Quantum Shtuff

Got a little feedback from my Guides after yesterday’s purging and I feel a whole lot better. I guess it would be wise to clear up one misconception for those who just don’t know me well enough to know. When I said I don’t feel obligated to share certain things for free, I most certainly did not mean, hey give me money and I’ll tell you my secrets.

I most certainly do mean, that those who are disabled and living on the streets are given homes, shelter, community, opportunity. I also mean that those who have been self-medicating due to trauma or high sensitivity are given access to reliable rehabilitation that includes yoga, meditation, grounding, plant medicine, community and opportunity. My focus is on the land I occupy. I know we can do much more with our resources to help the least among us than we have.

I know that able-bodied and healthy minded people deserve to be paid a living wage that both allows them to afford the basics of HEALTHY food, adequate clean and safe shelter, access to clean and healthy water and the ability to put some time, money, energy aside to build and contribute to their dreams. I know that multi-generational poverty is a trauma that resonates in the field we all pick up on and experience and rather than numb ourselves to it, we need to start thinking outside of the box of illusions and heal this issue.

We need to provide spaces and places for children to hear stories other than conqueror and conquered. Spaced and places for children to be taught about empathy, intuition, connecting and living in harmony with mother nature and each other. I want children to be encouraged to develop their unique gifts, to never lose their creative genius, to never experience the hopelessness that comes from societal rejection due to their family’s income level. This is what I want in exchange. This is what I have always wanted. Beautiful souls wrapped up in dysfunctional lives to be freed. Those who have endured tests of faith to be rewarded without delay. Joy to be a possibility for all of mankind. This, my payment for services rendered.

None of this is easy to explain. We were trapped in an energetic matrix. There are a few different stories as to why and how this came to be. The easiest one to wrap our minds around can be described as a territorial dispute, a prepping of bodies for beings not biologically compatible with earth to occupy. That’s the short version. The release came by way of lining up those frayed ends. Finding the quantum coherence or to put it vaguely, the yin/yang of one point, reducing the karmic extension. Equalizing energetic locks and dams, rather than A being here and B being there, it was a lining up of A and B as a quantum (completed) potential.

There were stargates (for lack of a better descriptor) that were locked (for lack of a better descriptor) by way of binary code. Solving the riddles by way of quantum and metaphoric gap holding, completed “circuits” which allowed the energetic “puzzles” to be released/cancelled, thereby allowing us to expand beyond the energetic matrices of A or B and into multiple solutions despite the paradox (A and B rather than A or B). Like an electrical circuit where the positive and negative ends meet, using conscious energy to fill in the missing positive or negative without having to experience the positive or negative. Being a conduit through consciousness rather than the five senses.

Our planet contains a multitude of reminders by way of Ancient texts and sacred sites to unlock these solutions, to remind us of the keys and receptors within us. There is no such thing as junk DNA, it simply requires a “triggering” event which can come by way of resonance, resonance can come by way of accessing those inner dimensions, i.e. expanded consciousness. Those of us who were able to embody “beyond duality” were then able to anchor or ground or direct this into the crystal field of Gaia, of earth, so that it is able to resonate and provide opportunity for coherence for all who walk this planet. We have been far more advanced than this in previous times and those “memories” or evolutionary differences are absolutely accessible without having to have a cataclysmic or massive evolutionary trigger. This is what has been accomplished by humanity this go ’round even if it isn’t immediately apparent in your current reality. The codes to your advanced evolutionary ancestors are already within you, available by resonance.

Prophecy has been a big hang up because it set an A that would seemingly not be “complete” until B was experienced/observed. Some of those puzzles and gaps that needed to be filled were not fun or easy and whether or not I ever feel inclined or guided to explain the whole shebang, what some of us have taken on is yet to be determined, always with the highest good of all as the decision maker to that end.

Anyhoo…. Some of these things aren’t easy to describe, we don’t have a great vocabulary in English for dimensional shtuff but perhaps it is enough to trigger the remembrance and understanding that is needed.

