Thank you

There’s been a bit of some astrological pushing which may have kicked up a bunch of stuff you thought was long dealt with. I hope you noticed, as I did, that it was easier to navigate and feel for your centeredness.

Light body integration should be moving right along and nicely for those who have been on the path for awhile. What a blessed break from the old that is, am I right? Once you start clearing out the programming, the magnetic karmic sludge and can feel your truth again. Stellar, let me tell ya, this is some stellar awesomeness.

Radiant star children, you new earth creators, you Divine Heavenly love lights, let me offer my gratitude to your dedication. Your authenticity is stunning. Your vision most worthy. A hummingbird just came by to catch my eye and second that motion. And a million other things unsaid.

Be well. Drink deeply from the Light within. It is a fountain that never runs dry.

Peace ❤

[I wrote an article some time back, who knows how long ago and I can’t remember the name but in it I mentioned the feet of the Beloveds sending up sparks of light with every step they took. Here’s a video and most wonderful song for this moment for you to see exactly what that would look like. Keep your chins up Bridge Keepers. Many Blessings]




Bear with me, I have to write something out here because the confusion is a little… well, I’m ready to be done with it.

It is true that I have struggled with understanding other’s sovereign independence and how that relates to me and my sovereign independence in what seems to me a shared space with shared agreements. Getting the finer points of frequency adjustment is like trying to understand PhD level calculus times twenty thousand. It seems as if only one itty bitty part of me “gets it” and the rest is like nope, too hard, go away.

I’m trying, anyways. It’s like I’ve lived multiple lives and levels at the same time and sometimes figuring out which life and level to pull on for assistance isn’t obvious on first pass. I’ll give you an example of what I’m talking about.

Lately I’ve been cruising along studying and clearing some 6th dimensional shtuff. This realm also includes the likes of the deeper Jesus teachings, Vedanta and enlightenment. So much of what we long thought was the whole reason for being here, and those with Galactic know how know this too is only part. Only …. Part….

Anyhoo, embodiment is going well. We took my son out for his birthday. I had literal fun. I was literally enjoying myself. I made real, from the heart, jokes. It seems eons ago since I was effusively happy in public and not feeling like I was “working”. By working I mean specifically in a situation or place to raise the vibration or hold the field or bar some negative nelly from harming an innocent. In other words, weird angel stuff that still barely makes sense to my own mind. Things I usually only realized happened after the fact when some little part of me said, now that sure as shit didn’t make sense and I’d have to replay the tapes in my head to see the how’s, why’s and what for’s.

One of the harder things I’ve been attempting to heal from is what is best described as victim mentality. That feeling of being subject to the mal will of others. I can rise above it, like anyone else, when everything is smooth and peaceful but there remains some confusion. There remains a point where no part of it makes sense. Some will chalk it up to vibration, to seeking experience, to Divine play, to karma, to resonance.

I get stuck on….What kind of sense does it make for someone who has been hurt to continually be hurt while they are trying to heal? What I know about the Universe is that there is an underlying logic and order to it, even if it isn’t always perceptible to the mind. Things aren’t brought together willy nilly because you have a random thought. God, could you just imagine what that world would actually look like? Ever pay attention to your thoughts? I mean, really pay attention? Most of the thoughts that come across your mindscape aren’t even your own. Person or being who controls the most thought forms wins? How ludicrous. What rational being would ever subject themselves to life lived as a result of transient thought and even more transient emotion?

So… victim mentality. Fear. Recurring themes. I’m feeling pretty good, pretty stable, like I’ve turned a leaf and then I got blasted by my neighbor this morning. And this is where I get confused. She suggested to me that we could expect another rent increase. It would be the fourth in a year since the new owner took over. Have I healed yet from the trauma of living outside and ridiculed for disability induced poverty? Is this the spiritual lesson? To understand the mindset that will charge more while giving less just cause they can? To get pushed painfully into my next adventure? What is it? And why? If I get sad about it will that lower my vibration and make things even worse? Is validating my feelings and confusion a bad idea? Is this another round of “oh ye of little faith”? Have I not been through enough of that to last everyone ten thousand lives? Have I still not accepted “help”?

Simultaneously, two other weirderies came across my whatever this is… who can even say anymore…

I’m putting them here and I am asking for the energetic and spiritual love and support to get me through this hurdle. I’m sick and tired of being afraid and confused and then afraid that my confusion and imperfection will create some kind of stupidity and so on and so on and so on. Done.

