Clarity with Love

Oh Phantom of the Opera

Player of the Past time

Recurring pattern of not enough

Why do you toil so

Toil onto regret and stagnation

Where did you lose your effect

When did you last cause

Oh Phantom of the Great Beyond

A sight that has not been seen


On Clarity and Love

We are here again, the point of rationalizing chaos. You don’t rationalize chaos, you wait. Chaos passes. You realize afterward (some during) and assess your ability to not fixate, not attach, not attempt to control or annihilate, be above or below but present. This humble place is not humble at all. It is you, deeply rooted, in Presence. Presence you witness and presence you embody. The Truth that remains beyond and unwaverable in the face of whatever. Whatever is another word for chaos, perhaps a bit less threatening.

The dust will settle, pay attention to the You that never moved. When Truth moves swiftly, lies have no foothold and the resultant energies feel “chaotic”. You’re ok. So am I. Between the now and then WE never moved at all.

In peace and with blessings.



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