Really? Meek Mill, Really?


That Meek Mill thing and people’s reactions to it…wow. The complete lack of humanity people still defend and think is totally normal IS NOT NORMAL, and still brings me to tears if I am honest. The fact that people can be so ignorant to the root causes of the deferential treatment given to some members of our society, celebrities for example, and instead join the bandwagon which perpetuates and supports this ignorant rhetoric without regard, is straight up dangerous.

In case you missed it, the rapper made a homeless man do push-ups to “earn” a twenty-dollar bill. This ex-criminal turned millionaire wasn’t going to give any of his own “hard-earned” money away for free. My initial reaction wasn’t outrage but despair. Another homeless man was treated like shit by someone in a better position, that goes with the territory, but the fact that so many people support Meek Mill’s actions and think it’s totally cool to kick someone when they’re down, is part of the frightening agenda you need to remain aware of.

Here’s a link to the video if it hasn’t been removed

And here’s an example of the mindset that inspired this blog today but know this theme was repeated everywhere the situation was discussed. “You can’t have anything for free and he chose to be homeless”.



How is it possible for millennials who grew up in the Information Age to remain this susceptible to propaganda? As soon as someone has money, their character and motives no longer need to be questioned? He just happened across a homeless man, it just happened to be filmed and posted, you don’t think there was any likelihood that it has to do with the obvious social media frenzy it would cause? Or could possibly have anything to do with promoting the agenda of the “mastahs” you keep calling us crazy for trying to undo?

Come on, kids. Do we really need another generation of self-entitled and delusional American Dream believers who treat others like shit because of propaganda like this aimed at keeping you distracted from the truth of the banking industry, the true state of our nation’s economic crisis, and the current agenda being promoted? You’d rather partake in a complete disregard of decades of research showing the results of multi-generational poverty and stress in favor of “success is totally possible if you just try hard enough and believe in yourself” die-hard zombie style? Really? And still?

Here’s a list of the things you ignored before you regurgitated the thought they formed for you and stated as your opinion, increasing the already obnoxious volume of hate spewing in our world.

  • Before you applaud him, consider the fact that If he really wanted the man to earn something, rather than simply degrade him, he could have offered him an actual job
  • Not being able to find work or an affordable place to live is not the same thing as being strong enough to do a push-up
  • Capitalism requires both a cheap labor pool and exploitation of class distinctions to be successful
  • You don’t get to be in Meek’s position unless someone buys you (I won’t out you, Mr. Meek but an 18-year-old black man gets probation for assaulting an officer while holding an illegal firearm and becomes a millionaire rapper just a few years later? Seems to fit the “conspiracy” a little too nicely, don’t you think?)
  • Stock investments in private prison corporations have been rising and both homeless and minority youth are easy targets (have you listened to his lyrics and what they are promoting? Looks like they get a two for one deal with Meek’s latest performance)
  • This is an example of a colonized mind and Meek almost deserves more sympathy than the homeless man
  • You assumed the homeless man would commit a crime if not offered the chance to do push-ups to receive his twenty bucks while ignoring the fact that the money was coming from an actual criminal without ever questioning why he has a platform but his victim does not


Shall we unpack this a little further for those who have not had their attention spans zapped and I’ve already lost because this wasn’t presented in a “10 words or less” meme? A couple hours of research could show you the moral argument against homeless people has been debunked repeatedly by actual statistics. It isn’t a choice to be unemployed and homeless if there are no economic opportunities or affordable housing available (which is an obvious truth once you get out of your own privileged-centric mind). Those who are not disabled are more likely to be working than not (the figures show the unemployment rate among homeless may only be 15% higher than the general population). Even given the inaccuracies of “point in time” counts (if you don’t know what that is then you definitely should not be commenting on what is good for homeless people), a rough estimate of given figures points to the fact that more than 40% of homeless people have jobs but are unable to afford the current rental market standards. If you understood how many working Americans are doubled up, couch surfing or otherwise hidden from homeless counts, that figure will rise dramatically and you’d realize how hateful you sound and must I add that many more may be willing and able to earn their money but lack the opportunity because they don’t have an address and are excluded based on the bias your dumb asses are promoting?

If you add in the figures which suggest about 50% of our citizens living unsheltered are also disabled, (though this number would be higher if we factored in the generally poor health and PTSD like symptoms that goes with the territory) it appears your moral argument stating that “people choose this lifestyle so they deserve what they get” should only be directed at 10-20% of our unhoused citizens. Yet this is the primary excuse used to continue ignoring the problem and subjecting the other 80-90%, (and here I’ll repeat it because I know this still isn’t sinking in: half of which are DISABLED and in need of actual HELP and the other half EMPLOYED but unable to AFFORD housing) to the daily torture of trying to survive and access resources in the face of stigma and dehumanization (which is fueling a rise in hate crimes which include homeless people being lit on fire while sleeping that still aren’t considered hate crimes because this whole rigged system is one giant hate crime and what’s the point in delineating anymore, right?)

