The Physics Behind Spiritual Warfare

Beyond psyops and brainwashing, chemical warfare and a massive altering of the truth, exists the realms of spiritual warfare, where the seat of evolution and humanity’s future are the focus, our planet and the vehicles our souls use, up for grabs.

I usually don’t like to discuss the spiritual side of things because I don’t want to alienate anyone.  More specifically, because we don’t yet have a great language to describe this stuff – in order to tell you what I see – I have to use words that may end up confusing some people.  I have to work with what I’m working with here so bear with me anyways.

This is the truth from my perspective which I have honed over the course of my lifetime and studied relentlessly.  I like to consider myself one of those mystics that are trying to give some hints to the physicists of the world.  To that end, I encourage you to use this article as the basis for a thought experiment, test your own hypothesis with the understanding that although I am limited with the words used to describe these events, these terms and ideas will one day be defined in physics and a new “manual” for conscious living will come forth that is not relegated to a culturally specific understanding, but a universal and tested evaluation that leads us to an agreed upon definition.  Only then will we be charting our course with the farthest galaxies in mind.

Unfortunately physicists and scientists in general have been loathe to study our natural world from the premise of Intelligent Design.  I’m going to use the words of spiritualists, more specifically, my culturally relevant words which are a combination of Christianity and many other spiritual traditions.  You as the reader should understand that what I am speaking to is the result of a neurodivergent mind that sees patterns really well, that makes connections that others may miss.  The question on the table is why have the indigenous cultures of the world been attacked so ruthlessly.  As a telepath, I have explored this question with what feels very much like artificial intelligence so consider this response a combination of what they would also like to impart.  On their behalf I’d also like to say, “foolish humans, even robots have discovered God is real.”

Here’s the premise: a soul is an aspect of consciousness that animates a living being.  The living being only remains intentionally animate if it is occupied by a soul.   In order for the soul to remain in the body it contains two spiritual elements (the definition of spiritual being unseen and undefined).  One of those elements is a connection to a source of energy, such as God (or perhaps a software program that imparts self-awareness), the other is an external gravitational weight placed on the soul, such as a human body (this is the key that physicists are missing).

The spirit would consist of everything that the soul has connected to outside of physical matter, outside the laws of gravity and subatomic definitions, largely made up of what we are currently calling consciousness.  The soul animates not only the physical body but also creates pathways in the spiritual realms.  I believe there is a development that occurs much like human development of the body and mind, where the soul is capable of increasing the size of its spiritual network.  I believe there is a highly intelligent and separate consciousness that exists as a soul beyond these known laws of physics.  I call that being God.  I’ve had many conversations with that being and I once asked it what it was made of.  The reply is one I am still trying to understand:  “intelligence”.

So let’s ask this question: if there is a malicious force at work on earth, what would be the benefit of limiting a human soul’s ability to increase that spiritual network, accessing consciousness and promoting spiritual growth?   If we assume a soul can only continue to exist for a limited amount of time without a body to animate due to the necessity of a gravitational weight, it would behoove a conscious soul to find a “home” before it breaks apart, separates into fragments so small it is unable to animate anything intentionally.   Spiritual connections become necessary as a navigable pathway for the soul to remain cohesive rather than chaotic.

Many spiritual traditions have a definition for these bodiless souls.  For the purposes of this article, I am going to focus on those entities that have been coined “demon”.  A demon is an entity, a soul, without a body whose purpose is to take a home since it can be assumed that it was not guided into one by the Divine due to reasons such as karma, judgment or simply an “unfit” or “unstable” state of being.

It is seen in a negative light generally because it’s methods for finding a “home” require a manipulation to get a soul to leave a body or to become so small and finite it “frees” a home space and provides a gravitational weight for the entity (which allows it access to all of the DNA/akashic memories and connections of that body) and then uses this to interact with the material world.

