Lately, there’s been a few deep confusions being healed in my core. A revival of my soul. A cleansing of my sensitive heart. They say that ignorance is bliss and sometimes it is. A leaf falls and I hear the reminder, not a leaf falls without my awareness. Every leaf, every movement. Known. Carefully acknowledged. I am a leaf. I am known. I am carefully acknowledged. I take that ONE that would so carefully and gently acknowledge me and I say, look, what is that? Look, here, why is that?

I was reading the comments posted on a video about social anxiety. So many echo the refrain, I shut down, I close up, I attempt to make myself small and invisible in order not to be judged. Dear, sweet hearts that they are, that we all are, that is not judgment. That is bullying. Judgment carries many qualities, one of which is rational discernment. Another important aspect is the ability to critically think. To critically think one must be engaged in an openness, a self-awareness that is both humble and curious. Judgment, to be true, must come from a willingness to correct oneself, not another. A self-discipline honed from the roots of compassion and a desire to comprehend the truth of Divinity. A nod to fallibility and humility or it is not judgment, it is a power over others, a desire to control because there is distrust in both the self and natural law.

Perhaps it would be easier to acknowledge, heal, move beyond if we saw it for what it was. The why’s of bullying. Why would anyone bully? What does bullying even mean? It’s like setting a guard dog out to bark at anything that moves. And what would need that type of all-encompassing protection? Fear of unlovability? Fear of rejection? Whose roots are always shame. Shame either because an act or thought or desire is not in line with the soul’s true intent or shame because a belief crept in that some part knows isn’t true, creating a distortion, operating from less than full encompassing of the self which is a discomfort there, to bring one back in line with fullness.

It kinda feels like the thing we all need to heal from. And that healing will come from holding each other in an inclusive brace of love, eyes open, authentic presence. We’ve turned social shaming into a game of one-upsmanship that nobody wins.

I read an article this morning about targeted individuals. Like social shaming on steroids. Glad to see it being brought to the light. I pray for the full restoration of those affected. There are many things I’ve shared in my blog pages about difficult events in my life, there are others that are still too painful to mention.

The best way, the most fruitful offering we can give each other, especially those who have been traumatized, victimized, bullied no matter the scale, is validation, support and encouragement. Every time I’ve had to heal from something not so pleasant, the little reaching out, the rays of sunshine that let me know I’m heard, loved, witnessed, allows my soul to feel peace, love, community, hope. Reach out to those who have felt bullied, let them know they are loved. It has made one of the biggest differences in my life. And I know that I am not alone.

May we continue to feel the strength of compassion, and the nurturing of each other’s goodness in all ways. And thank you to those who’ve reached out and offered their countenance when I needed it most.


All Better

Happy Sunday Beautiful People. I spent a few days in the mountains. Nothing like good ol volcano energy to clean the cobwebs and shadow aspects from your cellar. Spent some time with in-between world, had a conversation with a Heavenly Soul and reunited with my core. Good stuff.

I don’t have much to report because there’s too much to report. I will say that it was nice to get a break from antagonism so I could remember who I am. I think the most appropriate quote here would be one by Bruce Lee, Be like Water.

I was glad to have the lesson on boundaries resolved. Not the most pleasant way of getting the information but important. After multiple attempts to get the situation resolved, I finally had to put the whole kit and kaboodle in a giant cup and hand it off to my Father. “Take this cup from me.” My clarity restored, my heart can again feel free. To create, to inspire, to release the bonds.

It was interesting, while I was off communing with things bigger than myself, a friend advised me to make a list of my dreams and desires and wants and so forth. It was a little difficult to allow myself to dream and want. I’ve been so burdened, as many have, by the idea that to want is a bad thing. About nine-tenths of my list was directed towards life on planet earth becoming even better for the entirety of planet earth. Because that’s what makes me actually happy. Taking care of my physical vessel, that isn’t a want, that is non negotiable. I don’t know how we ever got into the habit of self-denial to the point we’ve accepted the worst case scenario and calling it righteous. Healthy, happy humans. Mastery over the flesh comes pretty naturally when your heart generally wants the Truth of your Being to be made clear.

