A Lesson in Discernment

Discerning the spirit of the anti-christ…

This is a tough one for many, full of images and ideas and a profound lack of clarity in most cases. It is that which would have you question everything your Spirit knows to be steadfast and helpful. It is that which would have you throw the baby out with the bathwater because you cannot see that they are distinct. One is a living breathing gift and energetic force, the other debris that all living beings gather and slough off.

Generally speaking, the spirit of the anti-christ is a mirror and not a pleasant one. But when you are stubbornly avoiding the Truth, that mirror will show up and you’re going to see not-truth and it will make your stomach turn. That stomach churning feeling is the signal to get back on the path. Release what you are holding on to and open the gateways and your attention back up to love. Realign yourself so the mind is not running off chasing carrots on sticks, pulling your spirit and body along for the ride.

There is nothing that has been created that doesn’t serve a purpose, sometimes you just need to extend your perspective much further than most people are comfortable with… that is why you have that back up of going within, sensing the deep well of love, releasing every single attachment and remembering that everything is truly ok because you are one with all. The only time fear can mess with you is when you are forgetting how loved and immutably connected you are. You don’t have to solve the world’s problems alone, you don’t have to push yourself with a cattle prod, your presence is enough, you are a vessel that holds a fountain of love.

The spirit of the anti-christ distorts and it is present in every one of our institutions. There are distortions in education, in politics, religion, in human relations …with each other, ourselves and the earth that birthed us. The idea is to see the distortions and learn to master the ability to smooth, heal and subdue them. Just as it is very difficult to produce an awesome melody people want to sing along with from an out of tune guitar, so too, those distortions cause havoc on a person’s ability to create harmony with themselves, their reality and others.

Sacred geometry, the building blocks of this reality, work by way of harmonics. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. From this Word all things are made.

I read an article today, a blowback/feedback from the awesome amount of energetic clearings that have occurred lately, massive clearings, which often make it possible for these more subtle distortions to emerge. It seemed to me a cry for help, that it showed up pointing fingers to the degree it did, makes it an important one to address so the distortion doesn’t spread. Sometimes those distortions can cause people to contract, restrict, avoid, separate and what we want to see is more free flowing and empowering energies. Energies infused with love, peace, compassion, wisdom, strength, validation. Energies that support growth and exploration, curiousity, creativity and reconnect the Self within each to the All, both material and immaterial.

So… the subject of the article was new age propaganda and it certainly had some bitter fruit to it. In fact, the fruit is a little too bitter for me to provide a link for you. In summary, it stated that pretty much every single spiritual principal is false. Jesus is false. Angels are false. Enlightenment is false. Kundalini is false. Chakras are false. The pineal gland is false. Ascension is false. False, false, false. All there to trick you into not “awakening”. Sounds like a dark night of the soul to me. Someone outa remind that one that what we witness in the dark night of the soul is generally not true in the Light of day. That it is coming out -being broadcast- to the community at large tells me there is an attempt being made to distort the unity field with fear. Cool. I love healing distortions, that’s what I came for.

Hot damn does this not beg the question… wake up to what? Not spirit? Not truth? More powerless victim fucking bullshit? Yep. That’s the goal. That’s always the goal. I know because I’ve fallen for it many, many times. Don’t explore your spiritual nature, your spiritual nature is a trick. All spiritual paths are tricks. Someone out there is a god and is smarter than you, capable of things you are not capable of and tricked you. How does this settle with you? Do you feel that tiny bit of tightening in the stomach region, has your root chakra jumped up inside of you, closed off? Did you feel the contraction? Pay attention to these subtle energetic shifts. It is your body speaking to you. Now release it back to the Universe. Deep breath out. Do a dolphin breath, hard blow out if needed, do another deep breath, place your hands in front of your heart together … there is that calm, aligned place, always there. Release again if you need to. Deep breath connecting, center your alignment. You are safe, you are loved, you are loving, nothing by any means can harm you. Nothing.

Enlightenment is the waking up to the connection of all life. It is the realization that you are not an island unto yourself. You are distinct, vibrant, supported, perfect… and so is everything else. Kundalini is the conscious awareness of and ability to sense your own life force, prana, chi, spirit, whatever word works for you. It is being so finely attuned and aware that “kundalini” can be focused in such a manner as to aid creativity, healing, but perhaps the greatest gift is an unmistakable sense of support, physically felt spiritual support. It is a natural part of your body. You came with it, just haven’t been taught how to use it. You know what else you came with? A pineal gland, a pituitary gland and a massive endocrine system that senses and interacts with the environment to keep you healthy. With an underactive pineal gland, you will not have access to your own imagination, the inner landscapes from which you can ponder, intuit, investigate, and forge your will towards an event, idea, or purpose into physical creation, the connecting of matter.

Everyone at one point in time questions the validity of the teachings of the Masters. We all do and we all should do it. What we should not do is make declarations and intend to imprint over another’s belief system or tradition because like I’ve mentioned ten trillion times, there is a purpose for all things. There is a purpose for atheists, there is a purpose for scientists, for Buddhists, for Hindus, for Christians, belief in alien life, disbelief in alien life and on and on and so on. Everything has a purpose. As we ASCEND, as our consciousness EXPANDS… it becomes a little easier to see where and when the purpose of these seemingly incongruous ways actually fit the whole. The perfection can often be a little staggering. It is, nonetheless, sublime and beyond words the mind can fathom.

The magnitude of creation, the diversity, the abundance, seeing the ever-present truth of this … is the goal of ascension. Seeing beyond the veils that would limit “life” to a box. As our consciousness expands, Ascends, we are able to access parts of ourselves, other lives, memories in the ethers, Heaven itself and integrate that knowledge into our physical being, our reality. Will some people manage to equip their bodies with the fullness of these potentials… it’s worth a shot as long as you’re not shitting on others, ignoring your responsibilities, using it as an excuse, hoping for superpowers to feed a false ego, etc, etc, etc. So, yea, there are plenty of distortions there and I agree they get annoying, but they do not negate the underlying truth. We are Creator Beings, capable of producing the Sounds that vibrate Sacred Geometry into new patterns. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Meditate on that one. Get the fullness of the meaning. Integrate it with your now. It is the Spirit of the Christ, the Consciousness of the Christ. It is already done.

Call it ascension or call it evolution, the fact is DNA turns on under certain conditions and you should be cognizant of that fact. You are capable and equipped to be steering the vessel so that the potential to grow that Divine Spark, the Soul, within you as big as you want, fed by your spirit, connected to the Source of all Life, and have the body respond and accommodate it’s growth. Point. Fucking. Blank.

There are Universes waiting to be seeded with the Light of your being, the Word from your mouth. In the meantime you have some training wheels and a shit ton of help in the form of Masters, Angels, tradition, routine, imagination and anything else you need to gather from this Paradise, the tools and practice you need to do it well. Or let all those potentials go and play victim… that choice is up to you. Now. Either way, you will remain loved and supported. There is no undoing that. Ever.


4 thoughts on “A Lesson in Discernment

  1. I got lost in reading you this morning. I found something I wanted to quote, something about the New Age stuff and materialism, but I can’t find it again, I’m too scattered. You’re what I call a Spiritual Genius. So refreshing….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Easily the best compliment of my life. It’s funny, it wasn’t until I ended up on the streets, that I finally found people who could SEE and the fact that they could, put my remaining doubts to rest. Not the funnest way to wake up (although there were many, many fun moments and true companionship out there and it’s taken a couple years for me to stop being mad at the world, at “God”, at myself) but most certainly effective. I suppose that’s true of all the big lessons. Blessings to you, thank you for being here.


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