So… I feel like writing, feel that there are things to say, that I have still not quite nailed in the saying despite how much has already been said. With this in mind, let’s hear from my Higher Self, not my Highest Self, this is not prophecy, just that part of me that still finds the water lacking. The part of me that knows that there is more to being spiritually gifted than a blog and a youtube channel and a website offering intuitive readings could ever fulfill.

What to write…?

On being a telepath? To explain the nature of such a burden in a world craving to take it on.

You know how most people like the ability to go inside their house, close the doors and feel a sense of privacy? In order to be comfortable in the telepathic space you really need to have your closets cleaned out, things that could be triggered and weaken your self-worth must be taken care of … otherwise you risk being tortured by those who have agendas you’d rather not know about. I should see if I can lay some groundwork to make this a lot easier. You know that kid’s movie, Igor? The brainwashing scene where Eva has her eyes held open to what is supposed to be horrifying images… in a lesser degree this has also happened to many of us. When you are fully in your power it isn’t too big of a deal, but if not, any number of images or ideas can be broadcast into that space and you have to be wise enough to trace back to the source … and delete … as well as request assistance in healing whatever program (or distortion) decided it was a good idea to send that through your conscious space. HEAL, so you can have pleasant conversations. PRACTICE DISCERNMENT so you do not get used. Or leave it alone.

On being a Shaman? To explain the nature of such a view in a world that is blind.

Can you imagine… in your mind’s eye… the space where all that is Light is on the left of you, all that is unformed which appears as blackness is to the right and having the strength and capacity to create a space and stand in the middle of these two? And not just stand in the middle, but negotiate between the two?

On being a Woman? To explain the nature of such Power in a world that is still egocentric.

The depth of love, the connection unseverable, the awesome responsibility that holding the seeds of life entails.

On being a Recorder? To explain the nature of one who can not only access the records but edit them in a world that knows so little you might as well call it nothing.

As we pass through what some call stargates and some call the birthing canal … this teeny tiny hole our Universe is passing through in order to expand further and beyond… it requires some energetic harmonizing on levels I don’t know how to adequately express. These gateways, these hopeful moments of Unity …trying to “stick it to the bad guy” gets us all stuck. So… we proceed higher, we ask advice of Grand Maestro… we see the whys, the motivations, the intentions, that “other” karmic point and we harmonize them, even if just briefly… so that our worlds are not in five thousand pieces and distorted but truly capable of expanding without losing the foundation of centeredness, of Source, of integration.

On being the compassionate witness? To explain the nature of observational stance to those stuck in feedback loops.

I don’t really know how to explain seeing the worst, sensing it, hoping beyond hope that I can provide the strength, tenacity of clear vision, wisdom, support, healing to those getting their hearts all dirty to clean and clear what must be cleaned and cleared, maintaining the separation of yet unsullied dimensions. I love you… I can tell you that and I won’t tell you more… for your sake and their sake and because some things are easier not to know.

On being reincarnate? To explain the nature of angelic form to those who must walk their journey either way, with or without “us”.

This one is probably the most complicated to explain. So, I’ll leave it at this … those who have had a “near death” experience… the “veil” is very thin for them, they have been given a chance so to speak, to earn their wings. The more we support these beings into the best version of this role we can imagine, the more help to humanity and our lovely planet, they can provide. The only place this happens is on earth. It is part of an agreement I am not at liberty to disclose.

On being clair-everything? To explain the nature of emotion, the importance of never losing this gift without spilling the beans on those who know too well what life without it consists of.

There are beings who have worked tirelessly and crossed many boundaries, took many risks, just for the chance to be human and experience life from our perspective. Learn to love and appreciate the sacred gift your life is. Return your focus on the expression of life, not just the gathering of stuff. Stuff provides wee little emotions, expressions between Beings, moments between Beings, are the stuff legends are made of. “Legends” … are what Universes are made of.

On being a timelord? To explain the nature of quantum time to those who cannot bear the taste of perfection.

The grass is not always greener on the other side and karma is attached to energy, not time. There’s a million more things I should say about this, but since there is a certain amount of clearing and healing happening presently with regards to this, I’ll wait. I will say, however, that when you grasp the truth of this, you will see without doubt how utterly, absolutely foolish, beyond any sense of reason, the concept of “war” is. Truly. This is not something you ever, ever have to experience again. Ever.

My dad told me once that he asked God to show him my spirit so he could understand me better. He said that what God showed him was that I wear a “coat of many colors”. I have waited a long time to call in the blessings to each and every one of these colors. Waiting, waiting, passing the ones that came through on to the resonates, waiting, waiting to feel the feedback… which rarely comes but is now slowly making its way back around. If you are blessed, bless others. If you have not been blessed, ask to be.

I should be an inter-galactic ambassador, no wait! I should be an inter-galactic shaman. I guess I already am and that’s the point of this post, just waiting on that paycheck so I can laugh all the way to the bank hahahahahahahahaha. Inside joke, sorry 🙂 Maybe I should do what Mr. Truman Show did and write myself a check for services rendered … if only I wasn’t acutely aware that what we do is actually priceless and crave that return to balance where it is simply understood… and all that that entails.

Peace be with you, always and in all ways.


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