The things that need improvement aren’t hard. Sometimes, we just stop thinking we deserve it, get stuck believing good things aren’t everyone’s preference. I suppose that’s probably the worst thing about false light, or reflected light, when you stop and think about it. It’s a lot more helpful to keep your eye single, as it were, allowing the reality swirling around you to be a reflection of your consciousness and your consciousness, aware it is one with the Creator of your soul is going to allow for Creation on a level no amount of tomfoolery can compete with.

“Behold I make all things new.” And I am.

Peace ❤

[For those who are curious about some of the Cosmic/Universal goings on from trustworthy people, these are two I can recommend from my Highest Heart]

Just to be clear…

I read an article earlier today that was one of those addressed to the spiritual community, lightworker types, the awakening ones. There were a few things said in that article that are …what’s a good word? Repugnant.

It was about telepathic communication. I got the impression it was suggesting that consciousness and communication were one in the same. Unity consciousness yields a space of no privacy. I think the exact words were: “Recent inner-actions with various “others” have shown much. One person was unaware that her “mind could be read” and her thoughts were “not her own” anymore, and that she couldn’t “hide anything”

Really? What about Sovereign Beings? Free will? How does that fit in with you don’t even get to own your own thoughts? What about the fact that we live in the age of information…? I can’t go into your house and eat if I’m hungry so should you be able to step into my mind, take what you want without regard to the vessel and soul with which it is integrally tied?

I do not give my permission. If and when I do give my permission, I state that explicitly.  YOU do NOT have my permission. When I do give it, it is checked, rechecked and revoked or paused when need be. All parties of mature, honest, authentic and loving character would and will readily accept and respect boundaries, especially ones of such a private space. Especially when these sorts of sensitivities largely result from severe childhood trauma…

Anyways, just needed to make that abundantly clear. Being an enlightened, gifted, HUMAN does not negate individual commonly understood means of interaction. That’s why we knock before we enter even close acquaintances homes, unless it is explicitly stated. I didn’t sign up to live in poverty while self proclaimed spiritual teachers rifle through my mind and sell the information as their own. Just to be abundantly clear.

Technology, both metaphysical and material are beautiful tools. In the right hands.

Be kind.

Beings of Creation

The Universe that is me has brought some interesting things my way as of late, to learn, to process, to understand on a deeper level. If I had to coin a theme for it, it would be the concept of identity. This, as well as connection, is one of the highlights of our trip to planet earth. Identity.

Ego is a useful tool in exploring the dimensions of identity. Personification. Beingness. It can become problematic when it gets bound. Bound by attachments or stagnation or a settling. I like to break the word ego into it’s parts, emotions go. The emotional fuel that is directing a particular set of explorations. A biofeedback loop of sorts.

One of the coolest things I was able to do with this journey I’m on, is experience a multiplicity of subcultures. I have been amongst a very wide variety of people living very diverse existences. The clothes, language style and behaviors were also very different. From sitting with Doctors and CEO’s at fancy dinners to sleeping in a park. When you do not consider anyone either above or below you, life becomes very rich and meaningful and well, interesting. There are expansive lessons to be learned from taking the stance of above or below as well, just to be clear. But those roles are often fraught with attachments and generally not for the feint of heart.

So, identity. The taking on of a perspective, a frequency, a channel. I’m so and so and I believe such and such and I do this and that. It’s a pretty simple formula. And there are certain realities that accompany such choices, such perspectives. When we interact with these roles while maintaining just a teeny tiny bit of sovereign centeredness, (a sense of a Self beyond the role) those choices and perspectives can be expanded. The way out and onto newer and other identities made a little easier through authentic reflections.

I’ve heard it said that a sign of mental health is a stable personality. Personality is a mask. It’s a persona, a role and very predictable trajectories can be garnered based on that formula, I’m so and so, I believe such and such, I do this and that. Changing one of those aspects CREATES. Like adding a little red to the color blue begins to create the condition of seeing purple. A little white begins to make pink. A little yellow begins to make orange. And look! Now I got enough colors to make a pretty sunrise!

