Integration and Ascension and Stuff

Holy Hannah have the last few weeks been one intense bunch of what the fuck. It is getting to the point and after having survived this latest round of what the fuck that every moment I have to dress my words in pretty and hold back this fire burning away what I ever thought life was about, gets harder and harder and harder. Until, and without fail, I finally have to laugh at just how plain dumb it all is. But there are still way too many who won’t get the joke and my inner healer just won’t let me laugh too loud for fear of hurting someone. One of those healer short-cuts I guess, don’t hurt em, you won’t have to heal em, more time for dishes, right? Sorry, bad joke but sarcasm is my favorite release. Before enlightenment, wash the dishes, after enlightenment wash everybody’s damn dishes. Say whaaaat!? 🙂 You heard me.

Since I am well-versed enough in the art of this here Spiritual Journey I’ve been on, let me offer some insights on how to get through some of this heavy integration being offered up. Number one it is coming from all sides, all directions and every which way but loose, but do hold on loosely, do, cause if you cling too tightly in this air, it’s going to hurt like a beeeeyitch.

Let’s start with the easy one (hahaha) and move on from there. The Masculine and the Feminine. Easy peasy right, we know what it means to be a man, what it means to be a woman (insert more laughter here). We know shit about shit. You want the truth with a side of TRUTH, there’s some truth. I cannot label these energies or aspects one or the other because it isn’t TWO, it’s FOUR. Yin and yang on your masculine aspect and yin and yang on your feminine. Both your “Feminine” and your “Masculine” aspects are able to create and deconstruct. Both, equally, if you’re up for the challenge.

Now check this. These four energies swirling around with various functions are supported by that big ol positive force of the Universe some of us call Grandfather Sky or Father God as well as the grounding influence of physicality, what some call Mother Earth, Gaia or Goddess. There is your well-rounded six dimensional being when these are working in harmony (rather like a V6 Chevy from back in the day and boy can those baby’s hum, am I right?)

Integrate. Understand what you are made of.

Moving on up… we have the integration with our past lives, our trips to Heaven, the Celestial Realms and knowledge, if you will. Some of us bypassed, didn’t know, couldn’t handle it, had too many wounds and moved on up anyways without fully integrating those wonderous 4. Maybe some of us came straight from that 7th heaven and forgot how important the integration with the physical vessel is, knowing how awesome the place we get to go back to is? Maybe some of us got a little head strong and got our asses kicked in January cause we were half-way through integrating all three levels of 8 when we realized it isn’t possible without a stable 4? Shit happens. Transmute, heal, take the lesson from the Elders. They are a tough bunch but none of us would be this far along without em. Remember we have 4 brains, essentially, and integrating, balancing and harmonizing that 4, makes 8 come a little easier. In other words, depending on what kind of work you are here to do and when or what you have been before, seven isn’t nearly as important, the Angels are getting so restless, they’ll pretty much do that one for you, if you would just take care of the stuff that you and only you can do. Ahem, physical vessel, Sovereign Being, remember? Your LightBody as it has been referred to, is nongendered. Utterly. So, fix your pieces and you’ll have a much easier pathway to weave this larger spiritual “body” into.

Integrate. Understand what you are made of.

And that brings me to my final point of consideration, if I haven’t lost you yet, integrating with those not hyper-focused on healing millions of years of human history. Boy, hasn’t this one been fun. I’m sitting here in the thickets with them. I love them. Do you hear me!? I fucking love them!!! We are one!!!! Right? “They’re asleep”. “They’re the problem”. “They’re the “normies”. Et cet era, et ce tera, et cetera. All I have to say is, what makes you so damn sure? They could be your elders, coulda been through this all before and are literally just here to support you, provide mirrors, give you a big, giant grounding stone so you don’t fly off to la la land with your pants around your ankles. They love you too, just for the record, don’t understand half of what we say, but that love is as real as the sound of water making you pee your pants when you’re riding in the car with no rest stop in sight. Be kind and maintain your common sense, so we don’t end up planting seeds of discord in a community Garden we all eat from.

As you work on integrating and healing what needs integrating and healing, please also, don’t lose your sense of humor, your sense of wonder, or your sense of awe. We are learning to bear the truly limitless Intelligence and fullness of Love that emanates from our Creator, from the Source of all Life and from US because THAT’S WHAT WE ARE MADE OF so we take small bites, digest, let our tummies settle, give a little love burp or two and go back for more until we realize THAT’S WHAT WE ARE MADE OF and we never hunger again …that one you can take to the bank.

Peace until next time Miss Sassy Pants decides to tackle integrating again. Hopefully it will be the Big Three we’re all waiting on pins and needles for: Humanity, Clarity and Courage. I love you. We love you.


{Side note: I am about two-thirds of the way through my advanced Reiki training. My teacher calls it Laser Reiki, it is a multi-dimensional healing modality, beyond the traditional Master level 3 (which I have completed), that can help tremendously with clearing house on the things that often hang us up (dogmas, trauma, DNA level “invisible” memory passed through your family line, spiritual contracts you didn’t know you signed, etc). It combines Shamanic and Cosmic know how with Reiki’s delivery. While I’m waiting for the official shingle, I am available for those who feel called on a donations/trade/barter basis. I get practice, you get relief without a $300 price tag 🙂 Please email me if interested ( Many blessings on your journey.}



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