Many blessings on our journey.


Dead Dads and Stuff

Part of me doesn’t even wanna write today. Part of me is a little girl today, mad and accusatory and judgmental. “They don’t deserve to know about my dad,” she whispers. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I’ve said a lot in these pages, the posts on this blog, close to 50,000 words. I said a lot in the book I wrote which less than fifteen people have read. I’ve said a lot for the last two and a half years on facebook. But the secrets so many want, those I have kept. Those I could not and will not give away for free. The secrets my dad and I uncovered. I’ll use them to change the world, but I don’t feel obligated to tell anyone exactly how that’s done. What reason have I been given to trust? Not enough.

I’m petulant today.

It has not been easy to watch people who have not walked the walk, get credit for being able to talk the talk. Hey, guess what, a tape recorder can do that and all it needs is a couple double A’s to keep it running. It has not been easy to watch people take credit, accolades and an extra piece or ten of pie for nothing more than seduction and glamour, the tools of vampires. It has not been easy to watch people fall for the same old ruse time and time again. It has not been easy to watch people demand signs and symbols and miracles instead of being the sign and symbol and miracle. It has not been easy to watch people who call themselves spiritual, enlightened, alchemists apply self-serving principals to those who are not getting their basic needs met. Lost in the programmatic hall of mirrors thinking you found the magic key. I asked my dad, from beyond the veil what he wanted to say, and there it is.

From my father I learned duality. I learned heaven and hell. I learned love and hate. He had those words tattooed on his knuckles, love on one hand, hate on the other. I also learned unconditional love. His were and may end up being the only eyes capable of looking at me that way. Looking, seeing, knowing the truth that lies in my soul, without fear or agenda or jealousy. Unconditional love. That’s a hard, bitter pill to swallow. My dad was a monster. He did unspeakable things. Atrocious. Vile. Violent. Over thirty years he spent this way, drunk, angry, mean enough to spend a season with the devil after he left this realm, smart enough to play a game of cards from that prison and concoct a plan to get the devil on my side.

When I was little, every birthday wish, every shooting star, every first star, every fluff of dandelion was spent on my father, on getting my daddy back. Thirty odd years, oppressed by his heritage, drunken Indian the script, he did the unexpected and God answered bigly. He surrendered. From living on the streets, from being left to die, outcast, condemned, the phone call signaling his death that we all tried not to wait for, it didn’t come. Around the same time that my oldest son was conceived, my dad uttered the prayer from his previously atheistic heart that changed literally everything. He offered what was left of his life to be of service to God, “kill me or use me, if you are real, do something, because my will is gone and I give up.” He said this prayer from a curb. The streets were his home and absolutely everyone had given up on him. My dad knew that without a smidgen of will in his bones, there would be no end to the misery he could wreak. “Maybe I am an alcoholic,” he thought. “If the wages of sin are death, why aren’t I dead yet,” he thought.

The same month my son was conceived, my dad started the journey back from hell, from alcoholism, from rage, from hatred. He was rescued. Our prayers were answered. A stranger got him a bed at the Christ Center, the homeless shelter with a program for recovering addicts. The doctor gave him the surprising news that his body was in perfect health. And for the next ten years, I had my daddy back. God gave him two directives, read the Bible and give. He didn’t tell him to go to church, he didn’t tell him to quit swearing, he told him to read and give and be the walking proof that he was.

I didn’t much care for the Bible prior to that. I had grown up with faith being fed to me, went to a Lutheran grade school, spent holidays at church, but my mom had spiritual gifts, so she never fully bought the dogma where it parted from innate (experiential) truth. I was free to be my weird little mystical self in a household where dreams gave you warnings and the spirits of your ancestors were present, ghosts and angels normalized even if understood in secret or private from a world asleep to the unseen realms.

