Evil, Thy Name is Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is not your friend.

It amazes me how little people understand the real enemy in our midst.  Countless ambitions fall away and dreamers become lost because they are too confused by the machine that is bureaucracy.  They sit back and wonder before giving all the way up and returning to the land of zombies how it is possible for the desire to change, the prayers for change, the seeking with all their might for goodness to reign are met with a whole bunch of people willing but unable to put a dent in this disastrous matrix.  This matrix which is holding us in its clutches without mercy.

In order to make sense of anything political, revolutionary, scientific or philosophical, you must understand how these things play out in the “real world” and by “real world” I mean the matrix you are actually beholden to.  I am not speaking about the metaphorically accurate movie about self-aware machines feeding off your life force but the written rules that are governed by gatekeepers you may never meet and which is designed to exist with a role to be filled by anything or anyone: robot, algorithm, or soulless zombies, it doesn’t matter.  That is the nature of bureaucracy and that is the true nature of the matrix we have all fallen victim to.

Most people don’t even know this beast that actually governs everything, describes in minute detail what you are allowed to do as the precious minutes of your life tick away.  It is why who enforces policies is equally as important as those we elect to make them.  The elected officials are only a small part of this equation.  It is the people on the front lines enforcing these policies without question that have sold their soul to uphold this matrix and these are the ones we should be most concerned about because their numbers are far greater.

Here is a short definition of bureaucracy with its significant elements defined as well:

  1. a body of nonelective government officials b :  an administrative policy-making group
  2.  government characterized by specialization of functions, adherence to fixed rules, and a hierarchy of authority
  3. a system of administration marked by officialismred tape, and proliferation

Definition of officialism

  1. lack of flexibility and initiative combined with excessive adherence to regulations in the behavior of usually government officials

Definition of red tape

  1. official routine or procedure marked by excessive complexity which results in delay or inaction

Definition of proliferate (intransitive verb)

  1. to grow by rapid production of new parts, cells, buds, or offspring
  2. to increase in number as if by proliferating :  multiply

Definition of hierarchy

  1.  a ruling body of organized into orders or ranks each subordinate to the one above it; especially :  the bishops of a province or nation b :  church government by a hierarchy
  2. a body of persons in authority
  3. the classification of a group of people according to ability or to economic, social, or professional standing; also :  the group so classified


Red tape, hierarchy, excessive adherence to regulations….these are the enemy we should be focusing on.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • we allow the poor to go hungry (it is illegal to feed the poor or panhandle without a permit in most places or get food stamps without an ID, or in some states until you meet residency requirements),
  • the rich get richer (if you miss paying your bills for a couple months in a row even if the reason was justifiable (like your spouse died or you were in a car accident), good luck getting a loan or an apt or a car with bureaucratically damaged credit which is not designed to take even the worst situation and justifiable excuse into consideration),
  • you don’t get enough time with your friends and family or in nature (you are required to adhere to a pre-determined work schedule that usually includes 40 hours a week minimum so that you may access the basic essentials for sustaining life and exceptions to this rule are very hard to find),
  • you don’t see more people able to pull themselves out of poverty (if you miss a bureaucratically enforced appointment with your social worker you can be immediately cut off from the safety net of food stamps, SSI or daycare assistance),
  • you continue to see institutional oppression exist (minorities can be legally rejected for entrance into higher education, loans, or jobs for not having the bureaucratically approved level of credit, education (that was never available in the first place) or entry level training that is available to the bureaucratically supported population),
  • why it is illegal to use nature to heal yourself, collect rain water, prepare for disaster (through local ordinances regarding land use and mineral rights, marijuana, hemp, ayahuasca production and use, seed patents etc),
  • why we see veterans without adequate healthcare and housing (some estimates put the number of homeless veteran at about 100,000 and most of them are disabled)
  • why we see zero or less than adequate funding for community programs (our local youth and family community organization received zero funding for it’s outreach program specifically designed to improve the lives of at-risk homeless children)
  • we do not see inspiration and messages from the ether come through some other entity besides the illuminati (you must have a permit to sell anything including art, you must pay taxes and track as a business owner anything you earn but to get the funds to produce at a competitive level, you must first have the economic resources to market your product and the business knowledge to follow all of the laws governing small or independent businesses which are usually not the forte of the artist’s mind),
  • we see millions immorally incarcerated (if no one is willing to give you food and you have zero economic resources, bureaucracy expects you to go hungry even if it means your death and if your inherent drive to eat to maintain your life requires you to steal food or panhandle or sell something without a permit where it is illegal to do so (almost everywhere), welcome to the jail, fine, repeat until prison and society has an excuse for killing you because you’re just a criminal system)
  • we see children leave their childhood and creative drive behind by second grade (parents are left with the option of molding their children into the expectations of social order or face punishment up to and including losing their child to the system rather than allowing the truth of who and what they are inclined towards to be the defining motivation).

