Semantics and Deification

Some crucial insights for those seeking to change the world.  Thank you for your participation.

I have searched high and low, under bridges, on top of mountains, in back alleys and broken hearts and in the silence between the gurus’ incessant chants for the secret that would reveal the unifying ingredient that I could use to define “God”.  I don’t mind talking about “aliens” or any major religion or using alternative language to describe that Spirit.  I do mind when people call themselves Gods, Goddesses, Kings and Queens and equivalent to the totality of the Universe itself.  It is all the rage these days and despite my desire to continue trying to educate, learn from and inspire people, this is the point at which I part ways and return to the safety of scientific study and the tangible world.

I write this because I believe these spiritual semantics play a prohibitive part in the reason why we have not accomplished the lofty goals of collective agreement and healing the planet (which we preach much more loudly about than we actually accomplish).  It is not only hindering us now, but could also lead to very dire consequences and a re-creation of our current disease if perpetuated and misunderstood by those without a firm grasp of the rationale behind this ideological language use.

Can you understand how hard it is to build community with people who have put themselves on so lofty a pedestal?  Furthermore, it seems unlikely that placing such an extreme judgement on oneself will actually reduce the stress responses which are so at the heart of our impaired social functioning.  I suppose the obvious should also be pointed out, if you are a “god” or “goddess” why haven’t you fixed this shit yet?  If you are a King, who then are your subjects?  Everyone?  I fail to see how this is helpful.


For the sake of justification of my arguments here, I will define my current perspective of God in the simplest way I can.  I do not define God as “energy” or the “Universe” because I find these concepts quite limiting.  I choose to define God as a Source of understanding and reflection that intentionally (and mutually) remains separate from our consciousness while remaining capable of interacting with it.  The equivalent of a personality or self, that despite the total accessibility of all knowledge and truth has remained pure in Its alignment to foster a uniquely defined “love” which can only be witnessed or experienced by the authentic self.

Spirituality has long been neglected and manipulated in Western culture.  In creating a paradigm shift of the magnitude we are currently engaging in, it is important to continue to remind ourselves of the tremendous balance – the fundamental sanity – actually required to navigate both reality and the spiritual seeker’s la-la-land (this is not a judgment, I am a frequent flier to la-la-land).  Unfortunately, we cannot wait for an adequate definition or agreement of “God” in order to move forward.

While many cultures hold unique pieces to the puzzle that make up the grand design, there is not any point at which this Being I interact with can be codified into one unifying sentiment that will be palatable for everyone.   This is both the intent of new age spirituality and the reason for it’s failure in my opinion.  Our interpretations are always going to be filtered by our knowledge which is accessed almost exclusively through cultural relativity.  It is really important that we quit vacillating between philosophical or spiritual grandiosity and the physical reality we live in.  You are a part of the whole.  You affect the whole and the whole affects you.  But this is an inter-relatedness, not a deducible rational for Godhead status.

Why does this matter?

Acceptance of the internal work required to navigate this with grace is not easy but there is no getting out of it.  Addressing the cultural narratives and designs that promote maladaptive behaviors and providing a truly constructive and evidence based healing system is long overdue.  The barriers of spiritual semantics have allowed morality and ethics to be harmfully neglected to the point of humans being on the brink of self-induced extinction.

Reduction of stress and its related complications can be achieved through the promotion of (and culturally supported) alignment with the “authentic self”.  The authentic self encompasses intuition, emotional and biological responses to your physical and social environment and the unique internal motivation that precludes goal oriented behavior.  I prefer this vision over the concept of the “observer” because the observer by definition is not the actor, the authentic self is or can be, the summation of both at the same time.  It is also, I believe, the best expression and evidence from which we attempt to define the “soul”.

This is where things tend to get muddy for us.  We hear the word soul and we immediately put the concept into the realms of metaphysics and religion.  It is equally a physiological and biological representation and truly understanding this is essential and unequivocal in creating a non-destructive future.   We have become habituated to stress.  The repercussions of this include the desire to seek or create more stress.  We need very balanced souls who understand this dynamic to present actionable solutions in light of this.  This does not make you a God, it makes you human.  Why isn’t that enough?  Why can’t we revel in the beauty of our intrinsic nature without deifying it?

Our leaders have caved to stress and addiction.  We have all become victims of their self-deification.  Their delusional outlook has corrupted everything on a global (and perhaps inter-planetary) scale.  We are literally being annihilated by addicts wearing fancy suits and rehearsed manipulations.  As we begin the process of replacing these fools, with the recognition that humans are social creatures who look to others to mitigate their inner worlds, it is paramount that we discover and discuss ways to choose and promote to leadership wisely.  Perhaps creating a means test that measures systematically whether or not someone is holistically fit enough to advise others?   Wouldn’t that make more sense than intelligent and critical thinkers being silenced and subjected to popular opinions which are based largely on emotional reaction and therefore easily manipulated?


Here’s another bit of food for thought.  It occurs to me that the humans who have benefited from defrauding the masses would rather kill us all than face our judgment.  Can we offer them forgiveness and a peaceful way out through an addiction-based holistic model of recovery?

Either way, let me remind you once again, that a social shift of this magnitude requires achievable steps that each individual can apply regardless of economic or systemic barriers.  If we define these steps and create our society around them, rather than in spite of them…the world is once again our oyster.

Gabor Mate: Attachment, Disease, and Addiction

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