Do You Understand what DO BETTER means?

Something to think about

This is going to be another of those “on the edge” articles.  I focus a lot of my writing towards those who are not yet awake to the reality around them but this one is from a higher level of understanding, some feedback or “channeling” if you will, from the “invisible” realms.

We all seem to be at different stages of evolution here and unfortunately, the state of things does not allow for normal development at this time.  They are hitting the EMF bullshit with more frequency.  The attempts at raising consciousness via frequency and vibration to heal this planet’s inhabitants needs to be returned to the elders, you newbies truly are not equipped for this level of intervention.

There are too many people suffering for those of us with access to realms that are confusing and hard to understand for conscious youngens, to not break through your dreamstates and tell you what’s up.  I have pondered if this is an infraction of your free will development but I’m going to leave that up to your higher selves to mitigate.  One person’s free will is not more valuable than the next, conscious or not, and the people who are suffering deserve precedence.

I’ve been saying for awhile now that homelessness is our ground zero here in America.  It is a big red flag on our collective consciousness regarding how well we have been able to apply the lessons of many ascended masters.  Compassion is the key here.  Do you not want to live in a world where compassion is the norm?  Are you enjoying the fruits of the slave matrix while more than half the planet is starving and facing violent ends?  Why?  Have you asked yourself what truly makes you deserving of that freedom?  Have you contemplated the fact that you might just be a useful tool to continue this charade?

If you have been awakened to the illusion around us and wanted to eject yourself from the matrix in this day and age, without monetary support you’d end up homeless or at the very least a financial drain on your friends and family.  In the early stages of awakening with no support around you, you may even end up trying to maintain sanity and separation from the illusion by utilizing conscience-escaping substances, a last ditch effort to maintain the illusion of self.

Looking at the addiction and homeless issue from the perspective of spiritual warfare and the consciousness illusion, allows us to see past the narrative that says these people are moral failures.  There is no excuse.  This is not a game.  What end is there to understand and study morality while we allow the most vulnerable among us to continue to suffer? These beings must be relieved and refreshed post haste because many of them have been wide awake and carry the knowledge you are seeking of what a bullshit game this is (being played under our watch).

I understand there are “plants” and “agents” among them perpetuating the illusion that these are bad people we ought to avoid like lepers but you don’t get the luxury of allowing angels, shamans and first wavers to continue to live as spiritual war refugees, rejected by the very people they agreed to come here and help while you try to figure out how to discern the difference.  I cannot tell you how many angels in human form I have seen living on the streets, homeless and abandoned.

For the sake of argument, imagine that you are an angel in human form.  Try to look at the illusion matrix from this perspective.  Imagine being from angelic realms (not subject to the rules of DNA activation) inhabiting a plain old human body places some limits on you so you don’t fuck up the natural evolution of the human souls you’re supposed to be here helping (while looking like every other human but being an advanced creation, a type of soul that you guys are not ready to understand).  Such a restriction would also apply to monetary energetic manipulations obviously.  Do you get that?  If all of the angels had unlimited access to funds do you think there would be a homeless problem or starvation given the limited understanding you have of Divinity?  NO.  But would you learn how to thoroughly incorporate respect for life, compassion and duality without the experience of giving from your heart – not to mention what this knowledge does for lightbody activation?  There is a reason it is not just solved for you but rather through you, is my point.

If you are a lightworker or seeker of Christ-consciousness, enlightenment and truth, it is imperative that you question the stories you have been told about others and ACT ON THAT NEW KNOWLEDGE.  There is no greater task at this moment than to change the money paradigm.  I am really getting sick and tired of witnessing supposedly awake people get super excited about aliens, new and advanced technologies, and higher levels of consciousness think that their job is to go wake other people up.  That is not your job.  That is the first wavers job.  There is plenty of information available to the seeker and when they are ready, they will be guided to it.  You are in a physical body to do a physical job (which is not to sit back and stare at the bright light in the sky by the way).

If you have just woken up in the last ten years, the last 5 years especially, you are supposed to be replacing the matrix.  Literally, boots on the ground helping the people and beings down here that have been activated since day one establish a new system of social cohesion.  In your search for implementing the high energy on this planet as a means to ascension, I have to question your motives.  There are many of us that have been able to see beyond the matrix without a need for your energy manipulations.  Why are we not equally honored and protected?  Where is the physical and spiritual support?  Why are you shouting at the top of your consciousness stream “abundance now~!”

This is 4D thinking: me, me, me.  Here’s a heads up in case you are unable to connect the dots….the 4th world was destroyed, that is why you are here and not there.  I’m sitting back watching you claim abundance through the same means that the destructive forces on this planet are.  Get over yourselves.  You think this shit stops at level 15?  You’re going to end up getting ejected.  If you don’t actually want to grasp duality, enjoy the absence of freewill because that is the message you are sending out into the universe.  Doing that while conscious is a form of contract with a whole shit ton of asshole energies just waiting with a pen.


I’m going to state this as plain and simple as I can: you have ten earth days to activate abundance in the lives of the first wavers or face replacement.  We have been on the ground doing the work for you second and third wavers and we have been cut off from our supplies.  If you could suspend your own activities for long enough to redirect that energy ….that would be great.  We are kinda stuck until you do unless we call on even more advanced beings who will mess up everything you’ve been working on cause that is how their energy works – you do know that much don’t you?  I want this paradigm ended immediately.  So it will be.  I understand intention and I see the deception has only continued.  This is the Kingdom talking now, all games and plans and relays can be immediately revoked you understand.  There is no Higher Authority.  End of transmission.




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