Que Sera Sera

I’ve had a more eventful life than ten thousand blog posts would do justice to. Baptized a man in a crackhouse once. Safely escorted a drunken idiot out of danger when he found himself in the middle of a group of twenty angry men outside a bar. Brought more people back from the suicide line than I can even remember anymore. Survived half a dozen or more “near death” or maybe I should call ‘em, “yea, right, nice try, now get your ass back down there” experiences. Ate out of dumpsters and survived for six weeks in a strange city with nothing but the clothes on my back. Had a six-foot five-inch demon in the shape of a man scream inches from my face to “get out of his realm”. The list goes on and most of it is weirder and none of that shit has scared me as much as trying to sell my stupid book. Funny world we live in, isn’t it?

So, something struck me today as I was trying to get to the root of this angst. I had to do some serious digging within, find that spot and embark on a conversation with the part of me that has stubbornly said no, I will not and you can’t make me. I have a different kind of heart, it said. It’s the kind of heart that comes with being able to do some of the spiritual things I do. There is a fierce and tenaciously guarded space around it to ensure a level of purity is maintained (and oh the battles that have ensued over that). A generous and giving nature is absolutely essential to be an effective healer. To be an effective Light warrior, you must be made out of and motivated by that which cannot be bought. You must remain trustworthy, uphold paramount integrity and always see the soul and guiding light of the people you encounter. It makes sense now why selling anything seems so threatening.

This realization brought me to another realization. The ability to sell might actually be a gift. Some people are naturals at it, after all. And I have been very angry with them. Hugely. Now it is time for me to make amends, re-examine, make a petition, see if we can bring some healing to this aspect of separation cause I know I am not the only one holding this kind of anger towards those who know a thing or two about sales. That which is a gift should not be so quickly dismissed. Gifts tend to be important in the grand scheme of things.

So, with that in mind, let me say this. Dear salespeople of the world, I labeled you my enemy. I put you in a box. I called you greedy, selfish, short-sighted. I blamed you for so many social ills and suffering and in my anger, I did not see your soul and because I did not see your soul, I did not see your gift. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you.

I will take what I have been made aware of and, on your behalf and my own, I will petition the Great Counselor. I will ask to have you redeemed, brought into the ascension fold that I have so carelessly left you out of. I will ask that your gifts be blessed so that you may bless others and use them in accordance with Divine Will to the benefit of our planet and humanity. I will ask that you be guided and protected so that you, as a gift holder, cannot be spitefully used. I will send love and healing to you so that others may see your Light and know that you are an important ally in the Great Work.

We are each a piece to this puzzle. We fill in these gaps for each other and it is the recognition of this, perhaps more than any other thing, that truly brings peace and harmony to our world, our realm, in a very tangible way. In my humble opinion, of course, but isn’t peace and harmony what we are all really asking for?

Many blessings on your journey. May we all know the word ~home~ when we look into each other’s eyes.


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