My First Article in the Street Sheet

Rise from the Mud


You can read it online at

As I walked down 6th street with a friend last night, a man approached us with a bundle of newspapers. “Donations. Donations. I’m taking donations,” he said as he displayed the paper. Immediately, I grabbed my wallet and extracted $2, the exact cost for one copy of the Street Sheet, and exchanged the money for this very exciting issue. Sam, the Editor, told me she ran my article, but I had no idea how it looked. Needless to say, I was eager to see how my first news publication turned out.

I flipped through page after page, scanning for my article, and when I found it, I laughed with unexpected joy. A whole page, the article took up a whole page! Then, the skipping began and the exclamations of joy. Quite a surprise. I wrote the article two weeks ago and rather…

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