The Goddess Chakra

Ascension stuff  🙂

I’ve been nothing if not a spiritual scientist, on a quest this go round. It has been challenging and enlightening in ways that defy words. I do try to find the words though, words that might point the way so that others, who may not be interested in a lifetime (or many lifetimes) of study and experimentation, might glean some value. That is kinda the point in my humble opinion. Being taught almost exclusively by Guides in one form or another… well, sometimes the translations don’t always work out to everyone’s liking. I’m making this disclaimer here because I have a feeling this may touch some nerves unintentionally and it is not my/our intention to do so. We are simply working with what we are working with.

Ok, with that out of the way, let me tell you about a discovery I made today, a new energy point I was previously unaware of. Regardless of what any other teacher or seeker has ever named it, I am calling it the Goddess Chakra because that’s what makes sense to me. I am big on self-discovery and the Sovereign journey and the proof being in my pudding, if ya ken. It is located about a foot out from my tailbone, nearly but not exactly aligned with the sacral, it is lower and like I said, some ways out from the physical body. Once this became pretty clear in my awareness, I noticed a couple other new ones while I was poking around back there, in particular a giant pendulum swinging one, yep, a giant sun disc looking thing on a pendulum, the top of which seemed to be anchored at or above my cosmic chakra, yea, I realize I can’t even do justice to describing this, cause that sucker seemed way up there. I’m going to have to investigate this one a lot more thoroughly because this is not something I have come across before…. In quite this way, the movement of this thing kinda blows my mind. Above that is what I’m calling the gifted heart chakra which I am associating with Michael (cause I love that One so), and it is about a foot or so out and behind as well. Three new ones, I guess, the Goddess, the swinging one, and the gifted heart. The swinging one reminded me of the flaming swords outside of the garden so I guess I shall be Christening this vessel official Garden territory. Yay and …man, that was a long time coming home.

A few other things were brought to my awareness once I sensed the movement in the “Goddess chakra”, the breaking of the seal so to speak. One of the more important (and the reason for this post) is that it may make movement of Light vastly improved, easier, and more fluid. Those who are helping to ground and distribute the energies that will be flowing in steadily now, especially with some of the bigger waves that will be more intense, may want to commune and discuss with their Guides and Activators as I do believe this is an answer to a request for assistance. This is a Chakra that can connect your Lightbody with the Lightbody of the planet which is bringing in and harmonizing frequencies for half the cosmos at the moment, cause we’s awesome like that.

Anyhoo and anyways, onwards and upwards and it’s all Good stuff. Peace be with you and many blessings on your journey.


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