Money & …Stuff

Ah, Money and Random Sunday Thoughts

Money is not abundance. Money is abstract. Money isn’t energy. Money is the accounting of energy, the attempt to quantify, track and control energy. It is, though and unfortunately, quantifying a false light in most cases. Because most people cannot tell the difference. On purpose.

Yea, I’ve been down that rabbit hole of timeline malfeasance again. My rent was raised and I’m living on faith and hope and trying not to be mad about it. Got some pretty awesome healing abilities but yet lack the implementation skills and platform to get to the people, notwithstanding my moral objections … the middle way on this one is still difficult to access. So I ponder, I observe what the Universe sends my way to assist these ponderings and I discern.

Discernment. Hear me laugh really, really, really fucking loudly. This is a gift I came with. The trials and tests and training to use this gift well, fucking A and you have no idea but God Damn if I could speak freely, you’d pay hand over fist for what I know. And therein lies the ethical crux. Over and over and over again.

I’ll share with you some of the things El Maestro brought to my awareness in response to my call for Universal financial support. The “field” surrounding money is dense, dense, what’s a better word for dense…. Quicksand? A density that feels almost like quicksand filled to the brim with emotions that have not been cleared or processed or even looked at for …. You don’t want to know how long.

Abundance matrix and law of attraction and magic and blaming the victim. Ill-conceived understanding of human needs, the interwoven conduits of love and harmony and the role of Divinity in all these human machinations. The truth of the players who hold the cards, beyond social engineering to straight up genetic manipulation outside of natural law but unable to truly exist outside of natural law and those who play no matter how obvious the latter gets ignore this fact repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly. Nature and nurture, nature and nurture. If you can see it, you are of it.

Trapped in timeloops and distortions and fumbling for the light but rejecting Divine Counsel and Wisdom as folktale, caught in their own deceptive use of such they did not see and hate to realize the Truth that resides there, that called, even to them.

Men who have done the unspeakable, women who have encouraged and allowed the unspeakable, gods without power attempting to mate a tree with a candle.

Dense energy is easier to move just like a deck of cards in it’s container is easier to move than cards thrown from a plane over the ocean in a hurricane.

Do you know how many realities humans exist in where they are not experiencing this? Do you know who escaped “el experimentica” and how they did it? So… you want absolution, forgiveness, redemption without having to stand face to face with the one capable of granting it. I don’t know what to tell you. Sounds like insanity to me.

And Buddha as prince turned pauper to find a way to save his own soul.

Random thoughts… if you see how the pieces fit together let me know or don’t, that’s fine too.


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