I loved God, had many magical encounters with PEACE that words cannot convey. I always had a hold of that hand, my ears always tuned to that voice, but I did not care for the bible and I was more jealous and perhaps angry at the thought of Jesus having a closer relationship with God than me, than anything else. I was taught directly, what need did I have of the bible. Welp, as it turns out and after a couple years of redeveloping a relationship with my dad, I’d get my weekly or biweekly themes and lessons directly from God, tell my dad what I had been experiencing from my mystical perch and sure as shit, he’d have been reading about the exact same stuff in that book God told him to read.

I’ve been blessed hugely. My life has been extraordinary beyond words. I am petulant because I still don’t know how to convey or share the wisdom of these blessings, of the experiences I’ve had. But I suppose, one day at a time will have to do. The sharing will unfold and I will remain grateful that I was taught the multi-dimensional languages and I will use that gratitude to keep on praying that someday you will see yourselves and when you finally do, you will finally then, also see me.

Namaste. Happy Father’s Day.


If I had to sum up my story in 300 words or less…


The night was dark, her shoes were wet, and she was mad as hell. She used that anger to keep on walking and the walking to keep her fear at bay.

45th and Colter was no place for a woman with her figure to be walking alone through the shadows. Luckily, she didn’t know that. That might have been one notch on ye’ old fear belt, too many.

She wasn’t mad at anything in particular, unless you consider “everything” something in particular. Walking another few blocks, the rest of her senses finally started to kick back in. The adrenaline which fueled this attempt to take on the night, started to subside.

Her surroundings took on an eerie silence. Beyond the sound of her mighty heartbeat, the air seemed to be alive, straining to hear and make sense of this wild creature in its midst.

She felt the keen attention, the feeling of being observed, and panicked only slightly at her inability to locate its source. She paused, leaned into the silence, closed her eyes for a moment. She breathed deeply and felt for the first time, the one thing she had always craved.

She felt seen. Maybe even admired. She laughed out loud, joy and life flooding her veins, her very bones felt ready to burst. And the silence retreated to hide from her power awakened.


Many blessings on your journey. Peace ❤

Jayson and The Stranger

Here’s a little short story for ya, just for something different and a hope that it will drown out the sound of people arguing over whether or not spiritual/energy workers and artists should be paid for what they do. Same old program that gets run every new moon. Peace ❤

Jayson looked up from his book. The memory of last night carrying him off into reverie. There was no way for his mind to really make sense of it. Returning to the scene again, engulfed him in the feelings of that moment. Feelings he wished to never forget. Even the air in his stuffy room smelled better, the light from his dim lamp somehow brighter every time he vividly replayed the images from his supernatural encounter.

He had been walking home from the 7-Eleven, dusk was beginning to settle. There was a little bounce to his step for no particular reason. The birds were busy chirping their kids to bed, the air held that “anything is possible”, spring time kind of vibe and laughter rang in the background.

A little girl in a pink dress was running down the block up ahead. Her brown curls flying behind her reminded some part of his soul what freedom felt like and he smiled an inner smile. Before the smile had a chance to reach his lips the girl had reached the corner. She didn’t stop. She didn’t look. And he was three quarters of a block too far away to do anything about it.

He shouted, “NO!” and took off running. Someone scooped the little girl up and brought her back to the curb. That someone seemed to appear out of thin air. The stranger held the little girl’s hand, crouched down to her height and was speaking gently, calming.

He looked up at Jayson who had arrived, chest heaving saying, “Oh my God, Thank you! I thought…” he could only shake his head, not wanting to speak the words.

A car zoomed up, nose pointing toward the corner, a frantic woman raced out before it had even stopped moving. Embracing the little one, tears streamed from the woman’s wild eyes, “Becca, oh my God, Becca! Are you all right?” She held the girl firmly. The driver of the car, an older woman, came over and held both mother and child. “Becca, you can’t do that! You had us scared to death!”

