Ascension – What is it even good for?

Is it truly possible for this new future to take hold in the now?  Ascension…  What is it good for?   Do the people who are “ascending” actually understand the purpose of this process?  Do they fully understand the root of ego and how it’s imbalance is playing out?   Can we utilize this spiritual revolution and truly learn to walk in harmony with each other and our planet?  Can we learn to look for and create ways to promote active, purposeful and thereby redemptive, love?

 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. 11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Love is something we all think we understand.  If we actually understood it, I don’t think the world would be in the mess it’s in.  I’m going to focus on America in this article, because this is what I know.  We live in a country that was colonized.  This land we walk around on belongs to someone else.  In fact the whole history and reality of these colonized people and their culture has been altered and lied about.  Although the truth of these lies have been exposed, the response is still “oh, well”.  That act of willful and intentional ignorance is a service-to-self mentality, a stumbling block that has turned into a wall.  It not only makes it harder to foster environments of love, it disconnects the spirit from the self, that’s really the only way a person can walk around believing a lie is the truth.

That our agriculture, infrastructure and industry was established on the backs and lives of immigrants and slaves of another culture who still suffer as they walk among us also makes it hard to facilitate a culture of love while the same refrain echoes, “oh, well”.  Over a million people without shelter in this wealthy nation?  “Oh, well.”  Childhood poverty and hunger rates of a third world country?  “The problem is just too big to face.”  But it is not too big to face.  That is the whole point of spirituality.  You do not have to be religious to understand that faith in goodness, love, joy and peace are worth fighting for.  When you get to the bottom of love, the testing point so to speak, you are bound to come face to face with some ugly truths and messy situations.  It is in those moments and how you choose to react that the foundation of your own soul takes root.

We must accept this truth if we are to truly experience love as the fountain from which our new creation flows.  If you have your eyes on an ascended master prize, it is not enough to seek truth, we must also apply logic to the consequences that come with how long we have been willfully ignoring the truth (because pretending to believe the lie served our own comfort).  To continue to ignore the truth and facts because it requires a change in our behavior makes maturity nearly impossible, spiritually or mentally, so how the hell would ascension be possible?  I’d rather see 200 posts from people bragging about their kindness than just one more about someone selling their cure, the strategic marketing of their snake oil to profit during this crisis…I mean, come oonnnn people.

I asked my son what kind of world he would like to see when he grows up.  His answers all revolved around compassion.  Compassion is the fruit of a heart that knows love.  One example of that compassion was “Donald Trump has to be removed from the planet, put him in a space ship or something, but he has to go.”  Which is funny on so many levels, but I won’t digress.  His other comments had to do with sharing and of course, ending homelessness.  This, I see, is really at the heart of our problem.  We have a whole bunch of “grown-up” looking people with both guns and unlimited resources who are actually very naughty children who do not want to share.  We have succumbed to the bullies.  How can this be?

The moral of the story: when just one of us is not free, none of us are.  That is the only desired outcome of a bully.  Complete control.  When we allow the suffering of one, it invites suffering to ourselves.  There is no escape once your eyes are open to this.  When you are facing a bully, what is at stake is your ability to love so tread wisely.  A concerted effort is needed to surround that bully and speak love to them until we are all clear whether or not that bully is insane.  A human, not insane, is created to love.  Speak enough love on a soul and it grows, just like a plant grows in the sun.  Where a soul does not grow with truth and love you are not staring at a reflection -another intelligence- but a black hole.

As children know, when dealing with bullies, you have the opportunity to seek the aid of an older person to come to your rescue.  You can go “tell” a bigger, wiser “authority” who the bully will have to listen to.  The questions repeatedly debated by us grown-ups today, forgetting our childlike trust in goodness, are fear-based.  What do we do when there is no grown-up around or no authority out there to deal with this bully?  As if we are children we worry what will happen if we tell the grown-up and the grown-up doesn’t do anything?  What if the grown-up is out back smoking weed and doesn’t give a shit about our problem because they just got a new iphone and they’re watching a re-make of Godzilla on their break and don’t actually care about children?

As children of a new collective consciousness, understand that your whole history is also filled with many reminders that there are indeed elders who understand how to deal with the bully we now face.  Nature itself provides countless examples.  Wisdom suggests that during this time, with the truth of the bully staring everyone in the face whether they choose to see it or not, we are to protect one another from the bully and remember an authority is coming to our aid.

Comforting each other and ministering to the most vulnerable is not a religious but human occupation, it is our time to come together as a unit to free ourselves and grow collectively- we can go back to arguing the fine points of teleological ethics after we have finished what fate has started.   This is what ascension is good for.

Can I also add that prudence suggests you don’t let that authority catch you in the act of harming even that nasty old bully or ignoring the victims of that bully just for a chance at one more ride down the slide?  This is not meant to be complicated.  It is simply a matter of doing good where you are and staying focused in your quest for truth and justice.  In times like these, pray for the gift of discernment or learn to cultivate it within yourself.  It makes everything else we have to face a lot easier.

So ascension sounds grand because the idea is to get people reconnecting to their internal moral compass at the very least.  In America’s consumer culture, this is a pivotal undertaking for sure.  I think the idea of Oneness and Unity is awesome.  I think the intent of the ascension focus to engage those separated in mind from their spirit, is worthy.  However, much of the vernacular can be misleading.  Spirituality is not about lip service.  It is not enough to say “love and light” if you are not also a living example of these precepts.  Spirituality is also not a quest for super human powers, it is a natural byproduct of what every spiritual teacher has shown us to be our true state when we live in harmony and balance.

I am choosing the path of true understanding.  Still.  I will continue to read and study the masters who have come before.  I will examine my own shortcomings and purposefully ask for correction and increased understanding.  I will search for a peaceful and fulfilling answer to how I may honestly and deeply love those who are harmful in their ignorance.  I will examine how to choose love when it may mean I need to ignore the distance one who claims self-righteousness still has to travel.  I will continuously seek ways to stop the continued desecration of sacred ways and innocent people without bending to the rage it makes me feel that human evil was allowed this much time to hurt us and that it is by our own choosing.  I will continue to expose the consequences of worshiping money.

The way we heal and make sure that we set a firm course that will prevent the amount of mass genocide and ecological damage we are currently facing is by tending to the consequences of our failure to have done this all along.  We die or we make it right.  The planet will not kill itself.

I am at the stage in my own spiritual awakening where I cannot willfully ignore the war on spirituality – I see the corruption and misrepresentation of spiritual teachings, I see the destruction of indigenous cultures that have been warning of this all along, I see the use of legal maneuvers and outright bullying of free-thinkers and outcasts and the acceptance and promotion of self-righteous judgement.  I also see that the main reason these things are not redressed is due to a hidden worship of money, service to self and fear based reactions, in other words an imbalanced ego.

To know yourself, to begin to heal the spiritual sickness infesting this planet, ask yourself what you love.  Be honest about what you love and search for the truth about why you love it.  Ask yourself what moments in your life are timeless examples of the experience of love and how to create more of those experiences for everyone.  Giving love feels just as good as getting it, that is the paradox that is love.  It is an entity unto itself.

This is your path to enlightenment.  It begins with the quest for love, it ends with the redemption of Truth.    The time is now.  Be authentic.  Be vulnerable.  This is not a task we can leave for our children.  It is a task set before each one of us who are mature enough to see the bully for what it is.

Here are a couple documentaries that may provide further insight.  Please feel free to leave comments or questions below.

THRIVE: What on earth will it take

Russell Means: Welcome to the Reservation






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