Collective Vision – An Update

The Alchemy of Consciousness

What is in a word?  What is in a sentence?  Is the key to understanding our place in the Universe as simple as uncovering how language impacts our reality?  I believe it is.  Creating a conscious global culture requires an examination of both the root of our suffering and the cure: a comprehensive attention to communication and language choices.

I truly believe we are at a place now in our collective evolution that we have enough science (the study and documenting of patterns) and spiritual wisdom (how to attain peace through conscious awareness) to begin replacing the old paradigms and truly change our physical reality to reflect the natural order and harmony that we are capable of experiencing within.

In terms of changing the current destructive course humanity is headed in, let’s start by assessing our skills sets and putting to use our unique perceptual knowledge base.  Once you understand the inter-relatedness of language to our experience, in order to apply linguistic alchemy to collective consciousness, we must accept that this is a combined effort and focus on the end goal, the collective vision.  An agreed upon vision allows for the delineation of the many steps required to achieve each goal and markers to track progress.

Here is what I see being repeated as a collective vision:

  1. Making concrete and immediate changes in policy and procedures so that decisions and actions that impact our planet and thereby all life on it now and in the future (decisions of a global nature), are in accord with the knowledge we already possess regarding climate change, pollution and the destructive and toxic result of mining natural resources.  [Going forward these decisions should be weighed with a larger collective voice with specific attention being paid to the indigenous and First Nations communities who have a longer history and -DNA level intelligence- of how to live in harmony with nature than the people who are currently dictating this course and others who may attempt to in the future.]
  2. Adequate distribution of population and/or resources for the fullest accessibility of life sustaining resources.  Immediate redress of exploitative actions impacting health and ecology.
  3. Conscientious reasoning and application of informed consent and agreement: Free access to information through open communication channels, opportunity for discussion through translation and education, the means and standards to apply new information more swiftly without personal or privileged agendas.
  4. Pursuit of peaceful relations while maintaining the relevance and protection of cultural authenticity, sovereignty and agency.
  5. Renewed commitment to spiritual investigation and discourse that takes all of the above into consideration.


To excel at applying these principles to our current environment, we must attend to the causes of disharmony.  I received a very valuable gift the other day, an eye-opening education.  I made a new Facebook friend and this friend gave me the following:

“We are addicted to the pharmacy of the mind”.

This statement has implications for every level of human life.  Here is a primer because I think it will help going forward and actualizing our collective vision.  Feel free to skip to the end if it gets a little heavy.

Think of consciousness as the place where we integrate the sensory information from our spirit, mind and body with previously “known” or experienced information.  There is infinitely more to it than that, but I am simplifying for sake of clarity.  The experience of “emotion” is largely a result of a chemical release.  In other words, in response to (or reaction to) a stimuli.  In this regard our mind can be seen as the doctor writing the script and our brain the biological pharmacist.  This is vital information we should be paying attention to.  We are sensing our planet’s distress and the suffering in humanity but are we unified in goal directed behavior to solve it?  Or are we merely seeking to resolve the immediate and personally felt discomfort of these symptoms?

New information or evidence is filtered through our beliefs, which are a construct of our thoughts and knowledge (memory) of past experience and assumed future outcomes or patterns.  This information directs behavior based on future potentials we have assumed to be “logical” based on our current level of awareness.   What we pay attention to is largely driven by a desire for that certain chemical release which floods us with a sensation, an emotional experience.  We see this as an individual phenomenon when it is actually experienced universally thanks to the development of consciousness.

Language is a stage of species level development which allows us to work as a cohesive unit.  It is not a necessary element for communication, however, and this should not be underestimated.  Those chemical reactions are a two-way street with language as a large and mitigating force.  There are other forms of communication.  A rudimentary observation of our natural world indicates this to be true.

The experience of the chemical reaction creates a time-stamped “pathway” in our neural network.  To detach from this source of information allows the body to experience what the spirit observes.  To learn to bypass the mind, to experience the unknown without judgement, creates infinite potentials and collapses our definition of space and time.  With compassion, “enlightened souls” seek to relay this information and wisdom so that a physical experience of the indefinable form can be used to create something out of nothing.  Essentially.

Utilizing what we have gleaned from esoteric observation allows us to see how frequency and vibration interact with intention.  It is the root of understanding multi-dimensional physics.  We are consciously aware of energy but that does not mean that consciousness is energy.  Consciousness is part of the formless void in my opinion but I am not trying to write a dissertation today.

Meditation seeks to reduce the impact that language and belief narratives have on our biological and chemical reactions (because they so profoundly dictate what we attend to).  By seeking gratification -or attachment- we limit our ability to observe the etheric realms where these things do not exist.  This truly holds the key to creating a peaceful existence but it is a critical development that is still in progress and simply beyond the vast majority at this point.  We use language to impart our reflections but the truth of our knowledge can best be observed through behavior, both action and inaction.  This is wisdom.

The cure can be found in the definition of the problem.  Always.  If language is used as an expression of our conscious awareness, the degree to which spirit/mind/body have been integrated shows us where to examine the changes necessary to create a more fulfilling physical reality.  To meditate on the void, the experience of nothingness, allows a deep appreciation and foundation from which to create “something” from this “nothing”.  In order to influence sound and light we must keenly observe the absence of such.


The thing we must comprehend is that we are engaged and active participants in each other’s biofeedback loop in addition to maintaining a biofeedback loop with planetary and universal energy and our own internal and physical homeostasis.   Language has no alchemy beyond what we apply to it.  We understand the alchemy of light, we do not fully understand the alchemy of sound interacting with light as a tool of creation birthed from consciousness.  The nature of energetic frequency requires mathematical appreciation of this balance.  In the meantime, let’s work with what we are working with.

Remove your emotion from the situation and things begin to make a lot more sense, this can be achieved through meditation.   At the same time, our emotional triggers point us in the direction where our skills are best placed to create this new harmony, this can be achieved through self-awareness.

You don’t have to change the world by yourself.  You do have to take the steps necessary to achieve harmony in your own physically entwined consciousness by maintaining spirit/mind/body integration.  When you do so, you are able to help others with integration or “ascension” by providing a healthy reflection and biofeedback loop that is reliable.   This is the first step and I believe we have enough people doing this to move to the next step responsibly.

We will have to direct some people by way of “alchemic communication” who are not integrating or self aware enough of their conscious experience.  If you wish to seek an absence of violence in our collective vision, you cannot use it in forming or discussing solutions.  If you wish to seek an absence of hatred and greed in our emotional experience, you cannot engage in promoting the chemical reactions that regulate and perpetuate it.  Continue to promote inspiration and motivation related to unity, peace and the experience of love and the continued revelation of ecstatic joy.

Those who have done the first step should pick one of the 5 visions and bring the full application of your skill set to the table and begin focusing your energy there.  For example, if you are working as an accountant for a law firm but you are passionate about climate change, put your skill set in service to a company focused on solutions to this end.  Encourage others to do the same.

Those of us on the Unity Team will continue to provide feedback and swift integration of decisions/plans, revealed truths and alignment at the outer levels of consciousness.  I’m not here to tell you how to run an organic farm or implement Tesla’s research, I’m here to motivate, inspire and encourage you regarding the importance of doing so and the infinite ability you have to accomplish it.

Some links to relevant information below.  Happy paradigm shifting!!








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