Reaction to Mark Z’s Latest Q&A

An error in logic

So I decided to watch Mark Z’s latest Q&A but not the live version because I actually needed to watch it twice and take notes.  As a rational and ethically driven being, I find it imperative to check in on these “technology-driven advancers” to find out if they are aware of how their actions are impacting humanity.  In other words, have they examined and addressed the ethical dilemmas they may be creating?

Some of the technological advances he spoke of include the usual suspects: virtual reality, artificial intelligence and thought/emotion mapping.  A “cart before the horse” direction which does not actually serve humanity’s future and evolution in my opinion.  I understand why the question of reptilian origins came up.  It’s hard to see these technological breakthroughs as something more than just another “shiny thing”.  They are not capable of ending hunger, war or homelessness, they are meant to permit an inordinate access to human consciousness, while simultaneously eroding our connections and making a few select people supremely wealthy.

He talked about equality and personalized learning to level the playing field, but his modus operandi is not as poised to assist as he assumes.  We cannot bypass the ethical questions here.  We are mired in the handiwork of greed and a society being systematically trained to lack compassion through manipulative means, we don’t get to advance until we can agree on what the value of life truly is.  We still haven’t decided.  We still judge anyway.  And millions of children are witnessing murder and are on the receiving end of humanity’s abandonment.

These technologies he speaks of and his passion to connect the whole world to the internet will be inherited by future generations.  Why not do the ethical work first which would require that we talk about sustainability of a divergent cultural paradigm, a more accurate reflection of the human condition?  What he is talking about affects the global community.  You shouldn’t be allowed to do that if the “global community” does not want to be infected or altered.

We so called, “first-worlders”, do not have the moral superiority to impact the free will of an entire cultural way of relating to their ecosystem.  If you have learned nothing from indigenous cultures, know this: they had it right all along.  Our ethnocentric take on modernization skirts the big issues.  I’m guessing food, shelter, water and the absence of war would make a much bigger difference, but what do I know.

Virtual reality?  We can’t even figure out how to be nice to each other and we want to consider adding another layer of separation?  I watched a TED talk on virtual reality being an empathy making machine and I nearly lost it.  There is actually nothing better than a hug to create empathy.  That takes zero rather than a multi-billion dollar investment and even babies get to participate.

Artificial intelligence?  Exactly who is going to be examining that moral programming?  The result of which could be the creation of a more intelligent “being” which sounds a lot like playing “God” to me.  As we drift farther away from human compassion and empathy how does one suggest teaching that to a machine?  These giant ethical questions equate to a future outcome we cannot begin to predict.  If it indeed effects all of humanity, this challenge cannot be avoided and must be purposefully and holistically addressed.  FIRST!

With as many billionaires as we have in this country I am continuously disheartened that none of them have chosen to use their wealth and power to actually make something truly good happen for the next generation.  We need an end to poverty.  We need to create a model that can be repeated globally.  Until that happens we cannot begin to understand the potential that human consciousness presents.  Personalized learning is the one thing he talked about that could actually address this.

But time keeps ticking.  You forget how loud that clock can be when your stomach is full and you are free of danger.  For most of the world, the only thing that actually matters is truly sustainable peace.  The only logical way to achieve that peace is through an end to greed and the inherent suffering it has continuously wrought on humanity.  Someone, somewhere, please give me an app for that.

Because I am loathe to be an opportunist, rather than a solution maker, here’s my other take away from that Q&A.  People want a filing system on Facebook, an easy solution could include the option of sharing a post to one’s email account.  You’re welcome 🙂

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