So I wrote this prayer sometime last year before we left Minnesota, where we were housed up but miserable.  It was hard to be stuck in Minnesota with so many unrequested expectations and abject hatred of our beliefs and lifestyle.  I’ve been going through some of my old writing and as I was re-reading it, it became clear to me that much of these things have been unfolding.  I thought it would be nice to reflect on how far this journey to get those petitions answered, has come.

It’s pretty cool, really, but we still have a long way to go.  The longer I’m on this journey the more apparent it becomes that we’re not getting out of this without some help.  Even if that help comes only in the form of Hope. HOPE should never be underestimated, it is best friends with inspiration and faith, the primary ingredients needed for change to happen.

Why did I write this prayer?  I wrote this prayer because I needed hope.  I needed to let my version of a Higher Power hear what I was witnessing.  I am sharing it with you because the answer to this prayer comes in the form of humanity at large caring about the legacy we are leaving behind and acting to create something we are worthy of.

People have become self-worshipers and it is so damn gross, it makes me embarrassed to call myself human.  If people were not so attracted to the worship of self and remaining attached to fulfilling their ego desires, they wouldn’t allow 1% of the world’s population to control the lives and fate of every single other person.  Please quit wanting what they have.  Number 1, you’re never gonna get it and Number 2, while you continue believing you will, they have made you party to the most grotesque disregard for life this planet has ever witnessed.

Here’s the prayer:

Dear Being I call God, Creator, Great Spirit, Defender of Sacred Realms, whom I also know as Allah, The ONE and the Source:

I love you.  I hope this letter finds you well. Thank you for helping me to see more clearly, though I have to say, the time spent away from your giant light has often been very scary.  I am so grateful that you let me take some with me on my journey here.

I know you know the details of the problems that trouble me.  I know that if we can keep our flames going, we would see the darkness as just another kind of quiet.  But it takes time to learn the wisdom of balance and it may be too much for some of us, who crave love, who have learned to depend on that light as a source of comfort and more importantly encouragement.  Love is our light in this dark hour.  It is the source of our hope and courage.  Hope and courage give us the strength to DO stuff, to help you create a communication tool that cannot be corrupted, so to speak.

The years of training serve the student and teacher well. Our life is one big long experience of how to interact with the powers of the Universe in a way that honors the integrity of this fine balance.  Which way will we go and what will we see once we get there?

  • Everything is going to work out just fine. That simple statement is actually quite the loaded gun.  It rests on my absolute faith in the power of words.  We each have the ability to pull the trigger of intention in a big, big way.
  • However, we need some help with this prophecy thing, this religious intolerance. Please shed a little light so that we do not allow ourselves to be mired in the need for prophecy, for reminders from our Creator/creation.  These things are being used against us and causing confusion and separation.
    • We will and choose to remember to be each other’s reminders of the sacred gift of life.
    • We will not fall prey to the perpetrator of fear nor allow each other to.
    • We ask that these painful intrusions be utterly removed from our future potential.
  • We uphold the souls that remind us of the invisible nature of Grace. Please intervene where even Divine inspiration is used as a marketing tool and means to an ego-driven end.
  • WE ask to have money removed from our consciousness as a means to judge each other.
    • Do not permit money to be a tool and resource that creates more victims of chaos-derived-insanity.
    • Allow it to be used and redistributed while we simultaneously work to create and understand a new way of interacting with the need, want and requirements of our physical interactions.
    • Do not permit a person’s monetary wealth to be a measure of their status in our eyes.
  • As the veil is lifted, allow the seekers new “equipment” to explain and share the gift that is discernment so we can make the most valuable use of this unique time.
  • May we never forget to dance and play with the Divine that connects and disconnects at Its discretion so we will remain humble when we come to understand our authentic state.
  • We expect to be defended in our right to seek the means with which to do these things. We will defend each other. Protect our brothers and sisters seeking to free us from these chains so that police brutality and the insidious ways of those in power are utterly ineffectual and immediately faced with their own karma.


Thank YOU for the progress report.  Thank YOU for the many elders and ancestors you have allowed to be in service to this time, their help is so appreciated.  May we ever strive to be great competition for these sacred positions in the future! With much joy!!

It would appear we have been granted a “stay of execution” by the only ONE truly able to grant it.  We hear You.  We are ready to work. Let this be the last time it ever gets this bad again.

I pray in my own name Dear One because I have done the work to ensure I have no need to fear Your throne room.  Thank you for listening.  Bless me with the wisdom to understand the unfolding of these answers, but do it gently, please, I’ve been through some shit and I am tired.  So Be It.


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