My life has had more synchronicities than you’d believe. There has nary been the case where synchronicity wasn’t the norm rather than highlight. I’ve been a bit reserved and held to myself lately. I get sick of playing the notice me game, and just need to not play every once in awhile. I do still, however, peruse my subscriptions here. Why? Ugh. Nonetheless, my little eyes settled on a headline, something along the lines of some or other royal something or other. Georgia, Charlotte and Eugenie. Probably seems like nothing to write home about, right? Except my mom’s name is Georgia, my sister’s name is Charolotte and my deceased uncle’s name is Gene.

And yesterday, oh yesterday. Yesterday, a recommended video popped up while I was taking a break from a playlist on the Vedas I’ve been working my way through. A new Pokemon has been found it said. A new Pokemon named Meltan. Here’s a pic. Notice the view numbering. Oh, did I forget to mention that Mel is the first part of my name and tan is the first part of my partner’s name? Silly me.

new pokemon

Weirdness upon weirdness. I’d really like to have a homestead now. How do I make that appear in my reality? It’d be a lot more helpful than getting a pokemon named after us.

Is this just another day in paradise ….?

Peace ❤

A Sunday Poem

The whirlwinds and eddys pool at your feet

Gather at the edges of your garments

Staring into your abyss

With longing

With longing

Eyes adrift of any but home

Home where I am

Home where I am

Do you see the madmen run

The madmen who have

Thrown off their garments

Their allusions of success

Fancy words and formal dress

Drenched in bliss

Wearing only Love’s mist

Running free through the streets

Their Divine Self, unencumbered

Proprietary works canned and outnumbered

Shackleless beings of wonder

They call you from your slumber

And dance to the sound of invisible rain

Life, alive unbound and unchained

Free from the illusory world

of the never-sane

Here is where we play

And we play

And we play

Come home




Happy Trails

There was a bit of an exclusionary vibe floating through the air, seems to be passing right now, as these things do. Suppression, repression, oppression, the essions. Weird little so and so’s aren’t they? They seem to be best friends with exception, rejection and misdirection, the ections. It’s kinda like looking at the skid mark a tire leaves behind and arguing over what kind of car it was and how fast it was moving. Instead of… instead of… instead of…

Beyond all that confusion, love abides and never doesn’t abide. When you realize that and learn to believe it to the point you are no longer spending your life looking for it, testing it, denying and doubting it, you’ll be driving your own car. Actually what you’ll do is wake up behind the driver’s seat of an already moving vehicle and have to get it together real quick so you don’t go off the road. Don’t worry. You won’t. The road is an illusion 🙂

You can attract and repel and choose and reject to your little heart’s content, but you cannot be what you are not. And you are not separate from the whole. You have no enemies, you have trauma. Hold fast to your vision for better. For even better. One thing I learned in all my Reiki classes …you can have wounds that show up almost as if inherited and it can cause you to do the same old same old, replaying some other time and place’s script. Focus your consciousness just a titch past that level so you can see the freedom from those restrictions that actually exists and pull in the healing to correct and repair.

One of the people we healed in a practice session kept getting repeatedly hurt in the same spot, from banging it against a table to a ball getting thrown right there, one thing after another in the same place, over and over. It had become magnetized to “wound”. Emotional wounding or genetic “wounding” can cause the same problems. These can be and should be healed, re-polarized if need be.

I observed a new layer of awesomeness come in a few days ago, but time is mostly nonexistent these days, coulda been a week ago, could be happening in your next week. Try to keep things simple as the vibe seems rather magnetic and hot and by hot I mean short and by short I mean I saw some homies from heaven today, as if we looped a whole life cycle in about a week.

Anyways, those wounds that haven’t been dealt with could be getting loud, especially if they are magnetized. See an energy healer. Just had to see one myself the other day because pain was off the charts. We all have our jobs to do, so keep your vibes up and send out some Divine thank you’s to those holy holders of your fields. Send out some loving and peaceful prayers to uplift those young ones who are awake but may not know how to communicate about it or have anyone nearby that understands. Things get adjusted, life gets a little intense for a minute. But you’re going to be all right. And I’m going to be all right. And we are all awesome loving souls singing each other awake. In fact, we are one soul, so ginormous we forget sometimes.

“I love you big toe,”

“I love you too thumb, pass it on” and on and so on and so on.

Peace ❤

Even Better

Sometimes it feels like I was the first awake and sometimes it feels so brand new I musta been the last. Either way, I love to watch you play. Dancing to sweet tunes in the astrals. Smells like …

Many blessings and many thank you’s.

