Next Steps

Good Morning World!  Have you been processing your emotions?  Finding your way to the silver lining?  There is always a positive spin when you get out of your own way.  When you stop feeding the attachment to a particular outcome and connect with that Higher Intelligence.

We have a tendency to see something and make a decision, forgetting the momentum and quantity of real-time information that is available.  This, then becomes a decision based on an emotional response.  It comes from that amygdala in the back of your head, fight or flight, the urge to react without thought.  Calm yourself so you can use the wonder that is your pre-frontal cortex for making adequate decisions that will lead to greater good for all.

So, here is my pre-frontal cortex’s view on the situation.  Smart people, listen up, you have work to do.  Given the information we have, it should be clear what route we need to take to continue building a coalition for the betterment of humanity and the children who will be adults in 10 years.  Think of them as you make your decisions and move through your life.  Once you get really good at that, start thinking bigger, those children’s children, and so on.  But let me not help you get ahead of yourself.

So, we have a new guy as spokesperson for the American people.  I believe the world is aware that he does not speak for all of us.  What they may not realize is that we are fully equipped to do what needs to be done anyways.  We are adaptable creatures and while this is sometimes a very bad thing, it can also be a strength in times of chaos.  The way to look at this thing logically, is to assess our strengths and weaknesses and the potentials they bring with them, some people need to take the lead on utilizing the positives and some people need to take the lead on hampering or lessening the potential impact of the negatives.

What we have in Mr. Trump is a business man.  This presents an opportunity for bringing our economy back to a functioning level.  The other one would have crashed it en total in less than a year and we were not prepared for that level of armageddon.  His outlook and focus is money and a preference for good deals.  Let us use our collective will to encourage him to get the money and resources flowing a little more freely again so the smart people can start funding the many projects that have been on hold due to our reliance on this economic game the so-called elite have been playing with people’s lives.

He believes in ownership of land and resources, promoting a family legacy, relations that benefit the competition side of fiscal dealings and how to use opportunity, yes, even emotional lability, to the benefit of reaching his goals.  These are the facts.  We don’t have to argue over them or use our precious time to change them, we need to see and take advantages where they present themselves.  Focus on changing how you react, not the thing you are reacting to.

What can we extract from this?  Competition, land dealings, importance of networking and keeping a cool head.  If these are his focus, find the way to use these markers for the benefit of many because that is where the most obvious energy is going to be.  Things are going to get a lot more tough for the disenfranchised.  I don’t see him having the ability to appreciate the effects of poverty or what needs to happen to overcome it.  He has a genetic take on this side of things and this is a very important point to be prepared for.  Most people are not struggling in poverty because of genetic reasons but rather circumstances and reactions to trauma and stress.  Reduce the exposure to stress, heal the effects of trauma, and when you provide adequate resources, you will see most people can indeed pull themselves out of poverty.

We have not yet built a reliable infrastructure that takes all of this into account to reduce the dire consequences of wealth inequality.  The disenfranchised are given less tools and more judgmental and demeaning shit and told if they are genetically equipped they will rise to the surface.  The fact that some still do should not be our signal that this is a fantastic way to weed out bad genetics.  But this will be his stance so come prepared.

He has spread a lot of rhetoric that seems very immature and hate-filled but I would argue that it is wise to take into account that he is an opportunist and reflecting the voices and minds of a multitude who think and act this way.  Apparently, this is how you have to lead dumb people.  I’m not giving him kudos here, I am just recognizing the reality that if people were not drawn to that rhetoric in the first place, it wouldn’t have worked so well.

What many people are failing to realize is why these people have embraced that rhetoric. I believe the answer lies in how severely out of the information loop we have allowed them to remain.  There are new ways to understand and embrace our global connections but these people have not been kept up to date on the things that many of us take for granted as common knowledge.  Hate is taught.  In order for it to be taught, there needs to be an absence of competing information, otherwise the heart and spirit take over and hate cannot take root.  It is our responsibility to get these people back in the loop.  But take heed here, just as you do not teach a first grader geometry without first teaching them numbers, you do not go up to these people with “throw your Bible away and everything you’ve ever learned is a lie, go back and start all over”.  It won’t work, you’ll get walls thrown up in your face quicker than a flea jumps on a warm neck.  If they believe there is a door, simply saying nope, you’re wrong, no door there, what kind of egotistical stance do you think they will take based on your egotistical stance?  They’ll say how the hell do you know, maybe you’re just too dumb to see the door.  What works much better is to say “oh yea, I’ve seen that door before, you have to turn the handle just so or it gets stuck, have you tried looking at it this way…..?”

Some of us are a little more patient and tolerant and able to see the actual spirit of a person rather than the result of their circumstances and education.  When transition and transformation is offered with grace, it is much more easily accepted.  Encourage and support these helpers rather than questioning the methods and language required to engage.

Poor people are going to have less to work with so the impetus on sharing and caring is imperative.  This is a man who enjoys competition so utilize that energy to compete for resources that do not simply serve yourself but can then be put to work in community gardens, community art programs, training and education for the disenfranchised and models for sustainable living and ecologically sound technology.

Understand where the root of racism and sexism are coming from and dig that root up.  When a person is insulated from people who think, look and act differently from them, that little amygdala, that basal reptilian brain part is more often in charge, a guard dog barking because that is what it is trained to do.  So, think outside of the box here, if this is the root cause, exposure and cognizant relationships with the “dreaded other” will reduce the effects of this phenomena, allowing some of the wise old owl that resides in our pre-frontal cortex to come in and make new pathways in light of new information.  Bring the rainbow coalition to their doorsteps instead of assuming they are unteachable and vile.

We can do this.  Be kind.  Be prepared.  And most importantly, have no fear.  If he wants to play king of the dumb people, let him, but pay attention, these are still people.  Our job is to reduce ignorance and facilitate the flow of resources to those with open hearts willing to love, teach and work for the common good of all, just like it was last week.

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One thought on “Next Steps

  1. Well articulated and some good points! The ‘Keep Calm,’ advice is appropriate as hysteria and mindless action is detrimental to the overall goal. I concur – citizens need to be prepared and alert and use their brains, rather than their emotions.

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