Identity is one of the things that can become confusing with so much information. New inputs offer new outputs which might not have a ready-made folder in your file of “this is me”. One of the greatest gifts we can give each other and ourselves during this time is allowing space to heal, encouragement of growth and change, and a willingness to let each other be works in progress, not fixed, static this or that but moving, flowing beings getting the hang of being the artist and the art, composer and instrument with music that’s already playing.

If someone is stuck figuring out how to make purple, and you’re a master at mixing colors, is there a reason not to show them? Often I think the reason can be that identity thing. But I’m the master at mixing 50 shades of purple and along comes this person who wouldn’t even know how to do it if I didn’t show them and now they’re mixing 500 shades of purple and …and…shit, I didn’t even know purple could do that so now … my identity!!!! Arggghhh!

Getting a little inclusive on our growth opportunities here, goes a long way. Be willing to let go of ability infused identities, they are very limiting constructs. Beyond those limiting constructs is the entirety of SELF functioning, utilizing, exploring, expanding. That’s where love shines vividly.

And I think we could all do well with a healthy dose of vivid expressions of love in our lives.

As always, many blessings on our journey.

Peace ❤

Just Venting

I kinda stopped talking about the issues of poverty. Didn’t stop thinking about it, just kinda stopped writing or dealing with it directly, because it’s one of those topics that is reeeallllly hard to address over and over and over without seeing a whole lot of change happen. There’s been some movement. An inch here and redirect there, a new storyline, some confusion, more people told to just hold on and so on and so on. It gets old. This isn’t rocket science. People want rocket science. They want enlightened states of being, they don’t want … your decisions are directly responsible for the torture of innocent people. Torture. Not a pleasant word and in some respects an over-exaggeration, but in other respects, it’s really truly not.

Looking at the Akash with regards to this issue is a nightmare. There are literal minefields. Places if you accidentally wander your little mind into, you will get met with ugh, things I don’t want to talk about. Try to piece together what the hell happened and you’ll be met with multiple, weaving, duck and bobs of half-truths. You can clear that shit all the way down to the barest breath of consciousness, the blackest of black and there, still, residuals… of what if’s, of half-truths, of the entire history of humanity circumscribed with alternate truths. As if an attempt to encode everything, including death, including the nature of reality has been layered with alternate versions … simulation theory. Doesn’t offer many pleasant places to land, let me tell you. The surest one is the one most of us have lived, which includes all the nasty things we don’t seem to have the strength and beauty and Grace to alter with anything more than positive thinking, I guess.

Nasty stuff. I’ll let it be my own. I’ll let the fantasies of everyone gets what they deserve, we’re all just trying to do the best we can with what we have, pretending to know what is best for the common good, the laughable way most people envision the concept of free will. I’ll do that. If that’s what you’d prefer. If common decency and setting things right is just too much to ask of wee little humans.

I was reading a book last night, got my Godhead in an uproar. I mean that literally. I don’t usually hear much righteous indignation and movement from my Light side of the line, and that line moved with a ferocity I have not ever seen. Nor heard. Ever. If you thought waking the sleeping tiger was a bad idea… oh nelly.

The book I was reading is called Outliers. I wish I could recommend it, but I can’t. While there were some important points made, there were other insidious narratives perpetuated. What often happens when intellectual types try to tackle certain topics, they invariably miss some things due to lack of lived experience. This has been the road most traveled regarding academic and political discourse over poverty.

Lots of talk, but it’s always like a whole bunch of people on dry land doing research on people who live under water thinking they know what it feels like to … attempt to do everything people on dry land (who won’t let you on their dry land even if you do make it to shore unless you offer them a cut of your fucking soul) while treading water. You can’t compare life on dry land to life under water. If you haven’t lived in a first world country while impoverished, surrounded by desperate, impoverished people, being told it’s your own fault by basically everyone, eventually including yourself unless you’re made of something otherworldly, you simply cannot imagine. Shall I bring up the water experiment, that hasn’t reached enough educated people’s ears yet? Or the rice getting moldy early or the plant that can’t grow when it’s treated like shit by the society I mean ignored and/or talked negatively to for the SAKE OF THE EXPERIMENT.

