Beyond Compassion: Homelessness and Evolution

Beyond Compassion: Homelessness and Evolution

What if homelessness has everything to do with evolution but exactly opposite of the way most people perceive it?

The two main reasons I have heard repeatedly in my personal experiences of being homeless that people don’t want to help, can be boiled down to karma and evolution.  As in…it’s a dog eat dog world out there so I gotta make sure to get mine, it’s just survival of the fittest baby.  And… if someone’s not fit to survive on their own then it’s ok if let them die cause that’s how the natural world, that’s how evolution works, right?

That “survival of the fittest” mentality only creates a means to excuse ourselves from the responsibility of taking care of each other.  With this mindset no one has to take personal blame or accountability for not helping someone in need because at the heart of this mentality is people behaving and believing they are doing humanity a favor by letting the weak and vulnerable die slow painful deaths.  And they are using this misunderstanding of evolution as their excuse with little awareness to the effects their misjudgment and false beliefs are actually having.  (cough, cough ….karma anyone?)

Karma is another issue and I’ll address that one in a separate post.  For now, let’s examine the faulty logic behind thinking homelessness is a result of evolution and therefore a problem that will simply solve itself…as if it will just wean itself out of our DNA. There are big gigantic lessons to learn when it comes to the homeless and why we discard our weak and vulnerable neighbors.

Unfortunately, when most people hear the word evolution they think in terms of Darwinism (as in survival of the fittest) so let me state the more useful way to look at evolution.

Evolution is the addition of adaptation keys which assist in the perpetuation of our species.  It is a long-term investment that we as beings who are consciously aware can actually purposefully and creatively alter.  It should never be looked at in a sense of how individuals succeed or not in a society.

In order to be a useful idea we can aggressively utilize we need to have a more clear understanding of what perpetuates a species and what goals we as a species must set and attain to continue thriving (or evolving into more enlightened, intelligent beings) rather than merely physically surviving.  Yes we have to do both, but thinking of evolution in terms of how an individual thrives in a society is as effective as looking at how a tree grows in relation to an advertisement for a box of cereal.

We are a social species and we must remain cognizant of that fact at all times.  All possible solutions to mankind’s issues affect and are affected by each and every human who has ever and will ever live.   One needs to really take that in and understand it before they can be a truly helpful part of the solution.

To get some insight into this matter we have to move beyond our noses and front doors into the realms of consciousness where tremendous potential for human evolution can be found.  The truly defining essence of a human is their ability to utilize separate consciousness to ponder problems and communicate about these ponderings.  That we have separate minds, thoughts and unique emotional filters is a blessing we probably don’t deserve.  It is also a great time saver for tackling huge issues.  When we remember to value and communicate our unique perspectives back to each other, we can begin again to ponder the collective puzzle of our future potential as a species.

We have to be certain we are also stopping to accurately listen and assess what those unwilling or able to communicate -or those who have been purposefully cut off from communication- could also bring to the discussion table.

The goals a society focuses on to perpetuate itself are not necessarily in support or alignment with the goals that support human potential as a species (or as individuals obviously).  By it’s very nature a society is nothing but a small segment of co-habitating humans seeking support from their group to maintain essentials of immediate survival.  The cornerstone to understanding civilization is even broader.

Species survival and evolution requires us to look beyond an 80-year life span in a particular cultural context and use society as a means to elucidate that course for the greater good of humanity.  A civilization’s survival is not dependent on the survival of each of its inhabitants but it’s ideology.

Realistically, our focus on the marketing of instant gratification and human desire has caused the creation of a civilization that has not been respecting or supporting conscious work.  We support production.  We support things not the essence of being human. So humans, regardless of their level of conscious awareness, their wisdom, or their inherent grace are devalued if they are not a successful part of this production focused economy and the societies which have sprung up to support it.

As long as we are willing to sacrifice people who are broken or vulnerable we are behaving illogically because we miss the tremendous value that comes from examining each and every aspect of our collective consciousness.  When we ignore the unique perspective on being human which resides within us individually -on purpose, we miss potentials we aren’t even aware of.

The impoverished and homeless citizens we disregard because of the physical and mental limitations that hinder their ability to thrive in this market economy based society, isn’t necessarily suggestive of a limit on what these vulnerable members can do for humanity.  Especially in regards to conscious evolution and discovery.  To that end they are the most valuable members of our collective walk.

Perhaps that is the destiny they are battling for and with?  If you take the idea that simply eliminating these vulnerable humans will create the fittest civilization, you have only succeeded in creating a self-perpetuating abscess.  Before we continue to neglect these pieces of our collective puzzle, it might be wise to ask if we are certain they have been neglected because they actually do not facilitate our growth.  Is it possible we’ve been conned into disregarding the very people who could help us coexist peacefully and achieve purposeful evolution that pays attention to the fact we are a social species, dependent on each other?

If we separate ourselves into smaller groups and then withhold and hoard the information that perpetuates the survival of our best qualities as a species, we are completely missing the big picture.  It’s like paying a forest ranger to only care for and physically support one type of tree or plant in a forest ecosystem that perpetuates millions of other species without which the cared for tree will surely cease to exist anyway.

How can we, as intelligent beings, choose to limit the negative impact of vulnerable humans because we think they present evolutionary disadvantages when we do not yet know what our species is even capable of?  Can we admit we are not possibly smart enough, even yet, to know what makes humans evolve to the best course?

It would be really awesome if we would take a collective minute to consider what our present choices will be creating for the future of our species, not just our pocketbooks and need for attention right now.  That we are capable of making that choice is truly profound if you stop and think about it.  It is magnificence we should be celebrating and honoring because with it we chart our own course, we become the bearers of free will and agency.

I believe we have reached the point where we have some say in our evolutionary future, not only who survives but what genes promulgate the future we believe is best to create.  That we negate and devalue vast portions of the human population should be cause for concern in every consciously aware person.

No matter what my personal immediate goals have been, the overriding theme of my earth walk is to tackle the problem of poverty.  I have looked at this issue from nearly every angle, at least every angle I have been allowed to see, and I have come to the conclusion that homelessness and hunger are the epitome of our ground zero.

They are the direct result and symptom of every horrible manifestation of human fear.  The homeless of today are our lepers.  They are the untouchables.  Where are all the good Samaritans at?  How can we ever call ourselves civilized or claim to be a species with consciousness when we don’t have a system in place for the weak and needy?

We can’t.


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