What I Will

It’s been a wild ride this past week. I’ve learned some things, experienced states of consciousness and beingness that I don’t suppose I should sully with words. I guess if I had to sum it up and leave the details to be discovered by other journeyers, it’s been a matter of downloading the necessary ingredients to feed my soul, my own personal inner sun, which then in turn, feeds my spirit and body.

It’s been leaning into and accepting what it feels like to not have my mind running the show anymore as I transmit the harmonizing vibrations and broadcast this beauty to mankind. It has been the accompanying freedom of not being plagued with memories I don’t know how to process. It has been facing the things that used to undo me and realizing the power shows up, surrounds and supports me in those moments. It is the proof I am resurrected, and I am not alone.

I was looking for the end of my journey, looking for where this path leads or that path leads, looking for the what now, looking to take the information and make it translatable, marketable, useful in some other way than what my heart has been screaming from day one. I am enough. My presence is enough.

I learned about what it truly means to resonate with the frequency of Heaven. How, when I place my attention there, (the Light of my Being), by way of vibrational osmosis, Heaven comes closer, Heaven becomes now. I learned that anyone who has been here before is able to do this, able to access those frequencies, turn them on by way of intention and give a taste to improve the lives of millions who have not yet tasted… and this is what makes this realm so magical.

I’ve learned that good is happening, that GOODNESS is possible and that we can grow these good things with our attention and love. WE can water these seeds that have been planted so that they multiply, flourish, exceed our imaginations as God and Goddess are also drawn to where our attention is drawn and will add their two cents to the mix.

We have the tools and the foundation is set. Here is what I would like to see more of.

  • Intervention and rehabilitation for those who have been traumatized, (which is basically everyone but there are varying degrees to the severity). I have noticed that those who have been awake and aware a little earlier and without support are often targeted, fed on, used for a good story lines and end up confused and stuck in a loop of self-destruction but somehow still KNOW it doesn’t make sense… simple techniques can bring them back. Grounding, yoga, plant medicine, mindfulness/art and community. These are the key ingredients. Places to do this without a focus on profit margins would be awesome… because the true profit to humanity cannot be measured.
  • Safe spaces for children to grow and be nurtured into something more than an automaton. Can we please not do to another generation what has been done to us? Can we get our children reconnected to the hows and whys of food as medicine. Can we make sure every child knows how to build a shelter and a fire? Can we make sure every child understands they are dynamic Beings whose instincts should be validated and honored and not subject them to rewiring that serves absolutely no one but age old systems of enslavement?
  • I’d like to see more discernment and less shame. I would like to see consensus leadership. Leaders who are chosen because they are unable to forget the least or the greatest and strive to balance the two. Leaders who are not granted their position by way of paying to garner attention but because the attention has been earned and their wisdom undeniable.
  • I’d like to see a continued and increased effort to clean up our garbage with a focus on not transforming the gifts of the earth into something that is not useful, pollutes, takes up space in an uncomfortable way and does not serve the greatest good. There are numerous plants and fungi that can do everything oil does but better and without the destruction and destabilization.
  • I’d like to see healing modalities brought to the forefront that focus on resonant frequencies, intuitive and soul level clearing, color, sound, shamanic and restorative waters and crystals utilized in the way they were intended by those gifted to do such.
  • I’d like to see children brought into this world by parents who are in love and the paradigm of the breeding programs brought to a complete halt and neutralized across all timelines.
  • I’d like to see the multitude of ample experimental and scientific evidence regarding the human body and psychological functioning utilized for the betterment of mankind rather than something that can be bought, suppressed and utilized against the species. I’d like to see this occur across all time and space.
  • I’d like to see the complete restoration of artists as the true oracles, singers and writers redeemed and restored to their position in the angelic hierarchy and the gifts of engineers and craftsmen to be utilized with the utmost respect, nobility and integrity to the betterment of this plane of existence.
  • I’d like to see more effort to undo the narratives surrounding poverty that continue to idolize those with resources and demonize those without it so that unity can be felt more widely. To support this, I’d like to see an increase in empathic gifts and more people able to reconnect with their soul’s mission without being forced to beg, borrow, steal, hypnotize or enslave others to accomplish it.


I’d also like to remind us all to say thank you and send love to all of those invisible people who work without acknowledgement to make the world a better place.

Here’s to creating a better world for everyone. Peace be with you and great Joy your reward.



One thought on “What I Will

  1. “I’d like to see the complete restoration of artists as the true oracles, singers and writers redeemed and restored to their position in the angelic hierarchy and the gifts of engineers and craftsmen to be utilized with the utmost respect, nobility and integrity to the betterment of this plane of existence.” You might like this book by Jacob Nordby called “Blessed Are the Weird.” I’m only halfway through, and I usually don’t recommend books. Or even read them, for that matter. (Very slow reader, I space out too much over the page.) But this is like nothing I’ve ever read — and he expresses this sentiment very much like you have just done so. Goodnight and God be with you in all ways.

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