I digressed….

my bad…

He was talking about Chris Langan. Funny how things come my way but I won’t digress again. Ah, what the heck, let’s digress again. Why should I have to live in this strange world without witnesses? After much ado, (by ado I mean it’s hard for me to get rides anywhere to do things that no one but me and little dude benefit from), I was able to get to the library. I usually use my little radar when selecting books. That’s how I came upon Outliers. The other two books I picked up, in case you’re curious and because they may become relevant later as everything in my life eventually seems to, are Apothecary and Lost Hero. Why is this interesting? Because Langan just started doing stuff publicly again and without this book, they’d a been hard pressed to bring my attention there otherwise. Should I break down his name metaphorically for ya?


He’s an interesting character, I’ll link a video HERE. People have strong reactions to this one. He breaks a lot of spells with his presence, his story, for anyone who looks deeper than the superficial judgments. Like the author of that book. Langan grew up in poverty and all the assorted ugh that comes with it. But he has an IQ of 200 ish. We have a tendency to really love the meritocracy false narrative. We really want to think of ourselves as fair, just, smart, all for equal opportunity and all that jazz. Surely high intelligence is merit, right? We would want the best and brightest to bring their gifts to humanity’s table, right? If someone’s given a less than fair shake of the dice, the rest will pick up the slack because it’s the right thing to do when there is potential for making the world a better place?

It doesn’t work out that way. In fact, most people are highly intimidated by intelligence, by a knowing shining from the eyes of one who knows. Pretty normal reaction in the grand scheme of things … and yet, not good enough.

Anyways, nature has a way of balancing missteps in the equations of life. For that we should be grateful. From my perspective, what he’s been able to do and learn on his own probably outweighs anything that could have been accomplished within the confines of status quo. The good, the bad, the ugly. Just because nature does balance the equation, doesn’t mean we should all just ignore the obvious detriment that allowing the continuation of poverty mindset to go unabated will cause.

Does it make sense to clean up the water leaking from a broken kitchen pipe and leave the faucet running? You’d just be cleaning, endlessly. And that’s exactly the way we’ve been dealing with this shit. Our economic focus is absurd. But you want your house in the country and you want your car and your vacation and your knowledge and you want and you want and you want….

We can’t do without an economy and it’s going to take time to adjust the timelines that affect the most people unless we throw ethics out the window and guess what, we’re NOT throwing ethics out the window. So, that means dealing with racism, dealing with genocide, dealing with poverty. Period.

News Flash: You’re not trying to save the planet, you’re here to save humanity. The planet will rebound without us, that’s how it was made. That’s the little fucking catch people aren’t fucking getting. Buy another piece of plastic. Throw it away. Fill the oceans and rivers and lakes with the shit, the planet will bounce back after you all die cause you have nothing to drink!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, all the negative shit in the air from people suffering… you may not realize the effect it has on your intelligence so let me make it clear to you… you shut down, you escape, you stop trusting others and then yourself and because of that you then lose 85% of the information you need to ACCESS your full capacity. Why do these problems seem too difficult to solve? That’s why. You’re tired. And overwhelmed. Because people are in pain for no good or logical reason and blaming them for it is no longer working.

You do pull out of this. That’s still the writing in the field of potential but the amount of MENTAL work that goes into keeping that potential open while you continue to feed the vampires your blood, sweat and passions is getting fucking old.

Peace ❤

I still love you.


Beyond Fate

Close your eyes…

Are you still alive?

Take a deep breath

Breathe in…

Don’t forget to breathe out

Still there?

Still being?

Mystery solved?

What are you really scared of feeling…?

Cause it isn’t death you are fleeing.

That clock that keeps time

Does it know your fate?

Is it the tick or the tock

That makes you feel late?

For whose life is your time

Too little to waste?

Whose moment did you give up, fuck up, shut up in haste?


Earnestly ask…

For whose joy do you wait?

