Survival or Evolution?

Whether we choose survival or evolution we must remember it is a choice.

To be an exquisite filter of Divine Grace.  To be rescued.  Is so profound an experience, it may be half the reason we put up with the bullshit that we do.  I think we so yearn for each other’s companionship, our hearts constantly searching for that peaceful but challenging comradery with other souls, that we have driven ourselves mad.  Selfies, the ultimate finger pointing to our collective need for more love and attention.  Like the era proceeding the hippie movement of the 60s and 70s we are in a period of collective pain, staring down the barrel of our own insanity, self-hatred is invariably the path of least resistance.

To change this, we will surely need to make a little more space for the healers to do their jobs.  We have an opportunity to correct the mistakes of that 70s movement, to apply the principles of a renewed attention to liberation as a way of life.  But these ideals can only lead to an era of peace and love if we use this time wisely.  This could be a renaissance of art to guide, record and elaborate for future generations.  In order to accomplish this massive task, we need to engage with our past and our future right now, forge a new path.

Because holy shit if people aren’t switching out waiting for Jesus with waiting for the aliens, waiting for the apocalypse, waiting for world war three, waiting for somebody, somewhere to do something (as long as that someone isn’t me) a cleansing, a forced transformation.  Why not just do the work to change this shit instead of calling disaster (we can clearly sense and understand) upon ourselves?

A new agreement is in order.  A new collective intent.

Because change and growth are often painful, we need more reflections, more mirrors from honest places.  I shouldn’t have to choose between making a living wage and saving my soul but it feels that way for many of us.  Our market and labor value is seriously under appreciated.

Hoarding of resources creates a void of freedom, less time and fewer options.  Our economy has created a spiritual and psychological void and our self-obsession should show clearly to anyone who cares to look that we have reached a developmental plateau of a moral and spiritual nature.  As we gather the energy and determination to make this leap into walking forward in a co-creative dance with each other, we must remember to love each other, to create many examples of this so it becomes the theme -the highlight- of our collective history.  Humans really do love each other.

We do, don’t we?

So now that science and spirituality have made friends can we start giving some breaks to the artists of the world.  Can you listen to the message they are sending?  Can you be open to their honest feedback on the state of the world?

Are we ready to stop denying that our choices have consequences?  Do you want to evolve or do you want to merely survive?


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