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I’ve been noticing a lot of tarot reading and spiritual or “ascension” guidance being promoted on Facebook lately. Youtube also has them crawling out of the woodwork, almost as if everyone is intuitive now (ahem, that’s the point of evolution right?) I like to share little nuggets of wisdom I come across, so it makes sense that the algorithms would send these sorts of things my way but it is really starting to be obnoxious. And what I see coming out of certain portions of the “ascension” community are down right exclusionary, pay to play kind of bullshit I thought an ascending being would rise above. (Guess they want another ride on the merry go round.) The promoting is done in poor taste, often includes straight up obvious things they imply they have unique access to or are the first to discover and without any review or credentialing, they’ve set up shop, cultural misappropriations be damned and started charging.

As someone who SEES souls and LIVES in many dimensions, let me tell you that a few of them ought not to be doing what they are doing. It almost seems as if the vultures have come to feast on our stunted spiritual maturity or confuse the visions of those who have been too long without sight beyond the veil. I just want to make sure everyone is aware of the differences because so many multi-dimensional beings are here to help and some of their voices and messages are being drowned out or syphoned. Fucking capitalism.

To understand what a “psychic” or “medium” is accessing, an investigation into quantum (multi-dimensional) entanglement would be wise. I hope that anyone who pays for the advice of someone other than a true sage, master, or enlightened angelic takes it with a tablespoon of salt. Being able to perceive moments or potentials for quantum events is a learned skill, but operates like any other sense. The psychic may be able to perceive these things, but if sufficient work on the soul has not occurred, you should not allow them to infer the connections between those quantum points or describe to you a story of how they fit together in your life and timeline, which should at all times be a product of your own free will creation (within reason).

One who has studied the wisdom teachings rigorously, been tested and advised by Beings more Ancient than our Sun, is a far better guide for advice regarding anything beyond the auric field. These tests ensure that their consciousness will have been far more expanded, thus providing greater sight, thus providing far greater points of potential quantum activity related to your frequency which allows for a much more sophisticated understanding of the choices you, as the sojourner, could take for the development of your own soul and consciousness.

What those psychics who are charging 10-300 dollars to show you, a well-written algorithm could just as easily predict (in other words, matrix-level shit) and 9 times out of 10, they will only be reflecting back to you what you are choosing to not consciously acknowledge. If any advice is given, it will be given through their perspective, their filter which includes all of their soul lessons, biases and beliefs. I promise you, very few of these beings have reached conscious enlightenment and far more than are aware of it, are communicating with entities that do not have YOUR best interest in mind.

Are there exceptions? Yes, of course. I am certainly not saying there is anything wrong with getting a psychic reading as long as you maintain your own discernment regarding whatever is being relayed. But it always brings me to ask the question, why do you feel compelled to pay for someone’s opinion when everyone and their grandma has one and loves to give it? Does it seem more valuable because they are charging for it? Take some free advice, you don’t have to pay to speed up your ascension, spiritual awakening or find your true love, you just need to ask and be still enough within to hear the answer.

I find that what most people want is validation. We want to know that we are unique, noticed and special and that desire does not end with physical affirmation. Trying to examine our own consciousness can get a little bit like the cat chasing the tail and in those times, feedback can go a long way (especially if these are things we don’t want to talk to friends or family about because chances are, we’ve already asked and decided we didn’t like their answer).

It’s a short-cut, in short, and that’s probably why there is so much controversy and strong opinions about it. Let me make a few more notes on some other points to consider. Significant characteristics about a loved one can be accessed directly from the energy matrix of the one being “read”, many significant memories are stored in the subtle astral bodies. Anyone with their third eye open can access this, technically. Flipping over tarot cards is often closer to creating a portal and inducing a quantum event than any other form of reading and you should be most wary of your choice of reader when it comes to this form of psychic transference. If they are a strong and thoroughly tested, intelligent and old soul, they are more than likely able to act as gatekeeper successfully without allowing transient entities to cross. Remote viewing, hypnosis and telepathy are other techniques that may be used and you’ll want to make sure both you and your reader are aware of the differences.

To reduce your risk of a bad reading, buyer’s remorse, or worse an expensive placebo effect that has you feeding the psychic’s ego and creating karmic attachments, you’ll want to ask a couple pointed questions (if you are not already very familiar with the “reader”). Have they had any experience of significance with psychedelics or plant teachers? Have they overcome any significant traumas or challenges in their life? You may also want to ask what their opinion is on something that you already hold a pretty strong opinion about. A consciously aware and genuine healer and helper is going to answer these questions with an authenticity that should be apparent. Look for authenticity, not any particular answer. These things will also serve to establish a few access points for them to tell you what you are expressing in your energy fields.

I would be remiss if I did not also say, when you understand your own wholeness, you will find no need for this sort of reflection. You will be centered in that nice little zero density cave o’ bliss within you, not hanging out in those tangential fields. No one can provide that for you, and usually if you are seeking spiritual advice, that is the thing you are really looking for, the proof of your own divinity, a neutral, unadulterated disposition. A guide may help support you and offer advice, but you still need to do the work. Anyone who tells you otherwise is being deceptive.

Maybe you’re just looking for some unbiased insight about your latest crush or feel like shaking your psyche up a bit, a psychic interaction could help with that. However, remember that during this time of transition (and potentially for a long, long time after this transition), anything related to future events is phenomenal, changing, transient and you can end up creating something you don’t really want because you took too close to heart, the words of someone who does not have to walk a mile in your shoes.

With that said, let me also say this, the Universe will provide direction if you seek it, by way of synchronicity, guides, and angels in human form. You should get in the habit of bringing gifts to the unadvertised shaman and elders in your life, deliver a hot meal and conversation to a homeless angel. More often than not, you will be getting wisdom that is priceless and because they know this, they would never charge you for it. They have likely forged their wisdom through trials and tribulations you should consider yourself blessed to avoid. For that blessing, thank the Universe by acknowledging them with a gift. It feels a lot better than a business transaction in my humble opinion and actively clears karma, pretty painlessly.





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