A Note On Fasting, the Anti-Distraction Ultra-tool

There are so many distractions afoot that many people aren’t as interested in spiritual development at the moment, many haven’t made it past moral development.  Sigh.  For those whose thirst cannot be so easily quenched, keep your eyes on the need for no prize and enjoy this little slice from my spiritually inclined life where my biggest distraction is wishing my fellow humans weren’t so easily distracted.  I jest but here goes.

My son told me once that he was from Pluto.  It was a year or more ago and since then he has forgotten that he said it.  One of the many places my imagination went involved a highly evocative and memorable book called “Ender’s Game”.  So basically the little movie I shot in my head after he said this was about his planet being destroyed as a result of something he was aware of being played out right now on planet Earth and him needing to find me to fix it, it was an altered and devastating “timeline” that crossed my mind.  In the cataclysm, our souls were separated and went back to the last place we knew each other, where we all know each other from really …it just so happened to be Earth, circa Revelation Day.

Since we were able to reconnect, through a series of timeline duct taping, his planet returned to status of planet and a little piece of his soul is as an egg there, frozen, that will eventually hatch again one day when the planet pulls out of its ice age.  I could have just dismissed it as not true and never thought another thing about it, but I have quite an imagination and I was able to see a set of circumstances that could make his statement true.  The mental task is to reserve judgment.  This is a task I had to learn to master and going without material comforts made it a much more solid tool within me.

This imagination has served me well but it has also made it a little difficult to communicate with others.  You see, I have a thousand and one such movies in my head, all coded nice and neat to encapsulate every single bit of information I’ve ever had access to.  Try to imagine how much data that is.  If you understand how creativity works…imagine this as well, each one of those movies and each component of them, down to the minutest detail can also be colored with an emotion, a changeable energetic signature depending on how I feel about it.   Communicating via emotion is the artist’s forte and because of this, we have a way to relay messages of highly complex thought patterns without language.

I have created my own algorithms and they are ever expanding while still remaining relevant enough to break down just about anything into a metaphorical language that is easier to translate.  Emotion is the key I use to explain this wonderful landscape that is my mind.  Imagination is the door I am usually on the other side of.  Memories are more than an event; they are also an event yet unexperienced.  The processing capacity of the human brain is limitless, I want you to really be able to live that.  The more connections we can make from the most obscure places, the more creative potential we have.

And this is the point at which spiritual people often get a little sidetracked or, dare I say, frenzied even.  So this is also the point at which fasting can be a great benefit to one’s soul.  Unlocking the metaphysical creative potential, especially, requires a user with a bit of self-discipline.  To expand your awareness and sensitivities for discerning minute detail requires the ability to control emotional reactions to your environmental stimuli.  The more you are aware of, both physically and metaphysically, the more goes into your accessible memory.  So fasting should not be something you reserve solely for food or water, but something you get a little, well, creative with.  See how profoundly you can fine tune your senses with a few exercises.   I prefer to use the word fasting in this way, not limiting it to eating and drinking, because we really need to start remembering that fasting isn’t so much about suffering, but utilizing the spirit to gain a little foothold on physical drives and thereby build up our discernment muscles.  It should go without saying that this is best done in complete privacy, your gift to yourself.

This is also highly recommended for anyone who has been exposed to or is trying to understand the ideologies of the “dark side” that promote engaging in carnal desires.  Let me say this in plain language because it is about that time where our timelines part ways.  There is a lot of talk and murmurings about secret societies, devil worshipers, and the like.  The root idea that some of these people carry is that they are offering a service to humanity by way of illuminating what really drives mankind and offering choice.  There is quite a bit more to it than that, but I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve repeated countless times to others, the devil is dead.  There is no Satan as a personhood.  What you are seeing being represented as some fierce energy to be reckoned with is largely smoke and mirrors, it is the product of some twisted thinking from a very small group of people.

This type of deception doesn’t generally work on true believers or awakened souls, and I don’t mean religious people, I mean people who have come face to face with their own shadow in the mirror and have found a way to make peace with themselves which thereby allows an experiential and substantiated belief in goodness to be their driving force.  A memory of goodness winning, a little placemarker for the soul’s conductivity, if you will.  Just because a third eye is open does not mean the person is going to be using that perspective for good, remember that.  Those who use their sight for good have done a little more soul work generally speaking and therefore take up more space in the etheric realms.  I believe the individuals who continue to perpetuate the satan myth, quite often, do have their third eye open, but obstructed and unfortunately have also oftentimes reconnected with a “non-self” that is a little jealous of humans, or the reflection of divinity held by them.

