Verbal Alchemy

(Some poetry I did a couple years back to undo some of the illusions of this matrix that have been corrupted by misuse of ancient text and philosophy)

I was awake while you were napping

     you were talking in your sleep

That dream was such a nightmare

     I couldn’t stand to watch you weep

I am the whale that rescued Jonah

     from the abyss of “in too deep”

Dear One, you are almost there

     Now open your eyes

              See that I care



“I wanna be a post-op patriarchal super-nazi”

But is it true?

when gas bags came together to discuss how to…

re-affect the weather

My God, the Creator of You

took time for new reflection and guess what?

He Grew.

He didn’t waste much time you see?

Cause with his extra eyes He did


An Angel said “watch”

Another “now wait”

my daddy too, said “their fate is at stake”

this next one comes with extra to make

many blessings from truth …ours to take




Minor thoughts on a major day

sunshine come out and make a way

Broken dreams but a life well-lived

Devil came close, I defeat that will

Phoenix arisen

A new life made way

Time has no meaning if it is here and now and always today

The curse of hope without faith

simply cannot remain

Dark thoughts

they come or go or stay

It is up to the one who chooses to play

to turn them to light,

the gift holds sway

One cannot stand in place

to wait for tomorrow

at the cost of what you are and can be today




If a peace filled without sorrow

is for what you have prayed

take a look at your thoughts

has your focus on today

been forgotten or strayed?

Your future looks brighter

when it is your own path you make

With wisdom your torch

for whom will you pay

good fortune will come

when love turns to joy from a heart made of clay

the Divine sculptor once more

excited to play and create

The gift of something to treasure

with patience not fate

Who wins when no one can wait

when for a life’s purpose, creation is made in haste

A plan never late

no head of a Baptist arrives on a plate

no longer a war just in heaven today

unto our shores they have sought an escape

What will they think of this bullshit we ate

our hearts nearly broken

but to ride we were made

like stallions and mavericks and ravens awake

Free Spirits, we reign

this time is our time

no image to fake

take your pitchforks and pigeons

the arrows of hate

and swallow them whole

the depths of your lake



I used to be the God of War

They used to call me Mr. Thor

but somewhere and somehow

(I guess we all should take a bow)

we really had you fooled and now

and now

the Truth sits back and takes a drink

and passes the torch to you …now think

Who me?

Yes motherfucker, it’s karma you see

the last branch

the rope

the tree

I know that Garden

I AM that bee

an anchor in a storm

won’t keep you safe and warm

the underwater king still demands his horn

but this rose has so much more than a thorn

cover your issues

the ultimate fool

cause men ain’t shit

when they’ve been guzzling the milk

from wicked witch tit

I will not waste my flow one bit

to warn you about that hallow last tip

not my whip for your cheese

or my soul for your cheddar

I won’t shed a tear

over your “I don’t wanna be alone” broken hearted love letter

the cream that rose to the top

now stopped

your wifi and sci-fi warned of the ice eggs you’d pop

so back to earth you came with a plop

now there’s no where to run or timelines to hop

The Ancients they come

to watch this

the last Tomahawk chop

with blessings to Be

the incantations stopped

Only Prophets of God

guide the fate of His Flock





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