COURT Briefing

A Decree from Heaven aka “Big Guy”

This message is being sent with the utmost respect and compassion for those becoming aware of some of the unencumbered injustice that has played out in the space that is collective consciousness where it interacts with the material realm called Earth.

Please understand, that even as a Supreme Being, there are certain occasions that require input, that seeing you as raised up and rising up children, demand a dialogue so that agreements can be reached and upheld so that no one on any level is feeling the effects of an abuse of the Power that is the All (when) focused.

Some of my Children forgot they were my children… or maybe they remembered all too well but without the lessons that have been learned through trial and error and trial and error ad infinitum.

Currently, a case has been brought before the Heavenly Courts regarding theft of “energy” and the corresponding and “secondary” charges that indicate and support the intent to steal by way of violation of Universal and Divinely ordained use of management systems whose aim was to facilitate evolutionary growth in the purest state.

Before the Court is the issue of meritocracy

Before the Court is the issue of debt

Before the Court is the issue of subordination and false jurisdiction

Of these issues the Court has found many in violation and will use Its Authority to empower certain levels of intervention to restore equilibrium.

Of these issues the Court has found pathways established by the Guardians and (by way of extension) the Builders that warrant ease of use and implementation of this finding according to precedent in current judicial systems existing on Turtle Island.

In the case of debt wherein individuals sought and borrowed personal financial beneficials in extreme excess beyond what was needed to maintain personal bodily health and psychological wellness and as it has been proven and found that it has not been utilized and distributed in some form that benefits the larger collective of humanity, the Court demands full restoration and payment of this debt with interest (that will continue to accrue according to the original amount until paid in full with a cut-off date of full payment to occur in 2019, specifics withheld).

Energy will be returned to the Living Embodiments found on Record (and going forward as new evidentiary based sources continue to reveal all who have been violated and not currently of Record, due to the impact of intent to purposely restrict and reduce the number of Living Embodiments, an issue that will also be addressed by the Court forthcoming). The worth and value of the energy that has been extracted has been and is being, calculated, it will be returned to the Living Embodiments in pristine condition, without static, black or “false” energy and in addition and where warranted, in the form of the currency noted by obvious and meticulous financial records by the institutions (both on and off “world) granted the authority to have done such and will be utilized for this dispensation, payable in the currency of the nation of birth in use at the time of this writing, March 19, 2018.

Whereas this is also found to be a case of enslavement and energy extraction on top of and with full awareness, intent to murder souls has been found, the Court does not find evidence to support the defense presented: playing out of karma trajectories. Intent to murder soul makes this a matter of the Creator of Souls and the reason for which this Court has been called and holds jurisdiction in this matter.

Furthermore, on the issue of enslavement and theft of spiritual insights and gifts from the beholden, this Court finds the parties guilty and use of both civil and criminal established judicial metes will be FURTHER empowered at this time.

All Galactic and Ascended Beings are to continue to assist with these maintenances. The Court recognizes those who have begun the restoration and remuneration process.



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