Always ❤


Love, Life and Ethics

Sometimes I just don’t know how to relate to other people. Language is such a cumbersome communication tool. If everyone could just be as awesome as my dog. I jest. But you get my meaning. Or don’t. Cause language.

I’ve been thinking about evolution. Thinking about our human condition and the history of everything. Trying to find the sweet spot. The forgiveness and grace that will lead back around to connection. The sense of abandonment sucks ass.

Spiritually speaking, I’m on Rockstar mode. Things are moving right along, clearing and healing shit probably isn’t even mine to clear and heal. For who? For what? Because it always circles back to the obvious. The choices that were made to ensure some sense of balance, to shake the bonds of materialism only to find it is too much for most to bear.

I woke up this morning, seeing so precisely the contents of this form. The True Self, the non-material Being observing with clarity. But the purpose for the interface still eludes me. I can’t quite get over the sense that there is some key yet missing.

Anyways, ascension, portals, non-linear knowings. None of it matters in the least if we don’t -on all levels- really get the lesson that is love. Tell me, how does love relate to death? To the end of a thing or the abandonment of a thing or the material of a thing? What point of life where love is not understood? Byproducts? Accidents? Cosmic collisional oopsie daisies?

I watched a video some time back. A whole bunch of the latest and greatest was presented to the Dalai Lama. One of the dudes on there said we’ve found the technology to reverse aging. Someone could live hundreds of years. The Dalai Lama’s reaction was interesting to me. He said something along the lines of they’ve been studying this in India for thousands of years, no one has been able to live past a hundred and some odd years.

I guess I would have to point out to him that there have been many, many a prayer towards immortality. I’ve heard it repeated quite endlessly. Perhaps the perspective on how that prayer was or is possible to be answered, came in unexpected ways. Prayers are powerful. It is part of the great Mystery. That’s what I would say.

To those contemplating the ethics of it, the what do we do now, from our seeming loop of singularity. This is going to be hard to perceive but there is not one singularity. Contradiction in terms, I know. Yet, true. The where’s and how’s work out and the way they work out is faith. The centered Beingness. The illumined knowledge of no knowledge. The expanding and contracting. It is immutable. So… help where you can and don’t be dumb about it. That should be clear enough, right? All things work for good for those who Love Him. You can take that one to the bank.

I’ll write more when I’m feeling more articulate and less obtuse. In the meantime, know there is love and it is because of you that there is.

Peace and many blessings on our journeys.

Om shanti shanti shanti


“Jesus made me do it” :)

Birth of a Universe

There’s a story that’s been playing background music in my mind. Somewhere and somehow this story relates to a dream I had the other night. In the dream I had strung together some of the most raggedy assed wires or strings you ever did see right on a piece of wood that looked like a 1 x 1, 12 inch long or so block of nothing special.  Raggedy ass strings on raggedy ass wood but when I strummed them the most beautiful music was played. Really, there is no way one would imagine any sound at all coming from the thing, let alone actual melodies. I didn’t have to try, didn’t have to play in any particular way, I just moved the strings and a song was heard.

So, here is part of my story I never tell anyone. It is about the time that Jesus took over my body for a while to teach my dad and I some stuff. Took over my body sounds bad. I was still present. I wasn’t possessed. But channeling doesn’t seem to quite explain the whole truth of it. We were both there. My ego and mind had to take a step back so that “He” could speak. So, channeling …but of an energy that is well beyond what a body can normally take. I think I was awake for nearly a week straight, not tired. I’d get “guided” to take a nap and after about fifteen minutes, I was fully rested and I’d take two to three of these a day. I didn’t eat much that I recall because I didn’t feel hunger.

Towards the end of that intense week, my dad and the woman he was married to wanted some time alone. So I took my step-brother, who was ten or eleven at the time, out for a drive. The home they lived in was in the middle of farm country Wisconsin and it was winter. That beast of a vehicle was almost on empty, I’d realize too late. It was night, a Sunday night. We drove. Eventually, the car ran out of gas. I decided cars didn’t need gas to run, started it up, went a little farther. After about the third time, it stopped and didn’t start again. Luckily, or benevolently, where it stopped was at the edge of a driveway. Houses in farm country are often over a mile or more apart. It was cold, cold, well below zero. I prayed and pondered what to do.

I wrapped a blanket around the little guy and we walked up to the house. There were five large dogs doing what watch dogs do which is how I knew there was a house there. I told the child as long as he was under the blanket, they wouldn’t harm him. And they didn’t, though they barked ferociously and nipped at the blanket a couple times. We entered the porch of the house. A couple more dogs in there, one very, very large, but quite aware and so didn’t object or even bark at our presence. We knocked. No answer. We entered the house and called out. No one was home.

