Fountain Logic

We’re wrong about evolution and by we I mean the people who are certain of it. I got this brain that doesn’t respond well when things aren’t true. It’ll stay there circling and swimming and searching for a component to connect the frayed edge to. If I can find a way for something to be … Continue reading Fountain Logic

Milk Thistle and Memories

I never know if they know. The thing about feeling like you spent half your life cocooned by memories and ideas, programs, projections, the weight of emotions too big to process, desires you can’t imagine coming true and expectations you’ll never meet is that when you finally start pulling out of it, and you see … Continue reading Milk Thistle and Memories


We never know where life is going to lead us. I get enthralled with watching it pass. Sometimes I forget myself and things that (might) need to happen and just watch. We don’t minimize the impact of individual experience on collective potential, we just try to protect each other from it. I watched a video … Continue reading Paradox