Hypocrisy and the Gorilla Debate

Today is one of those days that I am inordinately angry at the hypocrisy of my fellow citizens.  The sheer volume of injustices I’ve personally witnessed coupled with a lack of empathy, compassion and response from my fellow countrymen leaves me speechless.  What the fuck. Here we go again.

Have you read any of the bullshit circulating right now, debating over the gorilla’s life versus that 4-year old child’s?  People are so full of uninformed opinions and a willingness to spew them without consequence, it almost makes me hate the internet.  I read an article a couple weeks ago about a homeless woman who was pushed from a ledge and raped for three days while paralyzed before help arrived.  Did you hear about that story?  Probably not.  But you have been properly bombarded with the plight of this gorilla and his totally avoidable demise.

People are angry but they don’t seem to have a clue where that anger should be pointing.  They are irrational but don’t seem capable of recognizing the illogical beliefs and decisions that lead them to this state.  People are working their lives away, removing themselves from the consequences of their own choices and contributing to a system that promotes killing other humans and causing massive ecological dysfunction and animal extinctions every… single… day.  And happily so as long as they get a 2-week vacation and plenty of quality television programming in the meantime.  Now you want to complain about a gorilla (that we have all allowed to be caged!) dying?  Versus a child?

Give me a fucking break.  Please.

Along with the armchair philosophers, we have the finger pointers, the would-be lynch mob.  An astounding number of people want to point the finger at the mother and the punishments they are thinking up are ludicrous and speak to a much larger and frightening issue (how thoughtless of her to take 3 children to a zoo at one time and subject the rest of us to the misguided -yet totally normal- inquisitive exploration of her 4-year old!).

Addressing this logically would cause us to question what should have been her reasonable assurance that the zoo enclosure was not penetrable by a four-year old child.  But what do I know.

Instead we’re witnessing a debate over the value and right of life in the context of human versus animal.  (Cough, cough, how long have zoos been around?)  The moral problem comes with the fact that many of these debates are occurring over a steak or chicken dinner you picked up at the store from the underpaid cashier while passing by the homeless people you don’t even see any more, ignoring both the life of the animal you’re now eating and the human you could care less about.

Waiting for one of the wealthiest nations on the planet to figure out how to become a leader in compassion and leave a lasting legacy of hope and direction instead of more destruction and disregard for human life is testing my patience.  My moral dilemma comes in the form of whether or not to continue trying to show you how to fix this or just find a safe place from which to sit back and watch your increasingly speedy demise.  I have lots of insights on the technical aspects of this but trying to get people to feel emotions that should come natural to them, is a downright scary prospect.

So let me make this one thing very clear: You don’t deserve the luxury of debating our place in the big picture until you fix your own back yard.  Arguing over complex philosophical questions without a firm understanding of compassion is morally repugnant.  Most people are simply not smart enough.  Point. Blank.

How is anyone able to stomach this bullshit anymore?  I cannot believe the complete ignorance of simple logic.  If faith without works is dead, philosophy without compassion is equivalent to inviting a post-apocalyptic zombie to a cocktail party to discuss the politics of the latest advancements in biotechnology.

I watched the video and wholeheartedly agree this whole thing sucked ass.  That gorilla was clearly debating what the fuck to do.  It contemplated with its intelligence.  But you aren’t going to get people to care about another species when they cannot comprehend the sanctity of their own life, at its essence.  It is simply not possible.

Our skewed belief in our moral superiority is absolutely at the heart of this matter, but writing a two-second supposition on your opinion of this already demoralized mother and the importance of a species you endanger with your daily lifestyle choices is ignorant (and defines lazy better than anything Webster could come up with).

If you want to stop the destruction of our planet and the daily onslaught of senseless killing, put your money where your mouth is and start working together.  Feed and shelter all of the people who have been left victimized at the hands of CEO’s that don’t believe access to WATER is a human right, then and only then do you have a moral stance from which to express your opinion over the life of a squirrel or gorilla or even my very own service dog.

Compassion is a labor of love that opens a world of potentials we have not been allowed to fathom.  We really are all in this together.  Start there and watch how quickly the Universe responds.


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4 thoughts on “Hypocrisy and the Gorilla Debate

  1. Real good post! and i feel the same. Im actually starting another blog specifically for these “trending topics” that take over everyone world for like 3-4 days, basically laying out the facts as people know them, the separate arguments and then settle upon the fact that this, what ever it is at the time, doesnt effect to you personally one bit so its best to let it go and regain your focus as opposed to remaining distracted.

    I like your writing style!


  2. Thank you Tyler! I appreciate the feedback very much.

    I agree it is important to “re-frame” the news in a way that keeps people in line with reality instead of distractions, priorities instead of agendas, and honesty instead of brainwashing. It is the writer and artists’ true role in society to provide that feedback.

    FYI: I am happy to contribute and work in tandem on anything that sparks your interest. It could be a fun exercise seeing how closely we can sum up the narratives happening out there!

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  3. Absolutely excellent post. No other words comes in my mind. Thank you for taking your time, energy and efforts to write this post. What else can I say… a warm hug, may be?!

    Liked by 1 person

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