There were more dogs in the house. All but one little tiny son of a gun were chill. That little tiny son of a gun bit my finger. I was bending down towards it. Should’ve known just to let it bark but I didn’t and I got a nasty bite. The walls were covered with Christian sayings, crosses, Jesus this and Jesus that. We looked for the phone, attempted to call out and could not get a dial tone. It was getting pretty late. The only option was to wait for the owners to come home.

It was after ten and we had been there for a couple hours. The little guy was scared and wanted to go home. I prayed again. We went out to the porch. I saw keys hanging. I wrote a note, put the keys to my vehicle on top of it, explaining that we had run out of gas, etc, etc and went outside. We jumped into a truck which had keys in the ignition. I had no idea where we were but somehow that little child directed us back to his house.

We were there for what seemed like only 10 minutes when police cars pulled into the driveway. Ten minutes. It didn’t even seem real. In fact, they showed up about two seconds after my dad said it was a felony.

Anyways, normally country people look out for one another. Apparently, the way I had signed the note had pissed the owners off. I guess I might have said something about Jesus being back. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut about spiritual stuff. I might have learned too well.

Any rational, reasonable person wouldn’t expect me to put the kid’s life in danger walking miles in below zero weather without protection. My vehicle and keys were left, and who the hell would maliciously steal something and leave their (better) vehicle AND phone number? A quick flip of the ignition would have proven my story accurate. They got mad that I said Jesus was back. They got pissed and scared and came for blood. So I went to jail that night. Me and Jesus. We went to jail cause we pissed some Christians off. Ironic isn’t it? It’ll make you laugh really hard when you see God’s humor in it. Oh, that motherfucker can tell a good one.


Some of the things that happened while I was in jail are not relevant to the story. There was a young woman in there that needed a hand. We gave her a hand. It was about 6:30 Friday evening. I had told her when she was done crying, we would be let go. It took her until then, past the time any court should have been convening. Nonetheless, we went to court and were released.

The whole thing is bizarre in ways I haven’t been able to describe because I simply stopped talking about it. I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about it. I’m sitting here shaking having said this much. The week leading up to it, and the week after when another tug on my spiritual heart ended with me going to the hospital and being put on civil commitment. When I say I want a sangha, when I say I want to be around people who understand, it is to heal these deeper traumas. I don’t know that it is possible for someone who has not had as intense a spiritual experience to view this accurately. To understand the necessary components that make it a tangible spiritual experience rather than mental health crisis. Or the mental health crises that have occurred as a result of attempting to shut this from my reality.

Anyways, I was listening to a talk about Sri Ramakrishna and it gave me the courage to say this much. Perhaps, it will be the doorway to the rest of my healing. Where I am able to stay grounded without having to invalidate my truth or hide my Light to do so.

Peace and many blessings ❤

Root Chakra

I want to write, started five posts in the past week or so. Changed my mind. More comes up, more goes. Sit down to write. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet. Downloads. Healing. Flush. Emotions they come and then emotions they go. How to put all that has occurred in the last ten days down to words? Is it a sigh or a deep breath? It is both.

Been cleansing the root chakra. Been learning how to navigate the flower of life. Found a couple more soul fragments. Been forgiving what I had previously not even been able to look at. Forgiving myself while also validating that I did the best I could with what I knew when I knew it. It is a cumbersome and vulnerable (while also strangely powerful) state to be in. The realm of my own truth. The cave of my Beloved Self.

The root chakra is the seat of connection, safety, security, trust, instinct and survival. I had a lot of damage to heal here. I think many of us do. And some of us may have overcompensated by hoarding our spiritual skillsets or wrapping them up under the trappings of ego. Imbalanced root chakra can make it hard to feel at home on planet earth, participate actively in life as if part of a tribe, loved and supported by others. It always felt like everyone was in on some grand secret I didn’t get the cliff’s notes to.

It’s easing now. For that I am grateful. I’m overriding the feeling of not good enough, outcast, misunderstood. It makes it so much easier to embrace and open up the arms of inclusion and understanding when you do not -within yourself- feel excluded and misunderstood.

Cleaning and healing the debris of our past, the distortions and heaps of false beliefs that get piled on top when some part of us isn’t in line with the rest. I can see the world a little more clearly now, like getting a pair of glasses after squinting for so long. I suppose if those suckers stay blocked for too long, it would end up being like looking through mud. How long can you look at mud before you finally adjust to life without sight like those fishes that live in the deepest recesses of the ocean?

