A Note on Narcissism

A note on narcissism from the Angelic Realms

Mankind has been given the gift of self-reflection and awareness. This gift does not preclude nor is it allowed to circumvent all other gifts and attributes of the totality of the All.

Governance over one attribute, “the created self”, as seen individuated from the multitude, does not assume governance over any other “created self”, known or unknown. The All remains whether perceived and transformed as an individual embodied representation (understood through the faculties of the mind) or not.

Where you become confused in your individually perceived state as a “particular event” of time and space, does not and cannot negate all others. Those who wish, those on the path of KNOWING communion with the All, shall not be imprinted by those who seek to alter the Sovereign status of such and be made into, altered or limited to the box of another’s created state based on their desire for reflection in order to perceive as if through a mirror, their own individual state of insanity in which the All does not exist or the All is limited in definition because you have decided you want it to be that way.

In simpler terms, if someone believes in God, is on the path of harmony with the All as it were, and you attempt to alter another’s growing perception of the All (the growth of consciousness which enhances and enables one to be in harmony with all that is revealed and made accessible so that the Sovereign Being grows in ability, capable of directing, navigating or creating a life path that is in purposeful connection and peaceful relations of), your attempt to limit that Being into a mere reflection and mirror, to invalidate their experience for the sake of your own self-serving desire to substantiate your individuated and separated consciousness, is (in essence and intent) to seek to enslave and imprison them to what you have just proven through your own action and intent as illusory (if you are separate and perfectly so, why would you seek to use another or imprint and override their truth for yours to prove that your self-evident truth is universal truth?). This is where karma may intercede. Those who seek to make captive will themselves become captive. As it is written, so shall it be.

Narcissism is a beast of a burden. Resist the temptation to experience an “other” as less than, knowing -fully- through the obvious and extensive examples found in the natural world that we are part of something larger than one individuated view or opinion in time and space could possible perceive or conceive of. New species are still being “discovered” on THIS planet- new species that are observable to the limited human eye and mind!!! How can you call it anything other than narcissism to think that you know enough to make declarations about all that is unseen to the point you would take it upon yourself to tell another that what they are perceiving as guidance from THEIR inner Kingdom cannot be, because you yourself have not also perceived it? Take note of this while also digesting the fact that as each blade of grass is given it’s measure to grow and hold its’ place – sublimely – in the circle of life, it is neither more or less valued than the ants that crawl upon it for a better view or the birds who will use it’s decay to build a nest, a home for new life to grow.

If you gaze into the subconscious of another (or even your own) with the solitary quest to reap the reward of viewing yourself, you will miss the depths that exist under that surface reflection. These depths, which hold the Divine Countenance for humanity’s sake, could allow you to experience a more robust and expanding revelation of Life’s true abundance.  Engage instead, with Love, awe and wonder which are the seeds of joy.

This is an important consideration in an age where so many walk around with an electronic mirror in their pocket. Like any mirror, it can be useful in adjusting ourselves to a more pleasant image with which to engage others or cage us in self obsession making engaging and agreement stifled at best.



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