Behind the veil

What does it mean

Is it a bride

Is it a life never seen

A realm hidden behind a dream

What is it there

Behind the veil

Where love lies blind

Or lays blind

We don’t know

We don’t know if we care

We’re only guessing

But if it is the case

That it is simply a higher

More pronounced

Magnification of Grace

Then… what we see there

Is also here

Our vibration

Reflecting Incandescent miracles

Of creation


You are

An instrument

No one goes without one

That’s how important each song is

That’s how you know for sure

That love is always now and then

We can’t live without it

It is love that allows us

To hear our song

It is the particular and peculiar

Nature of Love

To strike a chord that plays our tune

That song that is us and always there

No matter what space we take up

Or how many times

We take this wild ride

It is Perpetual Bliss

When you catch the drift


And that’s what resurrection means to me. Happy April Fool’s Day and Happy Birthday Uncle Gene, wherever you are.



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