Jayson and the stranger backed up slightly, giving the family room to reunite. The shaken trio only vaguely registered their presence. The rescuer gently touched Jayson’s arm and nudged him away from the scene, “we should leave them be now. Crisis averted.” Seeing the clarity in the blue green eyes fixed on his, Jayson nodded and they began walking away.

“You all right?” the rescuer asked. Jayson let out the breath he didn’t realize he was holding and came back to his senses. “You look a little shaken up, mind if I walk with you?”

“No. That’d be great,” Jayson replied. “Thank you,” he added as an afterthought.

The two walked on in silence. When they reached his apartment, Jayson struck out his hand said, “Thank you again. Really.”

“No thanks necessary, but, you’re welcome.”

Before he could stop himself, Jayson blurted out, “You just came out of nowhere, like an angel or something”. He chuckled, “are you an angel?”

The stranger cocked his head, a small grin tugging at the corners of his mouth, light seemed to dance from his eyes. He paused, and the silence grew between them.

Jayson stared. What started as a question in jest, now seemed necessary to know the answer to. He waited in the stretching silence.

The stranger blew out a breath, scratched the back of his head, seeming as human as ever and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know, to be honest.” He looked off in the distance for a moment as if searching for words and shook his head, laughing slightly.

“Yea, I really don’t know,” he repeated and continued to look off in the distance. He shook his head again, the light still twinkling from his eyes. “As far as I know, I’m just a regular guy,” he said. “But I do seem to have a knack for showing up at the right place and time… uh… a little more often than…uh…than one would expect.”

Jayson met the man’s eyes and a deep well of peace and love washed over him. He searched the strangers penetrating gaze as he struck out his hand and enclosed Jayson’s with both of his. Patting Jayson’s shoulder and releasing his grip, he turned to leave. “My grandma used to tell me we’re all angels in training. Maybe I’m just a little further along than most.” He smiled. And with that, he took his leave and ambled off down the sidewalk.

Violet Flame Request

Shadow work

As much as possible, shadow work is a necessary and individual process. It is one of the premiere allies to truly experienced free will. There are however, times and circumstances, which require a collective approach to bringing to light something that has the potential for harming the collective frequencies if unchecked. I spend a lot of time doing shadow work of that nature.

For the last few weeks I’ve had a recurring experience. When I go into a meditative or trance state I bump into a “firewall” of projected images. The images are pretty awful and always the same involving my eyes getting hit or harmed. What I know about psychic warfare, has led me to investigate this further. I asked my helpers to show me the source of the trespass. And son of a bitch if it didn’t bring me to a child. Further investigation and inquiry and multiple steps taken to remedy the situation has resulted in a request from a Higher Authority to report it. Bring it to the LIGHT. So here I am and here we are.

Brain washing and using psychically attuned children as a weapon. May the violet flame of “how stupid do you have to be” consume all distortions related. May the souls of these children be under and only under the guidance of the Supreme Soul with only their Oversoul as intercessory. May we all pray and support these children’s return to full health and stability and all related activities be dealt with in accordance with common sense, otherwise known as Universal Law, otherwise known as “what the fuck is wrong with you”.

In Jesus’ name I will to pray for swift enforcement of binary code to delete these realities. May God have mercy on your souls.



Man, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve held the force that is the destroyer back, soothed that soul, transmuted that righteous anger, asked for more time. If I had a dollar. If I had a dollar.

Moving energy through chasms of miasmas, seeking out the refuge, the places of least resistance where the purifier may roam free and land without torment.

Aye, why do I do it.

I understand remorse. I’ve read the book on remorse. I’ve clambered through the chambers of one second too late.

And yet… they wait. They see. They hear. They know. They wait. They plan. They plot. They hold back. They gamble. They gamble with your fate, feeling free in their lack thereof. They generate hate to get the destroyer to complete their self-initiated demise. I will not. You will face your own temptate. You will face it a thousand times, a thousand days, a thousand ways but you will not negate the life that seeks to perpetuate.

Aye, I have become and Bid welcome to the ONE who truly can CREATE.


