul will shine a gigantic light in the Akashic records so everyone knows exactly where to find the root of that one while you all continue to thrash at each other in the dark like the war games of old are actually going to keep working. For real motherfuckers… I live on sacred ground. THE most sacred ground. I know EXACTLY WHO I AM, why I am HERE and no where else.

Poverty isn’t natural, it isn’t the result of competition or survival of the fittest or bad character or laziness… it is the result of the need for an experimental class and auxiliary warehouse of parts, the rest is just to keep everyone who funds it fooled into continuing to work and pay off that mortgage, buy those shiny trinkets and avoid seeing what they are really paying for. You sure you want disclosure?

Disembodied spirits? Let me put it to you this way… let’s say you are a time travelling asshole, your “spirit” comes but since the agreements that had no right being made about the use of bodies you had no right to use no longer apply or you end up in the wrong “time” … and are told about and believe some obscure property right bullshit that doesn’t actually ever apply to the Divine Being which INCLUDES the body, with or without conscious use of will as has been ABUNDANTLY established, you go about breaking down certain people, breaking them down, attempting repeatedly to gain entry you treasonous bastards. What it is … is torture. And when you fully comprehend what I just said, maybe you will eventually fully comprehend the one they call Jesus.

You want to talk about healing chambers, hunger games, reality shows? You want to look for diamonds in a trash pile, dig through feces to find an ounce of gold? Fuck those timelines. Fuck you for thinking there is anything of value there. Fuck your false promises. Fuck your money prison. Fuck your self-injected I must be smart because the doctor said that’s what the vial would do stupendous ignorance and lack of faith.

Sometimes the best way to heal a thing is to say fuck you and the horse you rode in on and get back to living. Maybe the next time you come my way I won’t be sitting in poverty prison and I’ll be more inclined to help.

What I will do, because it is what I have always done, is give it to my Father. I will cast my cares to Him and remember that He cares for me. I will ask for Grace. I will ask for Mercy. And I will ask for Peace. And then I will say thank you because I do, in fact, see a tremendous and overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests these prayers have already been answered.

Might I suggest you go in peace and sin no more and by that I mean quit missing the gigantic mark that literally could not get any easier.


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