So how do we get out of this endless mess?  Is Spirituality the answer?  Revolution?  A new president?  The first step is to address the elephant in the room.  We are trapped by this matrix and either we need to decide that anarchy is preferred or we need to go through every layer of this bit by bit and get rid of everything we have allowed to replace human connection, communication, compassion and loving-kindness.

Are there any good examples of bureaucracy?   No.  There simply is not.  There will always be exceptions to every rule we could come up with.  Humans must actively govern themselves because only humans are capable of processing moral decisions on a case by case basis or by consensus.  We can have rules and guidelines and we can have people who make sure that others are not allowed to harm the innocent but when these objectives are limited by inflexible and inhumane agreements that leave no room for individual circumstance, we have taken the fool’s way out.

So, here is a good place to start, educate yourself.  Do a little research on the policies and administrative personnel who are running your local bureaucracy.  Try to speak one on one to an elected official and make note of how many unelected employees or forms stand between you and that individual.  Make a list of how many ways bureaucracy impacts your day to day life.  What steps would you need to take to open a homeless shelter in your neighborhood or a “soup kitchen” or an afternoon art group for children?  Try to figure out what steps one would need to take if they had an invention or new idea such as a salt water filtration system or hemp powered car or a group interested in local organic farming to feed their community.  Get familiar with the mostly invisible realm of the multitude of laws and people governing our lives without our informed consent or ability to change these rules swiftly and SHARE YOUR FINDINGS.  Get an eye for ethics and ponder the difference between rules, laws, agreements and morality.

I see a lot of people who are excited about the potential for switching to an ecologically balanced and compassionate and inclusive society running head first into the brick wall of bureaucracy.  We need to change this and we need to begin the discussion on how to go about doing that post haste.  I could give you countless examples of how and when bureaucracy has put me on the brink of death but I’m guessing you may have a few of your own.  Ever have your electricity, phone, or water shut off in the middle of the winter because someone didn’t receive your check or the bank did not put it through on the right day and because it’s Sunday you’re shit out of luck?  Ever had a parking ticket for being two minutes late to replenish the meter?  Ever been denied an apartment or a job because you made a mistake 10 years ago?  Ever thought about living off the grid and found that it is against the law in your county?

These little things may not seem that devastating and you may even find some silver linings in regulation, but the problem comes down to the cost and the quantity.  The cost includes significantly reduced or impossible to achieve community, personal interaction and access to the information and people required to make change.  The quantity is being set up at this moment to include every last morsel of free will and choice you have: religion, speech, whom you love, how you travel, dress, educate your children, make medical decisions, etc. are all under fire with this new hierarchy.

Plain and simple, bureaucracy allows for favoritism and disparities in equality.  It allows for the legalization of genocide.  It is at the heart of oppression and the primary cause people have become unable to discern what is moral or true and right.  Please educate yourself and others on this so that we can begin to make lasting changes for the next generation.  Changes that will make it impossible for men such as Kelcy Warren, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe and Donald Trump (just to name a few) to set a course for their own children (or their preferred subtype of people) to prosper while the rest of us suffer.  It is immoral to allow this to continue unchecked and it is going to take a lot more than growing organic food or buying locally to change this paradigm when we are staring in the face of Hitler 2.0.

Where are our entrepreneurs, innovators, creative geniuses?  Stuck behind red tape at the hands of officialism which is proliferating as we speak.



2 thoughts on “Evil, Thy Name is Bureaucracy

  1. My question is, why do so many of us adhere to the system in place? When you can’t even talk face-to-face to someone who supposedly represents your voice (don’t even get me started on the concept of representatives) isn’t that a huge sign that no one besides you yourself has the right to your voice? Shouldn’t it be a hopeful sign that in the US fewer people are turning out to play a role in the governmental game of elections? I believe the spirit will always be the place to reside to experience true freedom. I thank God that there will always be people saying yes to their spirit, and act accordingly, no matter what bureaucratic laws they may be breaking. God sees. I have peace in knowing that, and whether you live to remind others of the spirit, or you are bound to layers upon layers of officialism, we all have to answer to God in due time. I really enjoy your articles and your passion for righting the injustices of the world. Thank you.

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  2. I ask myself that question all the time. I’m quite a few months off of flouride and it certainly is helping with the clarity. I remember being younger and simply not knowing any better. There was one line of thought, we watched tv, we listened to the story told to us and we trusted. I was born in ’74 so the access to information and other people’s opinions was a lot more limited. Today, we have the ability to spread the actual truth, work together to form new agreements and allow those guided by the Spirit to bring a wise mind to our decisions. We absolutely do all answer to God and to our soul, to each other, and to our children.
    A few years back my oldest son and one of his close friends broke down in tears because they did not want to “start the revolution”. 2 people that very rarely cried, sobbing in my living room. It was at that moment I realized my generation was failing and we had work to do in order to not leave an irrepairable mess for our children and grandchildren. I’ve been dedicated to cleaning this mess up with the little insight I have since then.

    Divine intervention is here, the Holy Spirit of God is guiding our actions and hearts and walking in our midst. There is great peace in that knowledge, peace and strength.
    I wholeheartedly appreciate the feedback and thank you for being here ❤

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