Happy Birthday World

Happy Birthday World! You’ve shared in my blessings, my tests, my trials… for 42 years as of today. Each life is a page in this book made outta that tree that is LIFE. There are many blessings and many things we can stop and be thankful for. As a gift to me, on this day my family and friends join me in celebrating my birth, take the time today to acknowledge what you are grateful for.

I have had quite a life, a life times ten in these 42 years, I guess that makes me 420.  Yuck Yuck. It has been my goal to learn as much as I can about the human condition. I have explored more sub-cultures and ways of relating than I can count. We are all beautiful at the end of the day.  Each perception. Each journey. Each nugget of wisdom, good, bad and ugly leads us to a thicker book of knowledge from which we collectively grow and learn, and the foundation to create new agreements and the inspiration to support each other in them.

Because I’ve had such a very rich experience here on planet earth, I’d like to share my story in poetic form, prose, whatever you want to call it. Our lives are a work of art in progress and each and every one of us is a reflection of the whole. I am me because you are you. I would like you to understand in your heart of hearts, your own wisdom and purpose and the TRUTH that your life represents, that each life is an opportunity to express the metaphorical interpretation of the whole. Take what you need, explore what resonates and know that you are Divine and that the life force flowing through you is abundant and real and made of LOVE.
As the girl fell, she felt each bump, the bruise of no love

The jostle and rustle of branches beware
Just her Life flying more and more swiftly through air
No gentle hands or guide through the flame
Just a soul too big for this body
To cushion the pain

They’re still playing this game

Until she heard her name, my name
Sweet Melissa
The honey, the bee, the red rose, you see
My last name means The Fountain
I have drunk from that well we all seek
It is in me and I am in thee

Written in the winds and hidden by the safety of ether’s wings
Sent here to repair and erase the collected stings
Visions of pain, of neglect, of shame
See now… the body only suffers the same
Where a hole cries to be filled
Where a soul grows uneven because of it’s lack or lack of will
The greatest weakness is always….the back. Until you learn to sit still

So there she has landed, quite with a thud
And shattered the vertebrae
Opposite her lung
She rolled to a stop, that falling girl
She opened her eyes
A brand new world

Until her hole was discovered
When she’d lost track of it’s care
And it lay now exposed and uncovered, yet rare
And the spirits whispered gently, Just grin, just bear

But She felt only pain
And she felt it in total and too much and everywhere
the fire you pass through to become and be aware

And the world bled through
It pussed and drained and seeped
From her wound, from her lack of you
And she lost pieces that day
Not just her bones but pieces of her precious spirit also removed
Each corporeal fragment
Left a cycle now to become and renew
In it’s place, a new soul she grew
Out of phase, but true
To fill in the spots that her life force poured through

Her body adjusted to the new weight in it’s care
And as time ticked on
Her heart would also repair
The strings that tie
The binding, the glue
For the ten thousand years of me, me, me and not you
And the girl simply limping along
Tossed to and fro and fro and to
That big old spirit of hers still buffered but blue

Until the longing for home
For a truth that was true
Came knocking her soul into you…yes, even you
For while stretching to reach her heavenly home
Heaven reached down and brought with it the Throne
So the girl now dances, now walks the Red Road
For the purpose of life has been found
in the way that is Hope

The future, the past, they do not exist
We are flesh and blood incarnate
Add a little water and mix
Understand that love is the balm
For a heartache to be fixed
And balance restored is the ultimate gift

Being a work in progress is a truly humbling road
Not one easily travelled, not for the weak of soul
But if ….within that reflection
you can keep your wit
A life filled with laughter
enjoins even edges that seem not to fit

And my playlist for when I’m down. God speaks through music, He speaks through laughter and love and dreams and inspiration and the compassion found only in one another’s eyes and outstretched hands. May you find that peace and that source of strength…if it is to be called by any name, let that name be Grace.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkEsJwhDzFg – Secret Heart

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CE8nJjogJZc – Fighter Girl

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UlRIbpYTwk – Titanium

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0imaSCnSuA – Take me to Church

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkL9F7ifJ9M – GloryUs

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R21EU8SKUM0 – All of Me

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoxlaRMuxr8 – The Dog Days are OVER



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