These human vessels, however, are still self-aware and know their own motives include perpetuating a lie and that they engage in this behavior because they feel a sense of power by having people fear them.  What are they afraid of that causes them to act out that emotional state repeatedly?  Where does the desire for power come from? Do they enjoy the little adrenaline rush of tempting God to appear in our physical reality and have somehow missed the understanding and teachings regarding karma?  Word to the wise?  Pursue evolution not reincarnation.  Technically speaking, whether you believe it or not, the Christ completed the reincarnation obstacle for all of us.  It is not a trip we ever have to take again.  Reincarnation implies a repeating, evolving does not.  Do you understand the difference?  The reason not to do shitty and immoral things is because they are shitty and amoral.  That’s it.  No other reason needed.  We are a social species, so we need to set some boundaries every now and again,  you hear what I’m saying?  Try to resist the urge to act our your personal morality lessons on others because collectively we’ve already made some pretty stellar agreements that make for peaceful relations and worshiping the idea of a dead beast is no longer relevant.  Understanding the nature of “evil” is a stage of moral development, not a spiritual sentence, get some perspective please and this will make sense.

It is said that fear is a necessary emotion for survival but it is tied into the same circuitry as memories and can cause a lot of damage to our system when not balanced by positive emotions.  So let me offer you some resistance to these types of fear based programming.  Understand what “Jesus” meant when He said, this kind can only come out by prayer and fasting.  The boy he was referring to was having epileptic seizure.  From the epilepsy.com website I found this definition of epilepsy.  [I present this here to help you understand how to discern handy and applicable spiritual teachings from a book that has also been unfortunately mistaught by morally and therefore spiritually, underdeveloped minds.  There have been very general but highly popularized teachings on Biblical principles that are usually in the form of keeping one’s soul alive without much attention paid regarding will, intent and spiritual growth which actually evolves a soul and body, but it’s in there.]

“The human brain is the source of human epilepsy. Although the symptoms of a seizure may affect any part of the body, the electrical events that produce the symptoms occur in the brain. The location of that event, how it spreads and how much of the brain is affected, and how long it lasts all have profound effects. These factors determine the character of a seizure and its impact on the individual. Esssentially, anything the brain can do, it can do in the form of a seizure.”

What this tells me and what I have experienced myself, is that fasting and prayer actually facilitate the rewiring of your stress reactions.  In addition to allowing for some spiritual observations to be heightened.  If you fast from music for a week, what will you hear and what emotions will you feel, what craving will reside in your heart?  If you fasted from sleep, or sex, or sitting, talking, changing your clothes every day, can you see how these different things will create a different reaction in you?  Maybe even accentuate different chakras?  What part of you resists the urge to engage these activities while fasting and instead rides the wave of that reaction with awareness?  What if you fasted from expressing your opinion for a whole month?  What kind of changes would have to occur internally in order for you to accomplish that?

Meditation is a form of fasting, we just don’t usually recognize it as such.  For twenty minutes, twice a day, fast from your own thinking.  Just notice your breath, without opinions or the filtered attention we’re used to engaging in without even realizing it.  The strength you get from recognizing your own self-control is pretty essential to being a fully conscious and mature citizen of planet Earth and it is a developmental stage they don’t talk about with great clarity in our educational systems.  What aspects of self are to be controlled is a put upon and assumed agreement and our little ones are berated when they can’t practice it 40 hours a week, we cage and kill other humans for lack of it, but no tools are generally offered for the training in it.  So people just get trapped there in that moral development stage and it’s time we get a few more people showing up to the grown up party.

The spiritual side of this also includes allowing your spirit, the currents of your electromagnetic force field which is also connected to your soul, your Divinity, to fill in, realign and harmonize the brain circuitry.  It is a good skill to master.  Your spirit should spread from your soul to engulf your body, this is your own ether.  When you use your spirit in this way, it allows you tremendous potential for healing and creating or changing your physical reality.

Take the time to understand the fullness of your beauty, the intricate creation that you are, unparalleled, one of a kind.  Humans are by and far much more ravishing than what you are being exposed to and thereby believing that you are a reflection of.  If you are willing to truly observe, question and experiment with your own authentic state, you will see.  And once you see, you will create that truth in the world around you with other people who see as well.  Understand that a person who cannot see, does not have very many avenues available to them for inspiration.  So think outside the box and allow the world to share in inspiration from your mature voice that is seeing more than meets the eye.  It helps more than you know.

There are no demons in my world.  There are only souls learning to master their emotions.  Ask for help if you get stuck.  I hear Jesus is pretty forgiving. 🙂






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