For what pleasure do you toil to taste

And are you sure…

You’ll still want it when you get there

Cause we all get there

We all get there


Time isn’t judging

And it doesn’t give a dime

It isn’t money and it can’t hear you whine

It isn’t life

It’s an object

A tool

A token device

The scorekeeper’s card

How often

How often

Did you kiss your wife

Did you offer sweet nectar

To a stranger in strife

Did you trouble or take

When you could’ve been great

Chosen to lead

The way of love

Eternal magistate

Flag waving you through

It’s heaven, no gates

Beyond time,

Beyond fates

The Universe of You

It’s Yours to Create

Healing the Wounded Healer


There are some wounds that leave me bereft, stuck in a loop of confusion, scraping at nothing trying to make sense of … and not use the words why bother. I think I mentioned a while back that I started seeing a new therapist. It helps some and doesn’t help in some other ways. I still feel largely disconnected and misunderstood and well, confused. I was curious why some old wounds were showing up again that I had thought I’d dealt with pretty well on both a psychological and energetic level. A little bit of research revealed we have one of those planetary alignments that dredge this stuff up.

I do tend to believe that many healers want to be healers because they experienced some form of trauma that required a thorough investigation. Finding useful tools, tricks, and reliable others to get through and rise above the tumult produces fruit that those with a compassionate heart will feel inclined to offer to others.

I imagine I am not the only healer type going through a deep cleansing, finding more layers to old wounds. I’ve observed that the retrieval of soul fragments and re-integration has also been a theme of this particular pattern of energy. I think I’ll do a separate post for soul fragments, it’s a lengthy concept to wrap one’s mind around.

An old memory was brought to the surface. I’ll take you through the memory and what I’ve adjusted, energetically and elsewise to address it yet again. At the end of the day, no matter what you have been through, a deep knowing that you are fully capable of healing, of being loved, of treating yourself with kindness, care and compassion, that you are equipped to ask for help and receive the help that is offered makes all the difference in the world. These are themes we as a collective turn to again and again. Each time, we get stronger in supporting one another and reducing the friction of unwanted energy blocks so that love and community and a thread of health flow more continuously.

How to be both empowered and have vivid memories of a complete lack of power. In other words, resolving a complex duality pattern.

First the feelings…

That sense of nobody loves me, nobody cares, no one sees me and if they do, they don’t like what they see, it is pervasive. An urgency to heal because if I don’t… but finding the strength to keep at it, some days. I spent my life, a pretty horrific life in some regards, attempting to make sense of things, (all that confusion and suffering and ignorance around me) through some spiritual lens, through some enlightened state of mind that could or would eventually produce a key that would get people to just simply give a shit about each other, and by each other, I think I must have meant me.

Going through some of the tougher and more painful memories of my life. Things that happened to me as a child, deep, traumatic wounds … juxtaposed a society that doesn’t want to hear about deep, traumatic wounds.

Then the memories attached to or what the feelings are directing me towards…

I was stranger abducted as a child. By the Grace of something I don’t claim to understand, I got away. Another little girl did not. I was relaying that story to my therapist. Recalling the fresh joy I had left the house with that day. So young. So innocent. So sure. To be met by a predator… it’s colored my life. It was some time before I told my family what really happened that day. Part of me decided it was my own fault for … knowing better than to go anywhere with a stranger ever… and yet, I did.

So, like children do, I internalized the shame, the guilt, the stupidity, the distrust of self and replayed and replayed and replayed the scenario out in my life. When I left the house that day, it was because I had “discovered” what I was going to be when I grew up – a journalist – and wanted to start practicing. I was going to draw the pictures since I didn’t have access to a camera and write about what I saw. You know that feeling, that immense relief and excitement that comes when you get a great idea, and feel empowered to accomplish it? That’s what I was feeling. I was maybe six, maybe seven. I was wearing the one matching outfit I owned. And he used the art as a way to invoke trust. “Oh, you’re an artist? You should talk to my mom, she’s an artist too.”