Heaven on Earth

What does that mean? We say it a lot, but how many have investigated, plumbed their little heart spaces, to actually get at the meat of that sentiment? Heaven on earth. This phrase means many different things to each of us. For some it means unity. Can you experience unity in suffering? Yep, you can. You can experience unity in the circle of life and death. For some it means no suffering. But I look at that and my logical mind says, well, death also provides no suffering and I don’t really think that’s the goal. It sure as shit isn’t my goal. For some it means justice. But justice, as a word, has also become a bit convoluted hasn’t it?

Let’s take a look at that word, justice. Common understanding of the word justice includes:

1 a : the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments meting out justice social justice

b : judge a supreme court justice —used as a title Justice Marshall

c : the administration of law a fugitive from justice; especially : the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity a system of justice

2 a : the quality of being just, impartial, or fair questioned the justice of the their decision

b (1) : the principle or ideal of just dealing or right action (2) : conformity to this principle or ideal : righteousness the justice of their cause

c : the quality of conforming to law

What does “just” mean?

Definition of just

1 a : having a basis in or conforming to fact or reason : reasonable had just reason to believe he was in danger

b : conforming to a standard of correctness : proper just proportions

c archaic : faithful to an original

2 a (1) : acting or being in conformity with what is morally upright or good : righteous a just war (2) : being what is merited : deserved a just punishment

b : legally correct : lawful just title to an estate

Within these definitions are a whole bunch of things we don’t currently agree on. We have culturally unique interpretations of “law”, of righteousness, of morality, of “correctness”. So, how then, could we expect to experience “Heaven on earth” if our definitions of what that looks like have yet to be agreed upon? Language barriers make it very difficult to attune to an overarching conceptualization of what justice reads as, in terms of energy signature. It is ephemeral, it is moving, it shows up where/when/how it is needed. What is just in one situation is not necessarily what is just in another. Do we even know justice when we see it?

For some people, justice means that people on a spiritual path should become detached from all things material, taking vows of poverty and asceticism. For some people, justice means that those greedy materialists finally get their comeuppance by some roving band of spiritual ninjas or the Almighty Hand of God. For some people justice means you get what you deserve.

This is what our society has been built upon. If you are dumb enough to fall for a lie, you deserve to be taken advantage of. If you don’t work hard enough to break out of your chains, you deserve to be chained. If you are not smarter than your masters, you deserve to be a slave. If you break a law, no matter how corrupt the lawmaker was or how immoral the law is, you deserve to be punished. If you don’t get caught breaking a law no matter how corrupt the action, you’re good to go.

Justice by these terms, means to imply that good things only happen to good people and bad things only happen to bad people. Is that rational? Is that reasonable to believe? We’ve all seen supposedly bad things happen to good people and supposedly good things happen to bad people. Perhaps if we take time and intention out of the equation this would be justice but without doing that, what we are looking at is an accounting system (with life and death consequences) built on faulty logic.

The Sanskrit word means health, happiness, welfare. I think “faithful to an original” is also a hardy use of the term. Without these roots, and the intention their vibration offers, justice becomes simply another tool, without value until used and the potential for misuse inherent.

I think Heaven on Earth does contain an element of just-ness. And I do think Heaven is very present everywhere if we choose to be one with sensing it. Getting clear on what JUST means, may make this a lot easier. It sure as shit will let you know how little you know. And let me tell you something, accepting how little you know is the first step towards freedom. With that step you will see, if I am only now aware of how little I know and I made it this far… how much better is this going to get? And whoa does the Universe have some absolutely beautiful unheard of ways of showing you the answer to that one.

So if I had to sum up in a brief statement what Heaven on Earth looks like to me, to the child within that has constantly cried out “when is it going to get better”, it would be that we stop feeding our children the fruit of strife and envy. So many of our young ones are growing up and have grown up in the midst of these.

