Possibility Space

I don’t feel like writing today But I have so much to say I’ll paint instead .... It’s hard to argue without words My thoughts tangible but confusing I am Manifest, Unmanifest Unmanned-fest You don’t get to decide for me. Nor I, you Doesn’t that feel better, Actually? No? You'd rather another layer added? So … Continue reading Possibility Space


Completin Stuff & Moving On

I miss people but people let me down. If you say that people let you down, you might let other people down. My perspective is authentic. That’s worth more than I realize. So…Fuck ‘em? With love, of course. I did a big ol fat tarot spread today (yesterday, actually). Seems I have completed some things … Continue reading Completin Stuff & Moving On


Jagged little giant Gulp That was not a thing I wanted to swallow And now I’m fire breathing out of my nose And I don’t even smoke any more Remnants of an emotional Cue Gone boo The loneliness of running away from They won’t leave me alone And I … Just want to be free … Continue reading Miss