Goddess Love it is

Perpetual motion

Frustrating emotives

Unending climactic cynamatics

Wayward projections

Cyclical rising

Tidal waves of desiring

Toppled ecstasies

Dynamic delicacies

Fruition of the release

To build again

To build again

To build again

Working in harmony with Mother Earth is much like working in harmony with a woman. Working in harmony with a woman is much like working in harmony with Mother Earth. The elementals of her body, the craving of her soul to be lost to and free from her duties and concerns, forgotten by her self, the mind that sees all. Wild, free, captivating. This is the heart of a woman. At once free from all and any restraints that could ever be thought of or imagined … but oh so willing to embrace, comfort, care for and nurture, provide ecstatic sensations that free you from your mind too and anyways and despite. The ultimate reflection of Will, of right use of Sovereign Design. It is understandable that it scared a few and they reacted. It is a dynamic that takes some getting used to. Don’t always be so quick to worry about catching up, or going some place or doing some thing with it. For a moment just revel, just be one with the womb that is life, let the waves and well spring ocean of her love sweep you up and carry you into an ecstatic and glorious bliss you couldn’t earn or quell even if you had the heart to. This is Grace. You are the offspring of a marriage between the eternal formless consciousness and the energetic Maestro, we are in the latest cosmic dance playing out as the physical embodiment of Divine Union. They like to do this a lot, like any lovebirds would.

May it be well with you.


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