Is Free Will a Deception?

Free will has been the subject of eons of philosophical debate.  It is time to tackle the illusion of individual free will in a co-created and experienced reality.

We are currently experiencing a reality where an unconscious and therefore unexamined agreement has been made to accept suffering as a condition that must remain.  My question is why have we made this agreement?  What is at the root of it?   What exactly have we agreed to and most relevantly, why?

We have a decent understanding of the force of our beliefs and how they impact our worldview, our perceptions, but what about how the beliefs of others impact our actual physical world, freedoms and thereby our perception and worldview?  More distinctly, how do we ponder making change in our personal life when the degree of change we are allowed to make is contingent upon the agreement of others?  Or by laws and social norms we -ethically- cannot agree to?

So here is where the illusion comes in, the illusion of separation, the illusion that our thoughts and actions are solely our own, our life a unique creation we are the only ones responsible for.  We are a fundamentally social species.  The only way to experience a peaceful life on planet earth (in the now) is by coming to terms with this and making agreements on how we live cooperatively to reduce suffering in the world.  As long as one person’s desire for comfort is allowed more consideration and importance, we experience imbalance.  We are not meant to be ruled, we are meant to consciously form agreements from a mature and aware soul-driven understanding.  Not with rigidity and punitive legality but an openness to change and the freedom to form new agreements as new information is added or revealed.

Maybe it isn’t an agreement at all but the result of coercion due to the input of corrupted and deceptive conclusions and information.  Is this not the role of the sorcerer, really?  The goal of the trickster?  The result of the cleverness of that infamous snake?

How devastating it is to view our reality from this perspective.  That our reality is the result of being conned.  As someone who has sought to understand the mind of God, I struggle with this knowledge and the observations I have made that suggest this to be the truth of our reality.  The information seems so plain and clear to me, I hesitate to encourage you to investigate what is at the root of so much mass deception but I believe the steps necessary to remedy it, require this.

Haven’t all of our spiritual teachings and scientific inquiry already taught us this?  Why have we not put these findings into practice in our shared reality?  It starts with a misunderstanding of a basic premise provided by Creationist theory and theological assumptions that God created us with free will.  This ideological misstep has separated faith from science and thereby the spirit from physical reality.  It is at the heart of continued suffering but in that knowledge we also find our cure.

To perpetuate the myth of free will would allow some to benefit while others suffer and claim this is natural.  There has been a devious plan allowed to fester that presupposes certain individuals have used their “free will” to allow massive benefits and if another chooses not to, there is no one to blame but the one who sought not to use their free will for their own comfort and benefit.  This is such a fallacious and corrupt way of looking at our world it can only lead to the demise of our social nature and by that destruction, our place in the natural world and the evolutionary advantages that would come from the removal of this disharmony.

Since so much of this myth is perpetuated by religious dogma, I went back and re-read the creation story and then spent a good amount of time meditating on what I read.  My conclusion is that what the Bible states is that God created us and placed us in a garden with one choice and provided the information regarding the consequences of that choice.  We have inadvertently assumed that having a choice means we have free will.  This illogical belief becomes more apparent when we investigate our natural world for examples of this because the God I know always provides ample examples to reinforce a lesson or impart an important teaching.

When we examine the laws of physics and the natural order of our Universe, we see it is an intricately complex and interwoven dynamic that we are an intimate and indivisible part of.  Though we may influence our reality by our actions, we cannot use our will to declare it does not exist. In fact I have not found proof for this type of free will in any religious text or observation of the natural world except by humans who are simply declaring it to be such.

So are we dealing with “free will with conditions” or is the notion of free will itself at the heart of our confusion?  I am inclined to believe that free will itself was never actually on the table.  Perhaps coming to terms with this will allow us to see our true connection and invariable interdependence with each other, our environment and our future.

Rather than believing our individual free will and motivation to create is what perpetuates this reality we live in, a more rational belief would be that our reality and creative process within it, are the result of agreements made in light of known consequences.