How to stop it? How to genuinely examine how much of our time is spent cultivating the tree of strife and envy when just two clicks away is the tree of Life which is Peace and when our eyes are actually opened, the understanding that we too are trees. Trees of hope, trees of abundance, trees of joy and sunshine and laughter and goodness. The same air, water and spirit that feeds the tree of discord feeds our trees as well. We must simply wake up to what we are eating from and more importantly what we are feeding to our children.

Are you consuming envy? Strife? You may think that because you live in a comfortable home, make a decent income, don’t yell at your kids that you have done your due diligence. I humbly ask that you take one more look and be certain that you are not inadvertently or surreptitiously feeding strife by way of envy through your child to the classmate or teammate who goes home after nine hours of hard school to get yelled at and frightened or ignored by an overly stressed parent. Extend your compassion beyond your front door. It does make a huge difference.

I think we’ve all had enough dog eat dog and do it right or be punished. Because the truth of the matter is, we all come into this world innocent. You want to dig up your past lives, blame karma, what have you, that is your choice, but we have absolutely zero way of justifying that mindset. It is conjecture. We are here and now and here and now is what we should be focusing on. From the here and now, all children come into this world innocent, blameless, free.

A full recognition of that and all that it implies, will change the world.

If we are brave enough.


Ministering Spirits

I just want to touch on a couple of things. A recurring pattern that emerges each time a major shift presents itself. Rather than get into the hows and whys of it, I’d rather offer a way to deal with it. I guess there is an important point of consideration I should bring up first, a deeper understanding of energy. As a spiritualist and not a scientist, the vocab words may be a little different but the result is the same, just keep that in mind.

Our lovely planet, at it’s surface, holds a negative “charge”. This energy is felt and fed upward through the lower chakras. In those societies that have been bombarded with sexual imagery and power dynamics, these energies coming up from the planet, meeting these frequencies, then empower that mode of operation. If you can imagine seeing people walking around with their lower and upper halves out of alignment, their torso and head about a foot off from their hips, legs and feet, that’s the image I get.

Here’s the thing, when you are consciously attending to higher octaves, frequencies, spiritual dynamics that are above the purely physical, these positively charged ions can meet in the middle with the planetary frequencies and where they meet, can grow and empower your fusion engine, your heart in alignment with your soul.

Being a healthy conduit and anchor for these extremely fast moving charged particles, requires a bit of intentional grounding and an awareness of how these energies work. I believe this is at least partially why we keep experiencing what some describe as attacks and fear mongering when these big waves come in. Those lower 3 chakras are getting “charged” so to speak.

We have been behaving for a long time as if material and spiritual were two separate existences. They are not. We are composed of energy. We navigate, glue, bind or release these “opposing” forces, guiding with our conscious awareness, dynamically so, when will is added to the equation. Being in awareness and alignment with Divine Will allows for the preparation and knowing of where and how to move these energies for the greatest good.

Keeping your heart focused and in alignment when out and about and among people who have been operating from these lower 3 chakras will help them harmonize and balance these upper chakras. You having your heart chakra activated and large is enough for them to sense, finally, their own upper levels of awareness. In many cases, intentionally or not, they have been cut off from Source, from Soul, from abundant Love and simply need a reminder that it is very real and very much does exist.

As change continues to occur, there may be periods of discomfort and discomfort and change has long been programmed as something to fear. As lightworkers and wayshowers, it would be helpful to remain PRESENT and in alignment during these fluxes. Holding sacred space as people adjust their own frequencies and align themselves finally having a mirror that is not distorted. It is a gift each one of us bring to the table. Being grounded, clear minded, present, these are the tools of ministering spirits. As ministering Spirits you bring love and comfort rather than the fearful and abrupt awakening some of us went through. The difference between waking up to the BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP of an alarm versus the sun caressing your face and the song of the birds in your ears.