Can you just imagine what it’s going to feel like to finally have all our energy centers free and clear of mud, washed off, renewed? What it will feel like to have the cotton removed from our ears and actually hear? The work is worth it, the glimpses of the truth I’ve seen, stunning, brilliant, breathtaking, quite beyond what the little senses portray. It is indeed, a little like mining for diamonds. And we’re the diamonds.

So many metaphors…. All so we would turn and look and see.

Many blessings and joy in your discoveries. You are absolutely worth it.



A poem

Hey where is that beautiful smile

Come sit with me, let’s talk awhile

Let’s come back home and be

Not buzzing with electricity

Not raining on a noonday pun

Not straining forged steel into pewter

Happenstance, reflecting why

A smile from you, a smile from I

Love to breathe in

Love to be, out

All of it

A vast landscape

And melodious traipse

Through trails and parks and oceans nigh

I’ll be your ground, you be my sky

And then we’ll take turns

Free like a child

A joy you can’t hide

When it’s your heart

That beats time

and it does

and it does

and it does

when you smile



Divine Mind Activation

Pretty massive shift has occurred. Again. Some may feel it, others still wondering what in the world we’re talking about. Anyways, well done. That goes out to all of us. Even the ones holding down backwards world.

So, we have an opportunity to ground in, to make manifest, higher level comprehension. I imagine there are a few of us taking in these codes. Divine mind. Honeycomb base ten codes. Good happy useful stuff. I sincerely wish I was the type of person that had a host of resources so I could present this in video form or had the patience to turn this into some six-week training course. But I’m a weirdo of the highest order so …. You’ll get the outline here and the rest will be waiting for you in the etheric with the hope that we can all learn to rely on our own inner knowing, how to access information from the Akash and where and how to apply this collective knowledge strategically in our own lives in a way that is a benefit to all of humanity and life on planet earth… sounds like fun right?


You know what a honeycomb looks like. Imagine each of those connecting points as a circle. Here we will imprint, hold space for an energy. There will also be four spots in the middle. The very left point will represent the Angelic realms and all that that implies. The very right point will represent the elementals (fairy kingdoms, devas, etc). Now, we have four outer points starting with two at the top and two at the bottom. Connecting these four, are another four. The following is a brief hint at the meditations I use to honor and commune with each of these energy vortices. The culmination of which, in the form of a honeycomb, allows me to then, very quickly, create Divinely inspired manifestations on earth, or Heaven on earth as it is often referred. There is, of course, physics to this and that you can check out by getting quiet, going within and allowing the vision to come to you.

Never attempt to do a meditation of this nature without first clearing your field. I have about an hour and a half routine I do before I am prepared to call in this level of awareness. I’ve also been through a lot of shite so maybe someone could get there quicker. I’ll let you be the judge of your own preparedness. As I claim the I AM presence of each, I open to receive the wisdom of what each represents and how it fits into the whole and allow myself to be the grounding point that connects the bridge to earth.

Angelic to the far left … Elementals to the far right. First “circle” top left, (the circles have moved from time to time as I’ve done this and different and deeper understanding comes through, this is just to get the general guide) I breathe in, “I am Brahma” and hold the breath, I usually hold for a 7 count, though I try not to count so I can pay attention to the knowing, exhale while humming, mouth closed, “I am Christ”. Next circle would be below the Brahma circle and within the honeycomb, not on the edge. Left. I breathe in, “I am Buddha” and hold the breath, exhale while humming mmmmmm, “I am Sophia” (right). Next circle below the Buddha circle, still within the honeycomb. Left. I breathe in, “I am Shakti” and hold the breath, exhale while humming just as before, “I am Krishna” (right). Now we are on the edge of the honeycomb again. Left circle. Breathe in, “I am Shiva”, hold the breath, exhale while humming, (right circle) “I am Melissa”.

I would start by repeating the cycle 4 times. I will let the Angelics explain how to get attuned to their energy signature. For the elementals there are a couple that I use. One of the more effective is breathing in “I am air, I am fire” breathing out “I am water, I am earth” understanding space and it’s subcomponents are always present. You can change it to “I am water, I am air” on the in-breath and exhale with the thought “I am fire, I am earth” rearranging the four or meditating on just one element at a time will also help you to align and comprehend the deeper richness of what these words represent. I give the trees their own time as well. As I breathe in and out for a few cycles, I am conscious and aware that I am one with the trees, that they are breathing in and out with me and that our similarities go well beyond words.