How this plays out in our current state of affairs is that many have been fooled by the perpetuation of this lie, this myth that we have a sovereign and inherent right connected to free will that states we may pursue our own happiness without regard to consequences.  Free will is deemed to be Divinely bestowed on us and irrevocable.  It is -fundamentally- this belief, this lie that has allowed a handful of families to continue pursuing their own comfort and security by convincing us all that we could do the same, but we have chosen not to.  It places the blame on the victims of their insanity and disempowers the average person from the internal consequences of agreeing to this insanity.  It is deception.  It is a coerced agreement that their lie is the truth.

How did they do that?  How do they continually convince 7 billion people to agree to this?  What a slight of hand, the work of a magician, as I see it.  They held up a shiny object and created a culture that supports the lie they tell about the benefits of having that shiny object and employed a military force to defend it.  This is the definition of idolatry my friends:  they circumvent the actual life giving resources with another object that literally has no way to offer us life except to use it to ask them (the hoarders and self-delegated resource controllers) to take it back in exchange for the actual life giving resources.  How foolhardy when you actually understand this.  They have expanded the lie to such a degree that it has psychologically replaced the pursuit of food, water, love and health for our community with the irrational pursuit of paper and promises.  Individual power to be wielded over others is portrayed as the ultimate end goal rather than curiosity, exploration, joy and cooperation.  You now see die-hard Christians literally following the Biblical definition of the father of all lies.  Man, I would love to see those lost souls brought back to the True Light.

Our natural and instinctual motivation and desire to thrive has been redirected to pursue not connection, universal compassion and harmony but money.  Please understand that this is their illusion, a necessary illusion because they have rejected God, the truth of their own soul and the balance and protection of the natural world as the source of life and quite simply, they are not willing to accept the consequences of their choice.  By agreeing to this, we agree to accept their consequences for them.  Can we please stop doing this.

Spirit is the source of life for a soul.  The natural world is filled with both this and the source of nourishment for the body that surrounds that soul and it does provide our needs.  Not money.  If we need to come to agreements on how to mitigate our desires versus our needs, we need to first understand our essential nature.  A baby instinctually searches for nourishment from the breast.  A plant instinctually reaches for the sun.  Would you actually give one shit about Kim Kardashian’s new $30,000 purse if left to your own devices and allowed pursuit of your own intrinsic passions?

So what are the solutions or where should we be pursuing further investigation to relieve us of this insanity?  Do we create some equally powerful magician to undo their slight of hand?   Can we expose this illusion fast enough to break the chains it has on people?  How much longer do those of us aware of this monstrosity continue to watch the chaos at work?

In Real Life

The root of the correction comes with compassion and love. It must also come in the form of undoing the deception and the destruction that it has caused.  By freeing up and redistributing resources while simultaneously reducing self-serving constructs, we can begin building something new.  In fact many people are already doing this, we just need it done and supported on a much larger scale.

I’ve had a dream for a very long time of running a wellness center, a place for relief from the existential depression that can overwhelm a profoundly deep thinker, the kind of thinkers that humanity should be supporting but who are most often shunned.  Most of my choices in employment and education have been with the idea that someday I would have saved enough money and done enough research to accomplish this goal.

The problem I run up against, again and again, is the need to market this idea to the illusion matrix so I can get some of the resources to accomplish it.  I don’t want this illusion matrix to exist so I have a really hard time interacting within it.  That I have to put the costume on and dress the idea up in shiny advertising severely violates my personal ethics.  A mystery school for critical thinkers is not likely to be funded by the very source I am hoping to abolish with it.

The only return I can offer potential investors is the relief of suffering in a person they don’t even know who may never return the favor to them directly.   It is pretty much the same reason we have such difficulty funding resources for people experiencing homelessness or disability.  I know that I am not alone in my frustration or quest for solid answers and viable alternative solutions.  A reduction in the acceptance of competitive based advancement is in order until people start remembering the source of discernment within them.

Perhaps the magician can come in the simple form of a renewed agreement and commitment to each other, to the commitment to use our resources and skills to relieve the potential for suffering in the future life of the grandchild …of the stranger …we will never meet.

Below is a link to a Tedx talk about free will that may help shed some light on the subject for you.

Please feel free and encouraged to comment, question or advise below!  Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on this.



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