Don’t be as concerned with flooding a person with information or “catching them up” as you are with flooding them with love and assurance. Release the judgments and stories you used to navigate the mind fields and simply appreciate their presence and unique perspective. Perhaps your successful navigation of all those mind tortugas means they don’t have to, they can start their journey where you are now, rather than where you once were, just as those who came and went before us, gave us a further starting point. This is the essence of human nature, to love and nurture, guide and learn from each other. Keeping this in mind, we advance and expand very quickly.

Be good to each other. A new dawn is here and now and quite lovely.

Over the Rainbow

You ever feel like writing a song across the sky, a musical crescendo that lets everyone know you are here, you are awake, you got this thing on lock. Ever feel that way and then watch as the sky changes color, shape and volume while you look on in splendor, with pleasure, of Grace.

You ever feel like picking the water up and cascading along the surface of the earth in a dance of waves and majesty, spinning, swirling, holding close, the in and out dance with water, ballerinas in ecstasy.

You ever feel like stretching your arms and wings and heart so wide the earth beneath you and the mountains wake up to become one with your embrace.

The will of the elementals are in harmony with the Divine. It is easy to play with them for they love the play of the Divine, to be seen, to be invigorated with the vitality of Goddess knowing.

The trees know how to breath water.

The mountains know how to move people.

The air cleanses and engulfs with flames of purity.

Every knee shall bow.

Every back shall straighten

Every chord shall be heard.

Before me, I see all distorted waves passing through the mind center being dissolved. I see hearts and higher octave chakras opened, great circles of light expanding. I see joy like bubbles of light and shimmering radiance erupt from earth, from every place the feet of you, the Beloveds, touch. I see your vivacity causing all of Creation to stop, while Time itself bows it’s head, bends it’s knee, and weeps at the glory of your awakened soul. Be free now. Be love now.

Convo with Pele

Where Myth and Reality Intersect

Welp… this one is gonna be weird but I’m gonna do it anyways. With some of the bigger events that occur here, past, present, future… a little sprinkle of what some refer to as myth allows for a better, individualized and unique understanding to be achieved. Yay diversity. In other words, I’m going to use the words that make sense to me and I’m going to trust you to use your discernment in translating them into your vehicle of knowing.

So much has occurred over the past little while. Many things that will come out and be talked about as the weeks and summer progress. We are at a new level of understanding that despite linguistic differences is felt and resonating within en total.

I had a conversation with Pele today. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help. She asked for water. Drank, in fact, 3 of the glasses I brought her, the last of which came from my fountain, that water that courses between my God and me.

A short time before the physical/material effects of this eruption manifested, we had cleared some ancient yuck. A seam was opened to release what needed to be released. Today, she asked for the rest of it. The rest of it, because it needed to happen, had to do with those who would harm innocence purposely (the darkest of dark, the dumbest of dumb, those who would worship their own vileness). I witnessed giant bags of those who did that brought to her, dumped into the ancient, churning flow and then saw as that seam closed afterwards.

Strange stuff. The new “low” is now quite a bit higher than it once was and I will to say thank you to those who held that new low field so balance could be maintained thru this clearing, this much needed purification. I know it’s not the funnest position for a human to be in. Please accept an extended gratitude for your service.

I guess the only thing that remains to be said is a reminder and warning, sometimes those who would seek knowing through “divination” did not always access “future events” so do not consider yourself beholden to their “predictions”. Perhaps the best way to understand that is to accept time as multi-directional navigation. If you have not experienced something in your “reality” and think “linearly” you really have no way of knowing if what you are conjuring an image of, is something “new” or something that has already occurred for others. Keep this in mind when you hear people talk about prophecies and great calamity. We are strong enough to pull through these changes without losing our common sense. That is why we lead with and from the heart.

When you are firmly present in this now, where we are, our combined humanity is more than capable of accessing the levels of consciousness needed to bring great new ways of beingness to our shores without adding sorrow to our plates. It might take quite a bit of finesse but that’s why we’re here, right? To compose a new song and by Grace, to also be the first to hear it.