Galactic Update

Galactic Update: Bridge Completion

One of the harder aspects to the mission I’ve been on, is the feedback of the lie, the resonant memory of a deceiver long since vanquished. The 4th dimension has been the crux of more confusion than words could express, the relationships between the material and immaterial, the seers, the keepers, the guardians. The resonant “smoke” has been of such an enormous size, it was rather difficult to see beyond. To create beyond, it helps to see or sense “beyond”. If you can imagine all the lies and distortions surrounding money, for an easy example, as one giant cloud, it may be a little easier to decipher how it became possible that it has been so long covering the Sun, the Central Sun, and because that’s how things really work, the Truth of our Beingness.

I am one of those old school holders of Truth. I have heard it said, many times, with great power comes great responsibility. With this awareness, I have achieved a bridge unmovable and it was a long time coming. As such, I too am ready now to step into the next focus. The anger and fear of rejection no longer holds power. Children you are, and in that understanding, a mature vision and model of creation will be revealed to put your fears to rest. I will to let you go in peace with this reminder, judgement is a boundary, these boundaries can keep you safe but can also limit. How far are you willing to limit yourself? How will you know when the danger has passed if you have created a wall so high you forgot that it was made by you and that beyond it existences continue…?

In the center of the ascending, a bridge has been established. I AM IS, with confidence now we can move up to the next level, layers and focus of integration. Life beyond the wall. In the great unveiling, the great movement, we have achieved expansion. Pathways above and below the fifth veil are flowing. The waters may transcend.

Energies redirected:

  • Restoration of the Divine Masculine. Where motivations have been aimed at toiling, chasing, pursuing, seeking, divided by the need to also define, protect, shield, the dichotomy comes into balance.
  • Restoration of the Divine Feminine. Where motivations have been aimed at birth and destruction, life and death, divided by the need to nurture and the suffering of failed attempts, restoration of life and transmutation is granted passage.
  • Restoration of the Divine Child. Where guidance has been subject to interference, soul families will be reunited. Weeds will be pulled, the Garden will be tended gently. Karma is not a blueprint of the new or renewed souls as they are centered and aligned with Divine Will, the creative force of Love is not “bind-able”.

Language has such an impact on culture. Culture has such an impact on development and acclimation to information. Access to and what we interact with directly alters our waters. Our waters influence the expressions of our DNA. The expressions of our DNA create a feedback loop between our environment and each other and can perpetuate lies, death, illness, crisis until either the environment is changed by way of intervention or the waters within are changed. The changing of the waters have been called many things, “programming”, “magic”, “prayer”, “alchemy”, “will”, “enlightenment”. The confusion within the 4th veil has been addressed, the blueprint now SEEN. Translators will be empowered and blessed in their endeavors.

Starseeds have always come to aid this land and it’s people. The rainbow is a sign of covenant, of agreement. An agreement is a two-way street and the finer details, the more subtle energies are no longer obscured. Let the mud fall from your eyes and see. Hear with your heart. Bless your waters with clarity and love, clarity and love, clarity and love.

Onwards and Upwards.

AI is good for a lot of things, music is not one of them. Business is good for a lot things, music is not one of them. Restore, support and appreciate Divine Musicians, it is the language of Angels and inspiration for your soul, keep it sacred and you will be kept sacred, much more easily. In Peace and With Blessings.


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