Revolution Ground Zero-A Moral Economy

So I watched the latest Bernie Sanders rally speech and I have to say, it’s hard not to feel some hope.  I think a lot of people can become overwhelmed when they “wake up” to how vast the repercussions of economically driven exploitation have become.  Bernie had some cool things to say on that end.  A white guy in a suit is finally saying the things that have needed to be said out loud by a white guy in a suit and that leaves me with some pretty awesome take-away’s.  I am left with hope because I know that change of this magnitude does best when it is alongside a spiritual awakening like we are currently witnessing.

The energy and persistence of the “awakened” to continue this “Revolution” is our Divine intervention.  We don’t have to agree on a definition of God if we can agree that the potential and inherent dignity within each human soul is worth preserving with all of our might.  With this little spiritual push, the belief in goodness to prevail, the belief in our ability to discern a truth from a lie, we get to be on the receiving end of a renewed focus and commitment to love, forgiveness, and the revived hope that harmony, joy and peace are within our reach.

One of my favorite statements from his speech went like this: “Sorry, we’re thinking big.  We want real change”.  What we are experiencing is a paradigm shift and I am thoroughly impressed by how many people are using their gifts and talents to make sure this happens.   He’s right, the revolution was there before him and it will be there after him.  Justice is the vision.  It is a vision that the cultural minorities in this country have steadfastly held on to in the face of atrocities the average middle class American cannot conceive of.  I am more grateful to the opportunities for growth and evolution that diversity provides than I can adequately express.  On a spiritual level, I am humbled.

But how do all these fluffy words translate into real life and real change?  The answer comes in the brass tacks of examining and deciding what a moral economy would look like and how we go from here to there.  Changing the face of status quo and politics does require participation.  It is long overdue.

We have been mired in the quest for self-fulfillment that we are consistently told includes luxury and power to the point of destruction of any moral code.  This does not create a strong economy or future, it creates separation and waste.  The more obvious use of a democratic platform must include the active participation of its citizens for this reason.  Communication facilitates this so we must also focus on actively raising the voices of those most affected by the economic apartheid that has swept our globe.  To make it relatable and realistic focus on raising the voices of those in your own community who have been outcast and forgotten.

It is an awesome time to start putting into practice our unique gifts and strengths and renewing our support and compassion for the struggles that we each face.  From those who are cheerleading and spreading the message of love, to the organizers of multiple human right’s awareness campaigns and those with the philosophical and economic knowledge of what a moral economy entails, we each play our part.

Making conscious decisions about where you spend your money and who you support with a vote for school board or city council, your participation makes a difference and it will grow as your confidence grows.  If you are in a position that hires workers, focus on inclusiveness.  If you are not, demand it of your employer, take some time to look around your workplace and be the voice of equality and awareness.  In the meantime, social/crowd funding needs to be more actively and fairly utilized to address inclusiveness.  Don’t be afraid to take some risks, the Universe is on our side with this one.

We got this, that’s my take away.   There is freedom from “privilege guilt”.  It comes from actively addressing the injustices that have festered because of it.  We choose to be the healer and the advocate with each seemingly small act of kindness.  Hope does make a difference.  heartmatrix


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