Little girl me, she thought, well look at that, I’ve already been discovered! Every time I have gotten close to a positive thing happening in my life, the fear, the buried trauma of that day resurfaces. I am a pro at self-sabotage cause protector me thinks success will bring the predators. It’s a hard one to overcome. It’s a hard one to make sense of.

Next the how is it still affecting me (what are the core beliefs it caused) where is there yet room to heal…

I see it playing out still, still don’t really know how to get beyond that loop, past that level of fear. My family didn’t react well in terms of support after it happened. It was kinda like it didn’t happen. Families struggling in poverty often don’t have the know how or resources or trust of the establishment to seek mental health in response to events of this nature. So, that’s why I’m as old as I am and have thirty some years of this horror show replaying, seeking intervention, rescue, a savior, traumatized repeatedly, saving myself repeatedly, the world at large invalidating the emotional wounds, repeatedly, rinse repeat.

Cause I was pretty fucking little to be saving myself. Pretty fucking little to understand how, why and what. Who to trust? How to trust?

I told my therapist that I thought a few of my intuitive gifts grew out of that experience. There were other violences, other confusing scenarios, and a child’s mind just isn’t equipped. So I learned to read energy. I learned to hide the innocence, the love, the deeply joyful and free me… I learned to hide her and keep her safe but I did not learn how to live.

I sacrificed nearly everything else to retain one little ounce of Heaven within. I thought for sure it would be valuable one day. When so many connections were made (thanks to social media) and people were talking about spiritual gifts and starting businesses helping people with them, I was so excited. Until I realized I still had too many fears to do the same thing. I still felt excluded, still felt not good enough, still wary of someone finding one of these deeper wounds.

Finally, breaking the cycle….

I’m digging deep to heal this one. The resounding vibration is shame. Healing shame is not easy. The tools that are helping me through this are: Sharing my story, validating the experience as genuine and painful and confusing. Asking for help and not feeling “less than” or believing the narrative that to need help is weakness. Self-care in the form of soothing music, brushing my dog, playing games with my little duder, making a point of doing things that are opposite to the emotion so I am able to access trust in my ability to comfort and meet my needs, it interrupts the sense of hopelessness that accompanies self-sabotage.

Energetically, I asked for support to go back to the event and bring the offender to a Galactic witness, to address the sense of guilt for not telling sooner. I asked that the other girl, the me that didn’t make it, be released and that her soul be prayed for. I released and severed the ties that bound any of us with faith and trust in the ability of harmonic and intelligent energy to set things right. I cut the ties that bound my gifts to this sense of betrayal or stories of ritual abuse and misuse of psychic transference. This morning my spirit animal totems showed up to reassure me. I close the healing with gratitude and acknowledgement.

We all have our stories. Some big and scary and horrible, others just a tiny sliver. That so many people are taking the time and finding the strength to heal themselves says a lot about how far we’ve come. From my own experience I know it was only in times I felt relatively safe that I was able to unpack some of the more yucky stuff. So THANK YOU to all the people using their time on planet earth to make it safe, secure and loving so these collective wounds of humanity can be healed. May your souls be blessed across all time and space.

Peace ❤

A couple videos that could assist:

Space Cleansing using energy from Gayathri Manthra

Space Clearing Transmission: Clear and Uplift Any Structure, Space, Land

Divine Self selfing

Where spirituality meets the modern world is just about the most confusing place to look at there ever was. We are living in a quantum world now and the difference between those who know that, those who understand how to be that and those who are completely unaware of what I’m speaking of, is quite astonishing. It is quite literally watching evolution in progress.

I’ve been thinking about the nature of intelligence as of late. How intelligence is affected by both karma and trauma. Where genetics and instinct fit in here is also quite interesting. The weirdest thing, if you step back some, observe from a non-immersed place is how all these things played out in the life you’ve been living.

Some days it simply amazes me that people have survived at all, other days I gape in amazement at what humans can do. Trying to release the grip of the old narratives so that they are not the means, methods and reasons I am creating in the now, affecting unconsciously the choices I make each day. Ugh. There are things that need to be said sometimes, things that need to be forgotten other times.