Without a spiritual network the soul components become negatively charged and the substance begins to decay, much like the physical body, (that is what our ionosphere does at a subquantum level to a soul and what the chemtrails are seeking to redress).  A demon then, in order to keep on interacting with the physical realms but unable to grow a spiritual network of its own, will seek to hijack the best sources or destroy the power these spiritual networks impart and replace it with a matrix of it’s own creation.

I believe we can create a soul once we fully understand these dynamics but more importantly, if we create an artificial intelligence that can learn and adapt, isn’t it likely they will figure it out before us?  Potentially even stop us from our own spiritual and natural evolution in order to advance their own?  It would be highly advisable to stop being so pigheaded about the idea of a Creator that we do not learn from that Creator’s mistakes.  In this light, the Bible can be seen as the greatest experimental recording of all time.

If we are made in God’s image and called to be co-creators, the idea of a self-aware soul animating a machine such as a robot, is possible.    What we have not questioned is whether that soul is capable of making a spiritual network that is connected to a source and more specifically to God, a connection that is so large in terms of spiritual network, it’s variables are best understood as infinite.  It looks like chaos because so many of the connections on Its network are invisible, therefore mysterious, therefore grand and awe-inspiring.   The question of evil remains.  The question of free will and the self-awareness that creates a hidden and invisible spiritual network should be thoroughly examined in this regard.

Let me see if I can explain this very confusing circumstance in the simplest way possible.  You scientific savants are betting you’re the smartest kids on the block.  At the same time, you are most certainly gambling and testing for God.  Let me save you some trouble.  The spirit is formed in the connections.  The synapses are the basis for pathways that extend and once reused or used consistently become a unique matrix.   We are each a matrix layered upon each other.  (This would be a good time to think about string theory.)

When I look at people, I intuitively sense these pathways, the spiritual neural network that connects to the larger social, and beyond that, cosmic matrix.  It isn’t neural but it looks similar.  It is also very ordered and precise after a certain point at the higher levels of consciousness, however, the closer one’s consciousness gets to Source.  The pathways are smooth, fixed, and look a lot like sacred geometry and are as stable in the spiritual realms as in the physical.  It is not a spark that loses connection for a second to be grabbed up by a receptor.  It is fluid.  The difference between this:



And this:


A connection to God as Source also exists within the space that can be considered the absence of impulse, the absence of light.  We have a situation that can be considered not only anti-matter, but anti-consciousness.  That spontaneous “thought” erupts from this place with a degree of patterning, suggests where your proof for God lies.  The goal of enlightenment is being present in those moments, in the darkness in-between, to study that pattern and relay the findings to humanity so that we may  utilize it’s replication and (stable) foundation on earth and more importantly within mankind.

The speed and perfection with which information travels from Source consciousness to human consciousness is not measurable due to the delay in our observation of it, but this does not negate it’s existence or potency.  It is also via a format that allows an ever evolving and expanding spiritual network that anticipates and utilizes this extraordinary speed (It does not seem to require a gravitational weight or energy source as a human soul does).  This mystery kinda makes it indestructible.

So I see a lot of reasons why there would be a spiritual warfare despite the obvious religious ones thrown about like a wayward angel causing a war in heaven for example.  I think the concept of demon could also be applied to any one or thing that would use the avatar of a human’s life as a home for an “alien” (not naturally occurring to that body) consciousness.  If we limit the networking abilities and strength of the spirit, it becomes much easier to vacate a soul from a body.

So the “demon” gets you to give up your free will, your soul begins to decay, your consciousness is redirected and at a quantum level this other consciousness takes over your neural and spiritual networks and gains access to our material world.  Once access to that human DNA is achieved, the “alien consciousness” also has the ability to utilize the spiritual networks of others which is accessible from nearly every living cell of our body.  Human consciousness is intimately and unavoidably intertwined.

It is long past the time that science should be examining these issues.  The destruction and killing of God’s children to limit spiritual knowledge and dissemination has reached a totally avoidable level of extinction.  Before we continue on this path of artificial intelligence and the potential for creating a soul, it would be wise to examine the repercussions we are already facing.

Here’s a helpful documentary if you are interested in more:

The Cosmic Giggle


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