The Law of Say What

The Law of “Ya got bamboozled”

Welp, this is probably one of those times I should digest a bit more before I attempt to articulate thoughts… but this thing that is troubling my soul today, I have been wrestling with my whole life in one form or another. So, it is time I present these thoughts to the Light, to the Universe and hope to decipher a little more clearly what comes back.

It has to do with the way the “law of attraction” is taught. As far as I can tell, it isn’t taught very well or clearly at all. It seems to be a bastardization of a few sound principals. It would be nice to get back to the soundness and away from the discord and potential for harm.

One of the biggest thorns in my side as I’ve watched the “awakening” movement these last few years are the words “you create your reality”. While there are some underlying truths here, the statement as such leaves a lot to be desired. It sends a lot of people off on a materialistic and ego led goose chase. The foundation of all spiritual teachings and “proofs” can be found by way of observing nature. When you take a “spiritual” truth and nature does not support it with plentiful examples, chances are, it has somehow been distorted. That which has been distorted, is usually distorted to serve an agenda. This is the case for the “law of attraction”.

Living organisms are part of ecosystems. You can have an ecosystem the size of a puddle or the size of an ocean, but both are affected by a larger ecosystem, ad infinitum. There are kingdoms, human, animal, plant, mineral, the elementals and these have corresponding spiritual kingdoms (or information networks) that help support the balance and harmony necessary for the most fundamental law, the law of “will to thrive”. You can understand dimensional (or variations in) consciousness this way as well.

I think the words “you create your reality” are meant to be empowering, are meant to wake people up to their co-creative role but it too often seems to demand an acceptance of fantasy as fact. Telling us nothing exists unless we put our attention on it. WE cause reality to be. This observation is taken by way of a bastardization of new physics, the collapsing of wave functions and shit like that. Is it true? Only mathematically. Does it play out as simplified as it sounds? Not even close.

What this has always seemed like to me was a repackaging of two useful control tools, blame the victim and carrot on a stick. It isn’t as much a created “reality” your thoughts dictate so much as a created emotional and perceptive experience that results in a “feedback loop”. We know emotion and perception influence behavior. What “you create your reality” with your thoughts etc. means to a person that has been under the influence of excessive programming for the entirety of their life, could be pretty devastating for the rest of us when you stop to examine it.

And that silent voice in the back of my mind nudges and reminds me of predictive programming. It reminds me that having free will does not mean that shit is always going to go my way, but that I will strive to live and thrive anyways, and THIS is a concept that nature supports. Nature also supports some other important laws that are usually absent from any conversations about the “law of attraction”, the Law of Grace and Divine Sovereignty, which cannot be understood without the inclusion of chaos. Chaos and Grace are fundamental principles of the mechanics of this Universe.

It would be a hell of a lot more useful to understand resonance, rather than “attraction”. It is closer to the truth. Resonance also addresses the issue of blaming the victim. Perhaps people would stop judging and punishing the traumatized and vulnerable members of our ecosystem aka society, if this was understood. All you have to do, to fuck up and control a person for the rest of their life is set a resonant tone to trauma and stress. Interrupting these resonant loops, saves lives people.

All you have to do, to get people to lose their humanity and social cohesion is tell them that person created their own victimization, they made their bed, therefore it’s okey dokey to let them lie in it. Well, isn’t that just super convenient for the beings that like to victimize and experiment on people, who hope to overlay the very real world you are used to with a very not real simulated reality so they can have free reign on your planet and easy access to your body parts while you’re plugged into a holding tank somewhere tucked out of the way dreaming… with no consequences…but first they have to get you used to the idea of everything you thinking about coming true otherwise they’d have no way to explain the issues of incongruency that every attempt at algorithmic matrices of this nature leads to.

I’m a weirdo. I’ve seen souls that have reincarnated from timelines where the avatar/virtual game was a real deal. I’ve seen the cords and controllers and programs.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that usually the people who are teaching this are also teaching that this is a secret that has been kept from humanity, you are gods and goddesses capable of commanding the very elements of nature! This is common sense. Even a mosquito can adapt nature around its will to live. This is not rocket science and it has not been kept from anyone. “You create your reality” as taught most often, is not only out of alignment with other Universal and natural laws, it is not in alignment with some of the greatest teachings to ever grace our conscious shores.

If you understand the Way as taught by the Buddha, if you understand the formless and eternal nature of consciousness, the energetic systems of the body as taught by the gurus, if you understand Faith as taught by the one they call Jesus, if you understand the PURPOSE of a material realm… you’ll see this whole “mind as creator” thing for what it is. I hope.

A girl doesn’t create a rape scenario because she was born with attractive and symmetrical features and decides to wear a dress. A person living in poverty isn’t going hungry because they are thinking about how awesome it would be to experience hunger. These are social ills. These are the result of agreements being broken without recourse. It is the result of separation, of lack of communication, of oppression and manipulation. If you want to create a reality for yourself which belies your responsibility to your fellow man, go for it. It’s not as if break off civilizations haven’t been attempted before and nothing bad ever came of that right Atlantisites? But living in your own little bubble, incognizant of the suffering of others is not enlightenment. So …the rest of us are going to be over here making agreements that form communities built on more than fallacies and half-truths. Because this place IS paradise when we work together.

And since I’ve gone this far, might as well go the rest of the way, the spirit realm isn’t agreeing to support some of the bullshit the way it used to, God and Goddess have been busy cleaning house. That’s why an alternative approach by way of technology, frequency manipulation, thought projecting, idea mining, the intent to chip and remotely control is being sensed. You need to understand this. You need to be empowered by this because you do not have to agree to it. By Goodness. By Love. By Grace. By standing together as a united community. You need to get your heart and common sense in agreement, so the rest of this insanity can be isolated and healed.


5 thoughts on “The Law of Say What

  1. It’s not about “Create” or “Reality,” and especially not about Mind. It’s about “You,” or, to make it less accusatory, it’s about “Me,” it’s about my Identity. If I’m not liking my Reality and I want to Avoid Blaming someone else other than Me, then I need to expand my sense of “I” to include my self-destructive unconscious beliefs. But there’s no sense in which that’s a “Law.” It’s just a very useful way to guide my own Growth in Consciousness. Not everyone has that goal of course, so they can Create their own Toys to match their own goals.


    1. Thank you for your input. I look forward to the day we expand our idea of “I” to include the systems and social realms we share so that a sense of responsibility for each other’s growth or demise doesn’t have to be explained ten thousand times to social creatures…who are actually energy with self-awareness. Things on planet earth that are alive have a will to live and thrive. Stress counteracts this and puts us in protective mode or “fight or flight” … evolutionary degression or suppression depending on your stance. Great tool for spiritual use, really shitty in the context of a material driven society.


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