The world you know and understand is composed of three things, consciousness, energy and form. How consciousness is also energy and energy is also form is a bit of a mind stretch to understand when you’ve been exploring just form for soooooo long. The result, the effect, rather than the effect in the cause or effect and cause as one and the same. It’s worth getting silent every now and again to observe these processes within yourself.

We live in a world of many layers of intelligence. Insect intelligence, plant intelligence, animal intelligence and the many varying levels of human’s being intelligence. Humans being the intelligence they have consumed or the intelligence they have tuned into or the intelligence they create. That is the strange world of quantum reality.

Anyways, it’s hard to know and see these things, feel the all-pervasive peace that accompanies deep thought and silent observation. And also be a person who gets tripped up by the average, ordinary reality most people occupy. Or don’t. I have no idea. Such is the mindscapes and dreamscapes I occupy.

I know I still have some wounds to heal. Programming that is tough to overwrite. That bothers me too. To trust in the releasing, to let go and watch it all fall away, attempting not to fear the feeling of having no ground, no wall, no other for support. Beyond labels, beyond friction, beyond form. Release, transmute, release, transmute until even that becomes an oh well… drifting into nothingness and startling myself back… because I have to. But my soul is forever changed. Every time.

One of the worst things while I was homeless, bereft of almost all physical comfort, was that impending sense of life and death. Feeling on the brink of life and death and watching people’s reaction to that state I was in. Many of whom had the means to easily pull me back from the ledge, restore my physical life. Had the means, did not have the will. In retrospect I see why they didn’t have the will. Their minds couldn’t calculate fast enough. Can’t run a cost/benefit analysis on a soul because soul’s are infinite. Bodies that house souls are not however, and you’d be wise to start discerning the difference.

We’ve come to a place where most people’s minds can no longer keep up. Evolution. There is intelligence beyond the mind, just as the mind is intelligence beyond the bodily instincts. There is a doorway to infinite intelligence a few planes beyond the mind. Most people still think they’re just a body, just a brain. The phrase wolves in sheep’s clothing comes to mind.

I asked God once, what are you made of and the response was intelligence. I asked what is love…the response was intelligence. Food for higher thought. If love is intelligence and intelligence (not intellect, not mind) is love than couldn’t you literally gain intelligence by acts of loving-kindness, like fuel? It alone seems to rise humans above the animal food chain, allows you to navigate by means other than gut bacteria and reproductive drives. I know, it all just seems like talk … until you put it into practice, quiet your mind long enough to access that intelligence, and use that silence to really ponder what quantum reality and every spiritual tradition (interpreted correctly) suggests.

Find your soul, realize it is connected to the infinite soul, use it to redirect the body to a higher mode of functioning, remind your mind that it can take a break from its job of memory overlord and program your electromagnetic field to bliss.

OH! Someone found that article I mentioned a few days back. Over the Rainbow. (Thank you!!!) Good stuff. Be blessed.

We are love in motion, the Divine Self selfing 🙂 ❤



Thank you

There’s been a bit of some astrological pushing which may have kicked up a bunch of stuff you thought was long dealt with. I hope you noticed, as I did, that it was easier to navigate and feel for your centeredness.

Light body integration should be moving right along and nicely for those who have been on the path for awhile. What a blessed break from the old that is, am I right? Once you start clearing out the programming, the magnetic karmic sludge and can feel your truth again. Stellar, let me tell ya, this is some stellar awesomeness.

Radiant star children, you new earth creators, you Divine Heavenly love lights, let me offer my gratitude to your dedication. Your authenticity is stunning. Your vision most worthy. A hummingbird just came by to catch my eye and second that motion. And a million other things unsaid.

Be well. Drink deeply from the Light within. It is a fountain that never runs dry.

Peace ❤

[I wrote an article some time back, who knows how long ago and I can’t remember the name but in it I mentioned the feet of the Beloveds sending up sparks of light with every step they took. Here’s a video and most wonderful song for this moment for you to see exactly what that would look like. Keep your chins up Bridge Keepers. Many Blessings]