And just for sake of clarity let me also include that the majority of people classified as disabled, have to be considered disabled at the time they fill out the HMIS which does not take into account the number of people over 40 who could be considered disabled due to something like autism because it wasn’t screened for en masse 30 years ago and this could play a huge role in one’s ability to navigate the social arena well enough to be employable or able to find and maintain suitable and stable housing.

So, with so many facts and figures available, why are people still confused and in fact applauding this shameful act? If you can stomach the sound of his auto-tuned voice, you’ll see Meek Mill isn’t spreading anything remotely enlightening, original or of such benefit to society at large that he should be granted the rewards of holding the ear and hearts of 11 million followers and fans. I have heard far greater talent (from some of my still homeless comrades, ironically) and so have you. And before you disagree with me, please remember he does not create or produce his own beats, which are hot but not a product of his talent. What else has he done for society that would warrant the pedestal he is placed on from which he is now free to kick others while they are down to cheers from ignorant sheep? He’s a “professional money getta” didn’t you know? And for way too many people, that is still considered something remarkable. Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

I’m not trying to play investigative journalist here, but there’s something else beyond the surface level cultural vomit to examine in the context of this story. A young black man gets in trouble with the law, (illegal firearm and assaulting an officer), yet he gets out with probation and a record deal which turns him into a millionaire just a few years later? While others remain locked up for far lesser crimes like marijuana? Speaking of marijuana, fast forward a few years after the record deal and he gets caught with 1000 grams of weed, that’s more than two pounds for those of you who don’t want to do the math. In other words a lot more weed than 15 people can smoke, but he only gets a couple of months despite being on probation at the time!? For the rest of us that would be considered intent to distribute and come with a much longer sentence, don’t ya think? The law doesn’t apply equally to everyone? That is a truth that every person who has lived unsheltered knows very, very well.

Yet you don’t question the motives behind this video aimed at the people who are least likely to be found watching CNN and Fox news and willingly throw your opinion of the homeless man in the ring? How does that sleight of hand work? This sleight of hand works because this same man who was released is now beholden to promoting an agenda in exchange for his freedom. The current agenda is setting us up big time because they are about to make a whole lot more people homeless and more impoverished than they already are so they need to throw out a few emotional cues to get us all in agreement.

It is the same old tired rhetoric I cannot believe you are still falling for, along the lines of “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” (except for our kids) and “you need to work for what you get” (so we have an excuse to keep everything but the crumbs). Here’s your clue, he filmed it and then sent it out to his 11 million impressionable fans as the propaganda masters requested. Hey, Mr. Meek, from every person fighting against this system that has done this to your soul, there are some things you just shouldn’t do. Like perpetuating the systemic bias and evil that happened to you.

For the record, it’s not cool to belittle, demean and degrade other humans. Ever. To do it because you are getting paid to…? I guess that’s what they invented the acronym smdh for. So for those of you who can see this agenda for what it is, here is what is really happening and why this immense hypocrisy was brought to your attention. The controllers are pushing for the chance to profit off of imprisoning American citizens. Lots of money to be made if they can keep them 90% full and who are the easiest targets? You guessed it, the disenfranchised. But in order to get you committed to making them wealthy in this evil way, they first have to mind fuck you with their propaganda. Their current aim is to vilify pot-smokers, protestors and apparently homeless folks you still believe are homeless because of their moral character instead of a system designed to keep them that way.

I know you’re caught Meek Mill and I will pray for you and all the people that glorify you while vilifying someone who didn’t sell their soul for a buck.

And for the sake of full disclosure, my initial reaction was this:

…oh, he made a choice to be homeless? or he made some bad choice somewhere in his life so he deserves to be degraded by someone who could have changed his situation entirely but instead dehumanized and disrespected the man, and you’re applauding this, supporting this … Really? You ignorant piece of hell raised from the dead? Really? Born into a society where every single thing you touch or experience comes with a price tag, the value of every life is equated to the wealth it can create for someone else, where education and access to resources is not even remotely fair, where the exact same choices can be made by someone who grows up in a wealthy family with no consequences? you privileged piece of self-righteous shit with no concept of your own unearned and completely fabricated freedom. Shut up until you Grow up. Your acceptance of this type of degradation and humiliation is nothing more than a reflection of something you have internalized …you have accepted your role as servant to an invisible master because it is easier than examining the truth of your complete lack of freedom as chattel to be exploited…so you get to “feel” free without every actually being free, and now you feel better because you witness someone else being punished for what you, yourself, blindly agree to and continue to perpetuate by your belief in social dominance, patriarchy and individualism. I suppose that’s easier, just keeping shooting from that mindless, emotional, ego trip OR….do some fucking research on the truth about our economy, growing up in poverty and the legacy of trauma, the effects of stress on childhood development, colonization and oppression before you open your stupid little mouth to promote a false narrative that would do you in just as quickly as the rest of us. “You can’t have anything for free” even though food literally grows out of the ground FREELY until someone comes along and puts a fucking price tag on it so they can claim it as their own….but ouch, thinking that hard prolly hurts your head, better find someone you can treat like shit really quick so you can disconnect your heart from your mind again and go back to that blissful ignorance you have been trained to call freedom.

12 Laws of Karma and Homelessness



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