How I Heal the big shtuff

“Another layer of ye old onion”

Walking through fire

Dancing through the weeds

Wind beneath me

But I don’t float away

I float on and on and on

Begin again they say

Find a root, rest your feet

But where to feel relief

When nowhere ever seems

to want the likes of me

Perhaps I’ll peel another layer

Of ye old onion that is me

And if it makes em cry

Well that was meant to be

Don’t stand in my place

If you don’t like what you see

When I come back to gather

What you must know was meant for me


Another layer of healing from the depths of my soul. I would like to take a moment to make it very clear that I will be more vocal and assured in my understanding, Awareness and Presence in this time of healing. Like I mentioned in the last post, some of the finer points of my journey are going to need to be expressed without the pretty and standard language I use when I am being more “artistic”. Right now, I want healing, I want to feel it in the Collective so… as is my way…. I’m going to bust the rest of this fucking wall down and heal the shit. Peace be with you. 🙂

I will to clear the programs within me that are related to core wounds regarding my gifts. I am a healer. I am healing presence. I am alive. I thrive. I restore. I create. I live in an abundant, intelligent, enlightened ecosystem of love and joy. I release without judgment any confusion, fear, ridicule or shame surrounding the right to heal and thrive right where I am at this moment in time.

Two of the “wounds” I have held are coming up again to be released and transmuted. The triggering and reflective actions of the larger body are resonating a desire to heal and be relieved of these as well (that is why I am sending this out “public”). As I heal myself and transmute these energy blockages, I offer this energetic pathway and conduit for any willing to heal blockages held in the emotional, mental, and physical bodies across all time and space related to or resonating with these frequencies.

One of my primary and advanced physical interactions with Transcendent Beings ended with my being hospitalized in a psychiatric ward for 9 days (beginning on 3/3/03) and put on a civil commitment against my will for 5 months which the father of my first-born son then used to limit and block my inherent right to mother and nurture my child, resulting in an enormous ground swell of pain and obvious trauma. This was 15 years ago. In this now moment I witness, observe, feel and will to release judgment, fear, cellular trauma, distrust, feelings of unworthiness, feelings of being “bad”, feelings of impending punishment and the need to shrink myself, the thought form that being a spiritual person or having a spiritual experience, being an empath or accessing my Highest Light was or could ever be unacceptable, “uncivilized” or a sign of mental “illness”.

I release, transmute and request assistance to heal all mothers, fathers and other caretakers separated against their will from their children across time and space. I release, transmute and request assistance in healing and soothing all children both grown and young who have been or were ever separated from their primary caretaker or family for any reason and for any amount of time where it has caused trauma and restrictions in energetic flow without judgment, up to and including all aspects of Divinity, healing both Gaia, Goddess, Mother Earth and Father God, Yahweh and all representations and interpretations of such. We forgive, release the trauma and memories while retaining the benefits and wisdom gained. I forgive myself and all others involved in these energy blockages. I embrace the abundant support of the Universe and fill my heart, mind and body with love, joy, peace, play and inspiration. I ask that the Universe and Collective Body of healers and Divine Wayshowers send Light (of understanding), Love (of compassion, wisdom, strength) and Inspiration (for new and profoundly effective methods) to all mental health professionals now and across all time and space to be restored, redeemed and upgraded in their capacity to assist those in crisis to the Highest Light and Most Abundant ascendant integration on behalf of humanity and all others present in this time of transformation and renewal. Healers, Shamans, Lightworkers/Emissaries/Ambassadors, Empaths and Visionaries restored, esteemed and supported, utterly and abundantly as they answer the call of Gaia, Goddess, the collective, the Universe at Large and the Creator, the Word and the Beginning of time and space and all creations stemming from or connected to this Source of Life. I invoke the Highest level of agreement and cooperation for the relief of disharmony caused by dogmas, ignorance and fear regarding physical embodiment of Ascendant Beings and other forms and manifestations of dis-ease related to spirituality, awakening and atunement to higher vibrations, frequencies and expanded, growing, conscious awareness. Abundant and Highest Light filling all cracks, gaps and misconceptions, energetic plasma shielding, holding, renewing and supporting as cellular regeneration and spiritual integration heightens. Unlimited fountains.

The other is a similar wound that has been carried in much the same way. I have experienced several invasive major surgical procedures on my spine. One was a result of an accident and crushed vertebra, one was not necessary and performed incorrectly, one was a repair of the second. Both the second and third major surgeries have resultant discord, a feeling of distrust in my own ability to make wise decisions which resonates as shame, confusion, guilt, a feeling of being pressured or “tricked” by an external “expert”, feelings of being violated while most vulnerable, weakness, self-loathing, distrust and embarrassment for “needing” to seek relief from pain and suffering, embarrassment that I did not know how to turn on my own healing algorithms or know of, trust or seek relief from other healing modalities. There is cellular level anger and rage regarding the feeling of being portioned off as if my body was a separate and nonfeeling material component incapable of holding memories.

I remove from all layers of my Being all fear, confusion, shame, guilt, separation and anxiety, the need to over protect, limit or abstain, all false beliefs and self-imposed limitations related to and resonating with distrust of the physical experience as unsafe or unable to bring pleasure, and all associating judgments. I forgive myself and all others involved with these energy blockages. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you, I love you, I love you.

I call on the Angelic unbound force of Creation to assist with the swift removal of these energy signatures as they are released from myself and across the Collective and request further assistance to remove and replace “fear”, “victim” and “confused” imprints with the abundant, ever present support of the Universe. May all hearts, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies be filled with an overflow and outpouring of love, health, wealth, joy, peace, play and inspiration. I ask that the Universe and Collective Body of healers and Divine Wayshowers send Light (of knowledge and understanding), Love (compassion, wisdom, strength) and Healing to all medical professionals as they are restored, redeemed and restructured to assist and hold the Highest cooperative Spirit in accord with the Highest Light of Divine Will for renewing the template of humanity as the physical expression of embodied Spiritual Beings.

We accept assistant and fortitude in swift clearing of any fragmented debris or toxins released related to this healing and anything that cannot be transmuted or made useful immediately removed from our realms and returned to the Central Sun or beyond for transmutation.

May the Blessings of living in harmony with Creation bring you Joy all the days of your life.

Music is great assistance with validating your emotional experience. Validate, release, infuse with the new new. You are loved beyond measure.


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