Educational Malpractice – The Child Manufacturing Process

I am currently in the process of switching to a homeschool format for my son. Surprisingly, the principal of his school is in full agreement that it is necessary at this time. We have been through a lot of trauma, he and I, and as tough as it has been for me to recover from it, he is struggling even moreso. The normal mode of “punishment” or “consequences” such as a reduction in privileges, rights or rewards do not have the same impact and can be highly counterproductive in a child that has already experienced losing everything even when he didn’t do anything wrong. Children who have been homeless, need an entirely different approach to education. I sincerely hope that as a society, we come to terms with the effects of trauma on child development and act accordingly.

Creative by Nature

“Asking kids to meet target on standardized tests is like making them meet a sales quota. Our kids are not commodities.” ~K.L. Nielsen


In many nations around the world there is a struggle currently going on between two very different paradigms for educating children. The dominant system has been in place for over a hundred years. It is sometimes called the “factory model.” This is where schools are set up to administer “essential knowledge” to large batches of same-age children simultaneously. After instruction has been completed the children are tested, to see how much of the knowledge they were able to understand and remember.

This system is based on the way factories and scientific experiments were designed at the beginning of the last century. While on the surface this approach seems to be about transmitting “knowledge” to children there is also an unspoken “hidden curriculum” being taught. As John Taylor Gatto

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